Commonwealth Adopts the Clear Bag Requirement

Commonwealth Adopts the Clear Bag Requirement

Commonwealth finally adopts the clear bag requirement for its games

Clear plastic bags will come with the summer football tickets for Kentucky season ticket holders. This marks the change of security policy to clear bags policy across several leagues in the UK. This policy was stamped into place by the Southeastern Conference and is set to be adopted by all clubs in future football games.

The UK takes a leaf from USA where clubs and league management teams such as the NFA have adopted the clear bag policy in all their activities. Other countries around the world are also warming up to the idea and may soon become the standard for most of the games around the world.

What entails the new clear bag policy?

Every fan coming to watch the games at the Commonwealth Stadium is allowed just one large clear backpack. The backpack can be a Ziploc-style bag or a clear bag that does not exceed 12” X 6” X 12” measurements. For storing small personal items and money, fans are allowed to come with a small clutch that is not larger than 4.5” by 6.5”. However, there is an allowance for special cases such as the need to carry assistive medical devices or medicine that has to be kept away from the sunshine.

Why the clear bag policy?

The policy has been put in place to improve the safety of the fans coming to watch the games. In the recent past, there has been a series of shootings and terrorist attacks that have seriously dented public safety in several areas around the world. With a clear tote, everything that every fan has carried will be seen by the security personnel and prevents one from hiding unauthorized staff in the bag. Moreover, it makes the work of the security teams at the gate much easier as fans would not have to empty their bags which most fans have complained as being embarrassing and cumbersome. (Image)

The clear bag policy will not start to be implemented immediately. Thus, games in the summer will have relaxed regulations. However, the UK Athletics plans to educate the fans on the need to adopt the clear bag policy.

The UK has been slow to adopt the new security policy that is very common in the USA. However, with its adoption at the Commonwealth Stadium, it is expected that many more institutions and event organizers around the UK will take up the lead and adopt the regulations.

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