Book Bag Policy

Book Bag Policy

Earlier this year, the principle of Mays High School decided to enforce a clear backpack, clear handbag rule that has been written in its school handbook for many years. As of Friday August 28th 2009, students were told that they would not be allowed on campus unless they had clear book bags, clear backpacks and clear tote bags instead of the fabric bags that had been used by most students. This decision is the result of an incident at a local train station involving a student who was allegedly concealing a weapon. Everyone wanted to know where they could buy clear book bags, clear backpacks and clear laptop bags. After doing internet research, we found few retailer carrying quality clear bags. One source of well designed and well made clear book bags and clear backpacks at a reasonable price is at These bags are light weight yet very durable.

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  • Thank you, I have recently been looking for facts about this question for a while and yours is the best I have found so far and I just love your clear lunch bags. is my blog.

    Valarie N. Springer

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