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Clear Plastic Book Bags: Is It The Right Bag for Heavy Loads?

As the manufacture of clear plastic book bags we are very interested in our schools and in our kids. A recent study published in The Journal of Experimental Education revealed a startling statistic: On average, today’s American high school students get about 3.1 hours of homework each and every night. This number is a little startling to a lot of adults, whose own memories of a homework load were a lot less heavy. Things have changed, and in order to be competitive with a world rapidly outstripping the U.S. in math and science many schools are piling on the extra work. Extra work that will need clear plastic book bags and clear handbags that can stand up to the pressure.

The study goes on to explore the ways that this massive workload can affect students: Lacking time to do anything but attend school and work on homework, many are dealing with stress because they can’t spend time with friends, family or hobbies. If you think about it, for a typical student by the time they get home, wash up, have dinner, and finish their homework, it’s bed time.

Clear Plastic Book Bags are the Right Bag for the Job

No one like mandates or to be told what to do. Especially when it interferes with their sense of style or as an expression of personality which a backpack can have. Many statements are made that “the bags fall apart and the clear plastic book bags don’t last. Rest assured, The Clear Bag Store hears your concerns and take the quality of our clear plastic book bags and clear duffle bags as serious as we take the safety of our children.

Many parents don’t view this heavy work load as a negative. Some see this as a good work ethic and a potential advantage for their kids as they proceed in their academic career. One thing is for sure, if your child has 3 hours of homework each and every night, they’re going to need the right clear plastic book bag. These clear school bags  are ideal for the modern student in your family.

The right clear book bags are essential in organizing homework, at least until someone decides to reduce the volume of homework. 3 hours of work means a lot of books and other materials will have to be brought to and from school each and every night. If you can’t necessarily avoid the crushing level of homework, you can at least ensure that your student has a healthy and practical way to bring books back and forth.

The American Way

These crushing levels of homework are in line with the general American attitude that celebrates work and disdains free time. Many Americas differ from the rest of the world in terms of vacation time as we have some of the least vacation days in the world. Many have attitudes towards sick days as if they are admitting weakness. This may actually helps to spread disease. Often we see the solution to our educational challenges not in terms of creating better teachers or better curriculum, but rather in terms of handing out more work.

Giving your students clear plastic book bags may not help them survive the psychological impact of being handed heavy assignments each and every evening. It will at least help them stay organizes and safe. Many schools are seeing the positive results from mandated clear plastic book bags. Buying clear plastic bags wholesale is an economical addition to any security program.


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Clear Messenger Bags: Ideal for Busy School Students

Clear Messenger Bags are the new trend replacing clear backpacks. It’s surprising, sometimes, how slowly we all are to change despite the evidence of changing times around us. Our daily lives have been transformed by the introduction of handheld devices like smartphones and lightweight, always-on devices like tablet computers. We’ve made a lot of changes to our own lives, and yet when it comes to the way we send our kids off to school, we’re still stuck in the past, using old-style backpacks that really don’t work for kids these days. With new school security policies for clear handbags and clear backpacks many are turning to The Clear Bag Store.

Number one, most schools send kids home with so many books and other materials a backpack can be awkward to retrieve necessities while on the move . Number two, with our kids using tablets at almost every grade level these days in some school districts, not to mention the smartphones we send them off to school with so we can check in on them and they can always call for help, kids today need a more practical storage solution for their educational careers. The ideal answer is clear messenger bags.

Benefit #1: Made for Modern Gadgets

One of the greatest things about clear messenger bags design in general is the way it’s almost custom-designed to offer huge storage while keeping access easy. Just flip the flap up or unzip and reach in for whatever you need and never miss a step.

As anyone who has a tablet computer can testify, it becomes addictive and necessary – the tablet’s in your hands constantly. For kids, it’s not just how they take notes and do school assignments in class. Also how they stay in touch with friends. A backpack just doesn’t always work. When you have to take it off and dig out the tablet every few minutes, it is a hassle. Clear messenger bags make access and organization easy.

Benefit #2: Easy to Locate Everything

Today’s school class loads are almost as busy and stressful as full-time jobs. Kids have to be able to find all of their supplies immediately or risk missing out on crucial moments of lessons. A backpack is a mysterious sack. A clear messenger bag, on the other hand, never needs a dump-out, because it’s a cinch to see at a glance that your scientific calculator or your protractor has settled to the bottom, or that your chemistry textbook has migrated under your lunch. A clear messenger bag like the clear laptop bag at The Clear Bag Store have many useful pockets for organizing all of your tool including a 17 inch laptop. Perfect!

Benefit #3: Clear Messenger Bags Flexibility

A backpack is good at leaving the arms and hands free, but at the expense of flexibility (and cool factor). A clear messenger bag is easy to swing around to the back when riding a bike or sitting down. And, just as easy to swing around to the front, making locating papers and books easy no matter the situation. It can also be slung over just one shoulder when it’s more convenient, or carried like a briefcase. Whatever situation your pupil finds themselves in, they can adjust their portable storage clear messenger bag to match.

The trend is pretty clear: The messenger bag is the modern student’s choice. And, the clear messenger bags at The Clear Bag Store are the best example of hands free, highly convenient and rugged clear messenger bags. And don’t forget clear plastic bags wholesale are available for big savings. The smartest reason for clear messenger bags is safety and security. We will leave that for another post.

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Clear Tote Bag: A Push for Policy at School Functions

For some, it was only a matter of time after the National Football League in the United States announced its “All Clear Policy”. The policy requires all fans to carry a clear tote bag. The NFL’s policy last year has trickled down into other areas of American life. Recently a woman in Texas launched a campaign to bring a similar clear tote bag policy to high school football games in that State. She states the same concerns for security that prompted the NFL to change its own policies.

Texan Verna Melton said of her proposal, ‘You could be sitting beside somebody with a backpack, and you don’t know what’s in that backpack.’

Clear Tote Bags as a Security Solution

Some have scoffed at clear tote bag policies that require the use of  a clear tote bag or clear handbags when attending public events. They note that there have been no incidents of people bringing weapons or explosives to stadiums before the new NFL policy. And, that unless a national law is passed you are always at risk of  being near someone wearing a backpack with mysterious contents. Others have noted that the NFL’s all clear tote bag policy may have been motivated more by excluding smuggled alcohol and food into stadiums, where huge profits are reaped by concessions.

Security Necessity

The counterargument proposed by Melton and like-minded State politicians, however, is that any effort to make it more difficult to bring weapons or explosives to a public gathering reduces the ability for criminals or terrorists to do so. They argue that it is worth the slight effort involved in requiring a clear tote bag. They also hasten to add that large gatherings like football games are more attractive targets than random street locations because of the concentration of people in attendance.

Inevitable Clear Tote Bag Policy

Others see the mandate of a clear tote bag policy to be inevitable in light of the current geopolitical situation we all find ourselves in.

In that case, we can at least take comfort in the fact that we have more options for a clear tote bag or no bag of any kind than ever before. A clear tote bag can be found at online sources such as The Clear Bag Store. They offer stylish, heavy duty clear tote bag (wholesale link) and clear backpacks and clear travel bags that can withstand any weather and be your favorite game bag for years to come.

Another benefit clear tote bag policy supporters point out is the convenience of being able to see everything you’ve brought with you to a game or event at a glance. It is lessening the chances that you’ll leave something behind, or have to unpack your entire bag to find one small item, allowing you (and those around you) to enjoy more of the game.

In any event, it seems more than likely that at least some States will follow the NFL’s lead and begin to assert clear tote bag policies for High School games, and possibly for a broader range of events after that. Smart money says, get your clear tote bag today, before the rush, and be prepared. Save big when buying in bulk and clear plastic bags wholesale makes a great fund raiser.

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Clear Purses and Handbags in the New Age of Security

Are you aware of the importance of clear purses and handbags in today’s new age of security? People living through history rarely know the era they’re living through. People living in southern Europe in the 4th Century were not necessarily aware that the Roman Empire they’d been born into and which had existed for centuries before their birth was collapsing. The actual experience was in slow-motion, over decades, and often resulted in very little change in local areas at first. It’s almost impossible to have any objective concept of what you’re living through while you’re in the midst of it.

When historians look back on the current era we’re all living through, they will have their choice of things to concentrate on as defining aspects of the period. More than likely this may be the time period where concepts of privacy changed for good, and forever. The fact is, privacy is eroding, both as a right and as a desire, and the rise of the clear purses and handbags is evidence of this.

Nothing to Hide: The Clear Purses and Handbags

We are living in an age where every curiosity you satisfy is recorded as part of your web history and indexed not just by your Internet service provider but by the government itself. The concept of privacy has slowly faded. Most people, without consciously realizing it, know that they don’t have real privacy any more. And in fact most people seem happy to discard privacy to a certain extent in exchange for better security.

Hence the rising stock of the clear handbags in modern fashion. As more and more designers enter the market of designing the perfect clear purses and handbags, more and more people get used to the idea of walking around without secrets. All of your cosmetics, purchases, medications, and well, stuff is right there on display, easily inspected and providing little or no cover.

Triumph Over Privacy

Some might believe that this erosion of privacy is an awful sign of intrusion and oppression, the fact is it’s largely voluntary. Many are embracing the idea of being more open and, excusing the pun, transparent in their everyday lives. Fashion designers are simply serving the desires of their customers when they take tough, durable PVC and turn it into something amazing. More practical example of the clear purses and handbags craze such is a simple, useful tote bag which aren’t being imposed by employer or entertainment venues. Often by public taste, which clearly supports the concept of added security measures and take advantage of flaunting there stuff in unique style.

Because this isn’t about fear, it’s about confidence. Why should we obscure who we are and what we like? Clear purses and handbags mean we embrace ourselves and our tastes, and desires. Clear purses and handbags means we aren’t concerned about what anyone thinks, whether we have small dogs or tons of cookies in our handbag every day.

When historians look back on this era they will probably classify it as the Age of Clear Purses and Handbags. The stone age, the bronze age, iron age… the clear age?

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Clear Vinyl Tote Bags: No Disposable Bags at the Checkout

Are clear vinyl tote bags the answer? Californians were recently met with the prospect of a new policy that might affect the way in which they do their weekly grocery shop. A new bill has been proposed in the California state legislature that would seek to ban disposable plastic bags at California grocery stores.

If the bill was to pass, it would result in the first statewide ban on plastic bags to ever occur in the United States. The proposal has been the subject of considerable argument as to its merits and whether it will provide real benefits for both the environment and consumers.

Senate Bill 270 would enshrine in law a prohibition on the supply of plastic bags to customers at the checkout. Grocery stores and pharmacies would be prevented from giving out plastic bags to customers from July 1 next year, while the ban would also extend to convenience stores and liquor stores a year later.

It would seem that Senate Bill 270 is just part of a growing movement that has already made significant headway in California, local bans already being in place in some 100 or so cities and districts throughout the state. Legislative proposals such as these are only likely to increase and spread across the country in the coming years.

The problem with such legislation is that it often includes a hidden hit to the consumer’s bottom line. In the case of Senate Bill 270, grocery stores will be able to charge a minimum of 10 cents to provide each paper bag that will replace the banned plastic bags. In these tough economic times, that extra cost adds up.

Avoid Fees with Clear Vinyl Tote Bags

The solution? Plan ahead now. Avoid being charged excess, unexpected fees for paper grocery bags at the checkout.

Call it an investment: get your Paw Tote Bag from The Clear Bag Store now.

These clear vinyl tote bags feature a charming paw motif, with a simple yet elegant black trim and handles. These clear tote bags are a unique, durable alternative to coarse, unsightly hessian bags for carrying your groceries.

The Paw Tote Bag is extremely versatile. Carry it with you to concerts and sports events where increasing security requirements are becoming ever more of an inconvenience. You will breeze through security with these clear vinyl tote bags, which provide clear visibility of what you are carrying with you.

The Paw Tote Bag makes for the perfect present for working professionals and students alike. You can get one of these unique gifts now for your loved one, friend or work colleague.

The clear handbags are made with the finest, most durable materials designed to stand up to daily use for work or school mandates or the weekly tip to the grocery store. These clear vinyl tote bags are constructed from ultra-clear Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, known for its range of useful properties including being waterproof.

Avoid nasty surprises at the grocery store checkout by purchasing your convenient Clear Vinyl Tote Bags.