Monroe Civic Center Adopts Clear Bag Policy

Monroe Civic Center Adopts Clear Bag Policy

Monroe Civic Center adopts clear bag policy

Clear plastic backpacks will be the only bags that revelers will bring to events and concerts that happen at Monroe Civic Center according to center management. The stadium is one of the popular places for open air concerts, large meetings, and other events.

Charles Thomas, the center director, said in a press conference that the clear bag policy was thought to be a necessary step in the improvement of safety for the customers. He added that security was the center’s number one priority and that it wanted to ensure that everyone that gets to the premises feels secure.  (image)

What the clear plastic backpack policy entails

Clear vinyl bags or plastic bags that are not bigger than 12 inches by 12 inches wide by 6 inches deep will be permitted into the center. In addition one gallon bags as long as they are clear bags will be allowed into the center. An exception is made for small clutches that do not exceed 6.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width. These small bags do not have to clear and will be allowed in.

No opaque bags put inside the clear bags will be allowed into the center. It is expected the contents of the bag should have been put in the clear bag. However, if anyone has a small child and wants to come with a diaper bag, it will be allowed into the stadium. Medical equipment will be allowed into the stadium on a case by case basis. Any other bag that is larger or is opaque will not be allowed to the center.

The July shootout led to the introduction of the transparent plastic bag policy

The security rules were revised after a fatal shootout at the Civic Center in July of 2016. Two men were killed in a gunfire exchange in the center’s parking lot. Two people were arrested in connection with the shooting.  The two men that were killed in the shootout were also identified to be part of the gangs that were shooting each other at the park.

Other additional measures that were taken by the center were to prevent entry of beverages from outside. All parties were to end by 1.00 am in the morning with alcohol being stopped from being served at half past midnight. Moreover, security cameras and more security personnel were added to the center and given metal detectors for searching entrants to the buildings.




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