Clear Plastic Book Bags: Is It The Right Bag for Heavy Loads?

Clear Plastic Book Bags: Is It The Right Bag for Heavy Loads?

As the manufacture of clear plastic book bags we are very interested in our schools and in our kids. A recent study published in The Journal of Experimental Education revealed a startling statistic: On average, today’s American high school students get about 3.1 hours of homework each and every night. This number is a little startling to a lot of adults, whose own memories of a homework load were a lot less heavy. Things have changed, and in order to be competitive with a world rapidly outstripping the U.S. in math and science many schools are piling on the extra work. Extra work that will need clear plastic book bags and clear handbags that can stand up to the pressure.

The study goes on to explore the ways that this massive workload can affect students: Lacking time to do anything but attend school and work on homework, many are dealing with stress because they can’t spend time with friends, family or hobbies. If you think about it, for a typical student by the time they get home, wash up, have dinner, and finish their homework, it’s bed time.

Clear Plastic Book Bags are the Right Bag for the Job

No one like mandates or to be told what to do. Especially when it interferes with their sense of style or as an expression of personality which a backpack can have. Many statements are made that “the bags fall apart and the clear plastic book bags don’t last. Rest assured, The Clear Bag Store hears your concerns and take the quality of our clear plastic book bags and clear duffle bags as serious as we take the safety of our children.

Many parents don’t view this heavy work load as a negative. Some see this as a good work ethic and a potential advantage for their kids as they proceed in their academic career. One thing is for sure, if your child has 3 hours of homework each and every night, they’re going to need the right clear plastic book bag. These clear school bags  are ideal for the modern student in your family.

The right clear book bags are essential in organizing homework, at least until someone decides to reduce the volume of homework. 3 hours of work means a lot of books and other materials will have to be brought to and from school each and every night. If you can’t necessarily avoid the crushing level of homework, you can at least ensure that your student has a healthy and practical way to bring books back and forth.

The American Way

These crushing levels of homework are in line with the general American attitude that celebrates work and disdains free time. Many Americas differ from the rest of the world in terms of vacation time as we have some of the least vacation days in the world. Many have attitudes towards sick days as if they are admitting weakness. This may actually helps to spread disease. Often we see the solution to our educational challenges not in terms of creating better teachers or better curriculum, but rather in terms of handing out more work.

Giving your students clear plastic book bags may not help them survive the psychological impact of being handed heavy assignments each and every evening. It will at least help them stay organizes and safe. Many schools are seeing the positive results from mandated clear plastic book bags. Buying clear plastic bags wholesale is an economical addition to any security program.


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