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The PTA, Clear Backpacks and Clear Handbags

The PTA is an organization formed by parents and teachers that meet regularly to discuss and implement plans, ideas and actions for the benefit of improving the lives and education of their children. The PTA is the largest volunteer organization in the nation for child advocacy with over 6.5 million people. Both men and women meet to help children thrive and learn with fundraising, parent education, assisting teachers and also fight for legislation which will benefit every child’s education. is a company dedicated to providing quality clear handbags for school, clear backpacks for kids, and clear totes for school, clear gym bags and clear computer laptop bags for all. We are dedicated to our customers and we promise prompt friendly customer service.
The PTA and together make the perfect fundraiser partnership. Many schools nationwide now have a clear backpack, clear handbag policy to assist them with their school security and keeping our kids safe. Clear backpacks and clear handbags for school security and school function fundraising can go hand in hand. With our wholesale backpacks and wholesale handbags program everyone is a winner. With low cost wholesale prices and convenient access and distribution, clear backpack, clear lunch bags and clear hand bags are the perfect fundraiser product choice. Please contact us for personal attention to help you with plan to meet your special need. Save big on all wholesale backpacks, wholesale tote bags and yes, all clear handbags and clear backpacks can be printed with your school logo. Thank you PTA members. We appreciate you and we appreciate your business.


Check Us Out Before You Go

Pre-Trip Checklist
Planning ahead is planning for hassle free travel. A quick checklist can insure you don’t forget anything, costing you time and money on your trip. Here at the we believe the #1 item on your pre trip checklist is of course to visit our site and get your TSA airport compliant carry on cosmetic bag for breezing quickly through e-ray check points. While you are there pickup your perfectly convenient clear beach tote for the beach, clear backpack daily commuting, clear computer laptop bag for business, clear tote bags for amusement parks, clear lunch bags for sporting events, clear gym bags or even clear diaper bags for quick easy visibility and access of all your most important travel essentials. Always keep your 3 ounce travel bottles full of shampoo and favorite toiletries for convenience and comfort. Don’t forget to pack you medications in your carry on bag and make copies of your prescriptions. Carry one copy in your carry on and one in your checked in luggage. The Transportation Security Administration is a good source for up to date information including checkpoint line estimated waiting times. Take a minute to check out the TSA advice at Have fun and be safe. We will see your when you visit and we appreciate your business.


International Travel Hassle Free

At we like to include our children on business trips which is and enjoyable opportunity for teaching our kids about business and different cultures. International travel outside of the United States with children has increased due to many economic and leisure opportunities. There are many, many reasons for traveling abroad with children such as humanitarian aid, deployment of much appreciated military, employment to global markets, adoption from foreign countries, immigrants and the return visits to those countries just to name a few. An important first step in planning international travel often is obtaining information from their pediatrician or primary care practitioner. A qualified practitioner is highly recommended for thorough consultation about anticipated or unanticipated health care issues such a infectious disease prevention. Also, you should consider the political, economic and health care practices of the country you will be visiting not to forget language barriers. There are many destinations all of which can carry a host of unique health problems different from the United State. Helpful guidance is available from a practitioner who has seen patients which have just traveled abroad, visitors from other countries, immigrants and their families.
At we are happy to do our part making your trip as comfortable and hassle free. Your will need to carry along your cosmetic and toiletries on your trip. Please keep in mind the 3-1-1 TSA restrictions guidelines which will only allow three, 3 ounce bottles, in one quart size bag for each person. Visit us at for rugged stylish TSA compliant carryon bags and leave the sandwich bags at home. Our complete line of clear plastic handbags, clear backpacks, clear computer laptop bags, clear tote bags and clear beach bags make the perfect travel companions. See you soon and we appreciate your business.


Airport Carry On 3-1-1 Rule Made Easy


The Transportation Security Administration has an official rule for carrying gels and liquids while traveling. At we are excited to be able to provide quality TSA airport compliant carry on cosmetic toiletry bags. The policy has been named 3-1-1. Three ounces clear plastic bottles for liquids and gels are allowed. All clear plastic containers must fit into a one quart clear plastic bag. Just one clear plastic bag containing these personal items per traveler is allowed. Because the clear plastic bag must not be larger than one quart, its best to use a bag that has its capacity printed on the bag by the manufacturer. Moving thru security and x-ray points at airports can be made easier by carrying other clear plastic see thru bags such as clear plastic totes, diaper bags, clear vinyl backpacks and clear handbags. Clear computer bags are also available from Please give us a call for personal, friendly service for all your wholesale clear handbag and wholesale clear backpack needs.
The Transportation Security Administration is now no longer allowing liquid food items such as honey, jam, jelly or salsa to pass thru security check points. If you bring a bottle of water to the air port you will be asked to discard it before passing thru e-ray (e-ray) machines. You are allowed to bring a bottle of water on to an airplane if it is purchased in the air port after passing thru security check points. Baby formula, breast milk and other essentials for traveling with little ones are allowed if they are brought in clear plastic containers and clear plastic bags. Traveling is made much easier by knowing the TSA’s new guidelines and by using clear plastic see thru bags such as clear backpacks, clear diaper bags, and clear tote bags as often as possible.


Campuses are Safer

A Michigan high school has a policy regarding bags and backpacks that student are allowed to carry in the school. Back packs were banned from the cafeteria and hallways because of a lack of space. Some female students were bending the rules by carrying very large purses. Most students feel as though a small and clear plastic see thru bag policy would be better as the no bags at all rule causes many students to be late getting to class for having to return to their lockers between each class for books and supplies. Clear plastic back packs, clear laptop bags , clear lunch bags, clear totes and other clear see thru bags are available from several retailers on the internet and are used in many schools across the county as a security measure. Students have not minded the clear handbag policy in most schools and have said they feel as though their campuses are safer places because of the mandates.


Clear Backpack Policy for Rever Bend

River Bend School District in Fulton Illinois is taking extra security measures at all grade levels. Messages were sent out to parents thru the school districts global network about an apparent threat written on a bathroom wall. The investigation is on going as local police, school district staff, and local authorities continue to interview students. New security policies have been put into place and some will remain indefinitely. Students will only have one point of entry into the buildings on campus and all students will be searched. One new policy is a clear handbag clear backpack mandate. All bags must be clear and see thru and no clothing is allowed to be carried in the student’s bags. All staff members are also required to carry clear handbags. Students are able to purchase temporary plastic bags from the school but will need to find more durable clear book bags and clear tote bags thru a list of retailers and internet resources.


Clear Handbags for Employees

More and more department stores are requiring employees to carry clear handbags as a form of loss prevention. Clear hand bags, clear totes, and clear backpacks are easy for security staff to see into without having to empty the contents of the employee’s bag. This has been a policy in major department stores for years and now smaller retailers are mandating the clear handbag for work rule. Employees using clear bags have found that entering or leaving the work place thru security is much faster than when security staff had to check the contents of each bag by opening or emptying the employee’s bags. As more businesses and venues are making the clear handbag and clear lunch bag policy mandatory, has jumped at the chance to provide quality clear backpacks, clear computer bags, clear lunch bag and clear tote bags to fill the need. We take pride in our quality products that are designed and made well to stand the test of time and our dedicated friendly customer service. Come visit us at and we appreciate your business!!


Clear Backpacks: Not Back Aches Pt. 2

Sad buy true, clear backpacks also get a bad wrap for causing a back ache or pain in the neck. Children should be given a lesson on the proper way to use and pack their backpacks and clear tote bags for school to lessen the possible risk of neck, back and shoulder injuries. Kids should know to inform parents or teachers of any discomfort they are experiencing which may be from using their clear backpacks. Let children know simple rules of carrying only essential items and less is better, to know their limits. Carrying clear backpacks on one shoulder may contribute to loss of balance not to mention the strain of leaning to one side and should easily be avoided by using both shoulder straps. Wide, padded straps make a long walk more comfortable. Standing up straight by limiting the weight is a must to keep from staining, hunching forward or loosing balance backward.
Often limiting the weight can be difficult for school kids. Many books and supplies are expected or thought to be needed and clear backpacks for kids should be monitored and checked by parents and teachers alike. As a general rule, a commonly excepted recommendation is carrying no more than ten to fifteen percent of a child’s body weight. Typically and 80 pound kid should carry no more than approximately eight to twelve pounds. General rules are just that and not to be confused with common sense. The first sign of an unmanageable clear backpack is a awkward struggle to put on or take off the backpack.
Big kids, little kids. Big bags, little bags. Your child’s backpack should match his or her size not the size of his or her want. offers black clear backpacks for boys and pink clear backpacks for girls. Buy clear backpack, clear lunch bag and clear pencil case sets at 20% off. The clear laptop bag is a perfect companion for up to 17″ laptops. Clear tote bags for school are always popular and available for printing school logos. Rolling Clear Backpacks can lessen the load as long as the school allows wheeled clear backpacks. Some schools do not allow them due to the possibility of other students tripping as the backpack is being pulled along. Think ahead. School is not about getting hurt, it about getting smart. Speaking of smart, give us a call to discuss our wholesale clear backpacks and wholesale clear tote bags for school fundraisers or just to buy in bulk to save, save, save. We appreciate your business.



Clear Backpacks: Not Back Aches Pt. 1

Clear Backpacks: Not Back aches.
All backpacks including clear backpacks from are essential to store and carry all your important stuff such as books, papers, binders and folders, school supplies, extra clothes or gym clothes and personal items. Items carried everyday can be conveniently kept together, organized and already for the next day. Juggling all that stuff can be awfully tough and exhausting to say the least however, can you even imagine not carrying a clear backpack or clear tote bag for school.
Safety first. Just like the kids toys which are left out and then tripped over, the uneven sidewalk or the all to famous banana peal, little situations can cause big problems. Children need to be aware of where they lay, store or stash their clear backpack and clear tote bags for school. Many areas people don’t expect items to be laying are stairs, hallways, door ways, bus aisles, desk aisles and next to chairs or stools to mention a few and should be avoided when clear backpacks are left. Locker and other shelves cause many head shoulder, hand and toe injuries which can be avoided with a little awareness. Also whether accidentally or intentionally clear backpacks and clear lunch bags can be very heavy and children should be taught to be careful with their clear backpacks. Kids should be careful with others as well as themselves. (Cont.)


Fill Your Clear Lunch Bag with Love

Hey, we are trying to put healthy delicious lunches in our boys clear lunch bag every day. Not an easy task. It hard to compete with Lil’ Jimmy’s HoHo’s and Twinkies. It is often a hassle to find healthy food and treats that actually get eaten. Often the lunch comes back home just to be thrown away.
As a general rule, we have to keep in mind; they say you don’t have to force children to eat. They will eat when they are ready and they won’t starve. At times our toddlers are ready to be picky and difficult. Saying “no” to everything seems to be their way of testing limits of our patience. Trying to offer them several healthy options and giving them the control to choose may be the easiest way to end the aggravation.
“One night, when I was begging my children to eat their vegetables, I heard myself groveling an pleading and realized that I was sounding just like them. Everyone knows that children mimic their parents. I realized that if I whined at them about their vegetables, they’d whine back about that (and everything else)”, said J. Seinfeld.
We try to avoid extremes on limiting junk food also for what is forbidden sometimes has a special attraction for kids. Try to offer healthful treats toward the end of mealtime and they will most likely lose interest in what they do not have. So, just fill up your clear lunch bags, clear lunch totes and clear backpacks with love and relax a little. Come visit us at Wholesale clear lunch totes and Clear Lunch Bags are available in black and pink trim. Clear backpack and Clear Lunch Bag Sets are also available at 20% off!!