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The Clear Bag Store’s clear handbags and clear backpacks are being required as an additional component in overall security programs around the nation. Schools, workplaces and venues are seeing positive results of their clear backpacks and  clear handbags requirement in an effort to maintain safety and loss prevention. We are dedicated and proud to be a part of the solution. We love our kids and yours too. We take the safety of our kids very seriously at The Clear Bag Store. We appreciate our many branches of service employees. We thank and praise our corrections officers for the jobs they do every day. Men, women, young and old we have something for you. Are you a techie and need a dust free Clear Laptop Bag?  A Clear Duffle Bag for the gym or School? Clear Cosmetic Bags for travel or convenience? Maybe a NFL clear tote bag for the big game.

Clear Handbags and Backpacks that Work as Hard as You

HEAVY DUTY: We understand your need for high quality, strong, sturdy clear handbags, clear lunch bags and clear tote bags. At The Clear Bag Store we have all this and more! Kids are tough on clear backpacks and Clear Gym Bags. We get it. You need something that will last. That’s why we take pride in our heavy duty line of clear bags. We know that you need high quality not high price to go to school and work every day, all day. From students, airplane travelers, NFL fans, logistics workers, retail employees or clear bags for corrections officers, we strive to offer what you need. QUICK AND EASY ORDERING: Please let us know how your buying experience at The Clear Bag Store went. We make absolutely every effort to make your transaction with us quick, easy and hassle free. When you need something, you want to get in and get out, hassle free. We get it. And don’t forget, when you are on the go you can order from your phone or tablet. Your feedback is highly appreciated whether it is positive praise or straight to the point constructive criticism. Please let us know how we can be more convenient and how we can serve you more effectively and  efficiently.

Clear Handbags and Clear Bagckpacks You Can Count On

CUSTOM PRINTING: We offer state of the art vinyl screen printing for company logo advertising on clear plastic bags wholesale. Maybe your school logo or just any reason you need to give your clear handbags and backpacks some personal mojo. With clear handbags, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Your clear handbags and clear backpacks are a blank canvas and become a walking billboard or perfect way to show off your school spirit. Ask us about how we can help with your options for clear handbags or clear shoulder bags. We’re here for you, whatever you need!

Clear Handbags and Clear Backpacks for Work and School

SECURITY POLICY REQUIREMENTS: Please call us if you need any help with your new clear handbags or clear backpacks security policy. We are glad to help in your process that can be trying at times. We will do our very best to make the transition smooth and quick. CUSTOMER SERVICE: We understand that you are busy. We understand the process of buying clear handbags online can be frustrating.  At The Clear Bag Store we have the brother/sister policy. We promise to treat all of our customers with the highest standard of care. Friendly and fair as if you were our brother or sister. We believe in putting our self in others shoes. Our phone number is right in the center of our website on every page for a reason. Please use it if you need to. We make sales but we strive to make friends that can trust The Clear Bag Store brand. Lastly and most importantly: The Clear Bag Store is here because of you, for you. We appreciate your business. Thank you.

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