Clear Backpacks: Not Back Aches Pt. 2

Clear Backpacks: Not Back Aches Pt. 2

Sad buy true, clear backpacks also get a bad wrap for causing a back ache or pain in the neck. Children should be given a lesson on the proper way to use and pack their backpacks and clear tote bags for school to lessen the possible risk of neck, back and shoulder injuries. Kids should know to inform parents or teachers of any discomfort they are experiencing which may be from using their clear backpacks. Let children know simple rules of carrying only essential items and less is better, to know their limits. Carrying clear backpacks on one shoulder may contribute to loss of balance not to mention the strain of leaning to one side and should easily be avoided by using both shoulder straps. Wide, padded straps make a long walk more comfortable. Standing up straight by limiting the weight is a must to keep from staining, hunching forward or loosing balance backward.
Often limiting the weight can be difficult for school kids. Many books and supplies are expected or thought to be needed and clear backpacks for kids should be monitored and checked by parents and teachers alike. As a general rule, a commonly excepted recommendation is carrying no more than ten to fifteen percent of a child’s body weight. Typically and 80 pound kid should carry no more than approximately eight to twelve pounds. General rules are just that and not to be confused with common sense. The first sign of an unmanageable clear backpack is a awkward struggle to put on or take off the backpack.
Big kids, little kids. Big bags, little bags. Your child’s backpack should match his or her size not the size of his or her want. offers black clear backpacks for boys and pink clear backpacks for girls. Buy clear backpack, clear lunch bag and clear pencil case sets at 20% off. The clear laptop bag is a perfect companion for up to 17″ laptops. Clear tote bags for school are always popular and available for printing school logos. Rolling Clear Backpacks can lessen the load as long as the school allows wheeled clear backpacks. Some schools do not allow them due to the possibility of other students tripping as the backpack is being pulled along. Think ahead. School is not about getting hurt, it about getting smart. Speaking of smart, give us a call to discuss our wholesale clear backpacks and wholesale clear tote bags for school fundraisers or just to buy in bulk to save, save, save. We appreciate your business.


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