Clear Purses and Handbags in the New Age of Security

Clear Purses and Handbags in the New Age of Security

Are you aware of the importance of clear purses and handbags in today’s new age of security? People living through history rarely know the era they’re living through. People living in southern Europe in the 4th Century were not necessarily aware that the Roman Empire they’d been born into and which had existed for centuries before their birth was collapsing. The actual experience was in slow-motion, over decades, and often resulted in very little change in local areas at first. It’s almost impossible to have any objective concept of what you’re living through while you’re in the midst of it.

When historians look back on the current era we’re all living through, they will have their choice of things to concentrate on as defining aspects of the period. More than likely this may be the time period where concepts of privacy changed for good, and forever. The fact is, privacy is eroding, both as a right and as a desire, and the rise of the clear purses and handbags is evidence of this.

Nothing to Hide: The Clear Purses and Handbags

We are living in an age where every curiosity you satisfy is recorded as part of your web history and indexed not just by your Internet service provider but by the government itself. The concept of privacy has slowly faded. Most people, without consciously realizing it, know that they don’t have real privacy any more. And in fact most people seem happy to discard privacy to a certain extent in exchange for better security.

Hence the rising stock of the clear handbags in modern fashion. As more and more designers enter the market of designing the perfect clear purses and handbags, more and more people get used to the idea of walking around without secrets. All of your cosmetics, purchases, medications, and well, stuff is right there on display, easily inspected and providing little or no cover.

Triumph Over Privacy

Some might believe that this erosion of privacy is an awful sign of intrusion and oppression, the fact is it’s largely voluntary. Many are embracing the idea of being more open and, excusing the pun, transparent in their everyday lives. Fashion designers are simply serving the desires of their customers when they take tough, durable PVC and turn it into something amazing. More practical example of the clear purses and handbags craze such is a simple, useful tote bag which aren’t being imposed by employer or entertainment venues. Often by public taste, which clearly supports the concept of added security measures and take advantage of flaunting there stuff in unique style.

Because this isn’t about fear, it’s about confidence. Why should we obscure who we are and what we like? Clear purses and handbags mean we embrace ourselves and our tastes, and desires. Clear purses and handbags means we aren’t concerned about what anyone thinks, whether we have small dogs or tons of cookies in our handbag every day.

When historians look back on this era they will probably classify it as the Age of Clear Purses and Handbags. The stone age, the bronze age, iron age… the clear age?

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