Clear Handbag Policy in Force for Sounders FC

Clear Handbag Policy in Force for Sounders FC

Sounders FC implements clear handbag policy for the 2017 football season and beyond at CenturyLink Field
Clear, see-through plastic tote bags will be the only bags allowed at CenturyLink Field in 2017 football season and beyond. Sounders FC clear handbag policy was the latest football club to implement the security regulation that has also been adopted by SEC Football Conference among other leagues in the USA and beyond. The policy was implemented from the first game it had with New York Red Bulls on March 19.

clear handbag policy

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Many Leagues Have Implemented the Clear Handbag Policy
The clear handbag policy has been implemented first by the NFL in all stadiums for several years now. It was also in place in 2016 Copa America Centenario matches that took place during the summer season. The restriction on handbags has now been praised as a proven extra measure in helping to give fans a safe environment in the stadiums.
According to Sounders FC COO Bart Willey, the club’s primary concern is to provide fans with a safe and happy game day. He added that the clear handbag policy had already been utilized in other events that take place at the CenturyLink Field.
The Clear Tote and Clear Handbag Policy in a Nutshell
Fans will not be allowed into the stadium with more than one clear bag that meets the approved specifications. The clear plastic bags should not exceed 12’’ by 6” by 12”. Commercial grade stadium compliant clear totes can be found at The Clear Bag Store. The Clear Bag Store totes are certified lead-free. Also, freeze proof down to 0 degrees which will prevent cracking of cold transparent PVC in cold climates. One gallon sized freezer bags will also be allowed into the stadium as long as they are clear bags. Small clutches will be allowed to the stadium but should not exceed 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches which is about the size of an open hand.
Other items that will be permitted into the stadium include makeup, keys, cell phones and wallets in coats and jackets. Water can only be carried in manufacturer-sealed containers. Any fan that medical devices that he should carry to the stadium will also be allowed in after satisfactory checks by security personnel. All fans that will be exempted from the policy will use the VIP gates designated at the entrance.
Fans that come to the stadium will have their bags stored by Walker Lockers at the entrance. However, a fee of $10 will be applied for every bag that is stored. The fee is meant to discourage the fans from coming with any unapproved bag. Moreover, to encourage the uptake of the new policy, the club gave away clear Ziplock bags to seasonal ticket members and the fans that checked in with non-approved bags. However, in the rest of the games, the fans are expected to have complied with the new clear handbag policy regulations.

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