Campuses are Safer

Campuses are Safer

A Michigan high school has a policy regarding bags and backpacks that student are allowed to carry in the school. Back packs were banned from the cafeteria and hallways because of a lack of space. Some female students were bending the rules by carrying very large purses. Most students feel as though a small and clear plastic see thru bag policy would be better as the no bags at all rule causes many students to be late getting to class for having to return to their lockers between each class for books and supplies. Clear plastic back packs, clear laptop bags , clear lunch bags, clear totes and other clear see thru bags are available from several retailers on the internet and are used in many schools across the county as a security measure. Students have not minded the clear handbag policy in most schools and have said they feel as though their campuses are safer places because of the mandates.

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