Fill Your Clear Lunch Bag with Love

Fill Your Clear Lunch Bag with Love

Hey, we are trying to put healthy delicious lunches in our boys clear lunch bag every day. Not an easy task. It hard to compete with Lil’ Jimmy’s HoHo’s and Twinkies. It is often a hassle to find healthy food and treats that actually get eaten. Often the lunch comes back home just to be thrown away.
As a general rule, we have to keep in mind; they say you don’t have to force children to eat. They will eat when they are ready and they won’t starve. At times our toddlers are ready to be picky and difficult. Saying “no” to everything seems to be their way of testing limits of our patience. Trying to offer them several healthy options and giving them the control to choose may be the easiest way to end the aggravation.
“One night, when I was begging my children to eat their vegetables, I heard myself groveling an pleading and realized that I was sounding just like them. Everyone knows that children mimic their parents. I realized that if I whined at them about their vegetables, they’d whine back about that (and everything else)”, said J. Seinfeld.
We try to avoid extremes on limiting junk food also for what is forbidden sometimes has a special attraction for kids. Try to offer healthful treats toward the end of mealtime and they will most likely lose interest in what they do not have. So, just fill up your clear lunch bags, clear lunch totes and clear backpacks with love and relax a little. Come visit us at Wholesale clear lunch totes and Clear Lunch Bags are available in black and pink trim. Clear backpack and Clear Lunch Bag Sets are also available at 20% off!!


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