Check Us Out Before You Go

Check Us Out Before You Go

Pre-Trip Checklist
Planning ahead is planning for hassle free travel. A quick checklist can insure you don’t forget anything, costing you time and money on your trip. Here at the we believe the #1 item on your pre trip checklist is of course to visit our site and get your TSA airport compliant carry on cosmetic bag for breezing quickly through e-ray check points. While you are there pickup your perfectly convenient clear beach tote for the beach, clear backpack daily commuting, clear computer laptop bag for business, clear tote bags for amusement parks, clear lunch bags for sporting events, clear gym bags or even clear diaper bags for quick easy visibility and access of all your most important travel essentials. Always keep your 3 ounce travel bottles full of shampoo and favorite toiletries for convenience and comfort. Don’t forget to pack you medications in your carry on bag and make copies of your prescriptions. Carry one copy in your carry on and one in your checked in luggage. The Transportation Security Administration is a good source for up to date information including checkpoint line estimated waiting times. Take a minute to check out the TSA advice at Have fun and be safe. We will see your when you visit and we appreciate your business.

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