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University planning safer schools

Northville High School in Michigan has a new policy regarding bags that student are allowed to carry in the school. Back packs were banned from the cafeteria and hallways because of a lack of space. Some female students were bending the rules by carrying very large purses. Most students feel as though a small and clear plastic see thru bag policy would be better as the no bags at all rule causes many students to be late getting to class for having to return to their lockers between each class for books and supplies. Clear plastic back packs, brief cases, lunch bags, totes and other clear see thru are available from many retailers on the internet and are used in many schools across the county as a security measure. Students have not minded the clear bag policy in most schools and have said they feel as though their campuses are safer places because of the mandates.


Dealing with the Liquid carry-on regulations

The Transportation Security Administration is now no longer allowing liquid food items such as honey, jam, jelly or salsa to pass thru security check points. If you bring a bottle of water to the air port you will be asked to discard it before passing thru e-ray machines. You are allowed to bring a bottle of water on to an airplane if it is purchased in the air port after passing thru security check points. Baby formula, breast milk and other essentials for traveling with little ones are allowed if they are brought in clear plastic containers and clear plastic bags. Traveling is made much easier by knowing the TSA’s new guidelines and by using clear plastic see thru bags such as clear backpacks, clear diaper bags, and clear tote bags as often as possible.


Minimizing risk with clear plastic bags

The Transportation Security Administration has an official rule for carrying gels and liquids while traveling. The policy has been named 3-1-1. Three ounces clear plastic bottles for liquids and gels are allowed. All clear plastic containers must fit into a one quart clear plastic bag. Just one clear plastic bag containing these personal items per traveler is allowed. Because the clear plastic bag must not be larger than one quart, its best to use a bag that has its capacity printed on the bag by the manufacturer. Moving thru security and x-ray points at airports can be made easier by carrying other clear plastic see thru bags such as clear plastic totes, diaper bags, back packs and hand bags. Clear plastic brief cases and computer bags are also available from retailers.


Clear tote bags considered as an alternative to banning all bags

In the last three months security measures have changed at stadiums and campuses in the U.S. Gordon Hoffman of the police department at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas says that normal security procedures are no longer adequate. University of Michigan officials recently banned all bags, diaper bags, fanny pack and other containers being brought into the stadium. Clear and see thru bags are being considered as an alternative to the ban on all bags allowed into the sporting venues. Personal carrying bags such as purses are subject to inspection at all entrances subjecting fans to long lines. Clear tote bags and other types of clear bags are moving lines faster at check points and people seem to support the new measures and report that personal security is a priority when in large crowds.


Clear bags mandatory in Illinois school

River Bend School District in Fulton Illinois is taking extra security measures at all grade levels. Messages were sent out to parents thru the school districts global network about an apparent threat written on a bathroom wall. The investigation is on going as local police, school district staff, and local authorities continue to interview students. New security policies have been put into place and some will remain indefinitely. Students will only have one point of entry into the buildings on campus and all students will be searched. One new policy is a clear bag, back pack and book bag mandate. All bags must be clear and see thru and no clothing is allowed to be carried in the student’s bags. All staff members are also required to carry clear bags. Students are able to purchase temporary plastic bags from the school but will need to find more durable clear bags thru a list of retailers and internet resources.


Tamaqua Area district lifts ban on backpacks in high school

Tamaqua Area School District is adopting a new dress code policy for all students that include language that mandates all students carry only clear back packs, book bags and clear tote bags. Student and staff security is the priority of school district officials and the clear bag policy was brought to officials by a group of teachers. The teachers said they feel the clear bag policy would be a deterrent for students bringing inappropriate items into the class room. Weapons and contraband were not their only concern. Cell phones and mp3 players have been a distraction in the class rooms for some time. Most parents are also pleased with the clear bag mandate and feel the expense of a new clear back pack or book bag is worth the sense of security. One student was able to find retail and wholesale seller of creatively designed and well made bags at theClearBagStore.com.


Clear hand bags and clear totes

More department stores are requiring employees to carry clear bags as a form of loss prevention. Clear hand bags, clear totes, and clear back packs are easy for security staff to see into without having to empty the contents of the employee’s bag. This has been a policy in major department stores for years and now smaller retailers are mandating the clear bag rule. Employees using clear bags have found that entering or leaving the work place thru security is much faster than when security staff had to check the contents of each bag by opening or emptying the employee’s bags. As more businesses and venues are making the clear bag policy mandatory, the sources for these clear bags, computer bags, backpacks and totes are growing. We found several high quality bags at theClearBagStore.com that are made well and stand the test of wear and time.


Book Bag Policy

Earlier this year, the principle of Mays High School decided to enforce a clear backpack, clear handbag rule that has been written in its school handbook for many years. As of Friday August 28th 2009, students were told that they would not be allowed on campus unless they had clear book bags, clear backpacks and clear tote bags instead of the fabric bags that had been used by most students. This decision is the result of an incident at a local train station involving a student who was allegedly concealing a weapon. Everyone wanted to know where they could buy clear book bags, clear backpacks and clear laptop bags. After doing internet research, we found few retailer carrying quality clear bags. One source of well designed and well made clear book bags and clear backpacks at a reasonable price is at theClearBagStore.com. These bags are light weight yet very durable.


Clear Bag Policy

Security measures at the Ambler Pennsylvania High School have limited students in there choice of backpacks. The Wissahichon School District has mandated that all students carry clear book bags, clear backpacks, clear laptop bags and clear lunch bags. The mandate was approved after the recommendation of officials at the School Safety Task Force Commission. A high school student sadly killed himself at the school this year. Students are allowed to bring mesh backpacks but not permitted to bring them inside the building. Only approved clear backpacks ad allow into buildings on campus.
School officials know that nothing is fool proof but all agree that the clear bag policy will
greatly improve the security of all students and staff. Wissahickon High School is the third school to adopt the clear bag policy in Montgomery County.


School Uniforms, Dress Codes, & Book Bags

Nation School Security Services of the United States has recommended the enforcement of dress codes and book back and backpack control. Nation School Security Services says that the enforcement of these rules can play a significant role in improving the safety of a schools environment. Clear book bags and clear backpacks on campus have shown to help prevent weapons and other contraband being brought to school. School officials have a responsibility to make every effort to ensure the safety of all student and faculty. Clear book bags, clear backpacks, clear laptop bags, clear tote bags and clear event or lunch bags have been found to be a useful tool for the schools to speed up the daily admission of students at morning security check points. Once getting used to the clear bags, parents have also reported being very pleased with the policy. Clear backpacks and clear handbags assure that essential school are not forgotten at a glance. Quality well priced bags can be found at theClearBagStore.com.