February 2015

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Wholesale Clear Backpacks

As Spring Break comes nearer, more and more retailers of travel accessories and travel bags are stocking up on clear backpacks in bulk. With vacations approaching rapidly, teens are preparing for the best time of the year; Spring Break! This is a time that every retailer can take advantage of, to make some serious profits.
This vacation period provided by schools and universities all over USA is an opportunity staring retailers in the face, particularly for those stores that deal in travel accessories. Spring Break is a time to enjoy the freedom that students get from their institutes and studies, with most people simply packing up single packs or small bags to carry. These vacationers don’t need to pack a week long worth of clothes and other belongings; all they need is the vacation and partying spirit to accompany them; and that can easily fit in the clear backpack that are provide at The Clear Bag Store!
An average spring breaker usually needs to pack and include; a pair of favorite jeans because they can be worn wear anywhere more than once; a sweater or alternatively, a hoodie, in case it gets chillier than expected; and of course, a couple of bathing suits to wear at the beach parties. Some spring breakers even like to pack a single dressy outfit in case they are invited to a high end party that few are invited to.
However, to pack and carry all of these clothing items, every party goer needs a stylish bag that they can carry with all their other personal belongings. Clear backpacks are therefore, the best choice in terms of both convenience and function, with plenty of room for the luggage and a stylish appearance.
Thus, the clear backpacks in bulk sold by the travel shops are the perfect combination for spring break vacations in terms of projecting an individual’s style statement, as well as being easy to carry. Since the Clear Bag Store has an infinite variety of contemporary designs, it is the go-to bag company for most if not all the stores that are stocking up for spring break. Everyone likes to take fashion risks at spring break, but with the kind of clear backpacks we provide, there are no risks at all. It can perfectly complement the type of fashion you are interested in, and no matter what, you are guaranteed to standout from the crowd and turn heads. This is perhaps the best thing one can hope for at spring break; obtaining the attention of the crowd.
Clear backpacks in bulk at the Clear Bag Store are not only stylish; they are also a very strong and sturdy. At spring break, everyone brings only what they absolutely need; and nothing else; and with clear backpacks, they can securely carry their limited belongings without worrying about losing them. These clear backpacks are time tested for their durability and are made of materials of unparalleled quality, fitted with strong zippers that are guaranteed to keep your articles safe.
Spring break is usually a wild ride for all party lovers in high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a vacation where low quality backpacks just won’t survive more than a couple days. The best thing then is to partner up with a clear backpack for ultimate stress free travel; and the backpacks at the Clear Bag Store provide just that with their durability and strength being one of the unique selling points.
The clear backpacks in bulk that the travel stores are now offering widely, are not only very stylish and strong but in addition to these fine qualities, they are quite functional as well. These clear backpacks are, as the name suggests, transparent, but what is the significance of this? Have you ever thought of that?
The most legendary of spring break locations are beach localities within Miami, Florida, Bahamas, and Panama Beach. Thus, it’s perfectly fine when spring breakers are traveling by land, by what if they have to travel by air? As per the air travels rules set by the TSA; all travelers must carry their belongings and other small travel accessories in clear bags. Although this is simply for the items within the backpack, think how much more convenient it will be for the travelers if the bag itself is clear and can easily tell the airport personnel about the items being carried within it?
In this way, travelers can rapidly move from through the airport from one security checkpoint to another without any type of problems or delays. This is the type of convenience that you can offer to your spring vacationing customers if you choose to buy strong and sturdy clear backpacks in bulk.
There are so many good qualities of clear backpacks, but to be sum it up, here they are a few pointers so you can easily remember to describe them all to your potential clients who come to buy these amazing backpacks from you. They have an eye catching, unique yet contemporary design, perfect for fashion fanatics. They are also sturdy and durable so the spring breakers will never have to worry about losing their things or carrying them in rough or rugged terrains. There is enough space in the backpack to hold a week’s worth of belongings, ideal for spring break vacation. As the backpack is clear, people can easily search through their belongings, without having to empty the bag to reach that one item.
Stock your store with clear backpacks from the Clear Bag Store, before the spring break rush begins! Make sure you offer your customers with the best of backpacks that are reliable for all the spring break action!