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Clear Purses for Work the New Trend: Showing Off

Clear purses for work has many just showing off. Fashion has always been a complex sector of modern life, combining art with commerce and status with emotions. All of it wrapped up in the simple pleasure of looking good and the confidence it brings. People don’t buy expensive clear purses for work or shoes with red soles simply because they are beautiful. They do so in part because they want other people notice them. This can be purely status, showing off the wonderful things you can afford that others perhaps can’t. Or it could be pride in your taste level and a desire to show off how well you can put together an outfit. Either way, showing off is half the fun especially when you have found a rare hot pink clear purse for work like the ones at The Clear Bag Store. They specializes in practical, functional clear purses for work, clear backpacks and large clear duffle bags.

The New Style: Clear Purses for Work Mandates

One problem with traditional handbags and purses is their opaque nature. You may not think of that as a problem. In fact, if you’re in the habit of carrying around contraband or dangerous objects,  the traditional bags is the perfect choice for you. Clear bags for work are being required to combat employee theft. But as clear purse for work  grows into a bona-fide phenomenon, more and more women are seeking to show off their high end accessories just like they show off their shoes and their dresses. Often the problem is that no one can see what’s hiding in their purse unless they ostentatiously take everything out. The solution? Clear purses for work. Work mandates are made economical and easy with clear plastic bags wholesale from The Clear Bag Store.

The Glossy box Effect

The inspiration for the new status of cosmetics can be laid at least partially at the feet of Glossybox and their service of sending high-end samples out to subscribers. Many women who have been satisfied with standard cosmetics their whole lives have suddenly been conveniently introduced to a range of extremely high-end cosmetics, and demand has skyrocketed. Ironically, this also results in scarcity as a deluge of orders removes stock from the stores, inflating the status of having that hot new skin cream or that amazing advanced eyeliner – and increasingly women want to show off their scores.

Commuting with clear purses for work means that everyone can see what you’re rocking in the cosmetics department. And just how every Fashionista worth her salt can ID your shoes, dress, and handbag like a CSI professional. They can now increasingly spot your makeup and skin cream from across the subway car and instantly know that you’re a fellow traveler when it comes to enjoying the good things in life. That connection and acknowledgement wouldn’t be possible without clear purses for work.

Of course, privacy is still sometimes an issue, and you might like your old high-end handbag sometimes. Fashion is about choices and options, after all. Some days you feel bold and brave and want the world to see what you’ve got hidden away in there. Sometimes you’d prefer to keep everything to yourself. Clear purses for work may not be for you every day of the year. But, when it’s right, it’s a lot of fun to know that everyone is jealous when they see what you scored over the weekend.

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Clear Handbags Totes: Your Stylish Advantage

In today’s unsettled world, many employers are requiring that employees carry only clear handbags totes with them into the workplace and the stock areas such as retailer Neimen Markus. Some may see these anti-theft policies as insulting or silly. The fact is retails stores and other businesses have every right to protect themselves and to set reasonable policies such as a clear handbag totes mandate for their employees. Clear plastic bags wholesale are a cost effective loss prevention method.

For most employees, their objection to being forced to bring clear handbags totes is all about the perceived limitation in their personal style. With so many great handbags in the world (and so many at home in their closet) being forced to leave the designer bags and only have a clear handbag at work seems limiting.

The Style Opportunity of a Clear Handbag Totes

The better way to look at a clear handbag totes requirement at work is that it’s an opportunity to be very creative.  Clear handbags totes obviously displays whatever you’re carrying around with you. If you just dump all of your possessions into it, then that’s what it will show the world: All of your stuff, just dump and squished in there. Boring – and a little embarrassing, no?

Ah, but who says you have to just dump things in there? Think of your clear handbags totes as a shop window you can decorate in any way you please. When choosing things to place in your bag, consider the color, the texture, and the arrangement. Just because the bag is clear doesn’t mean you can’t create a vision of colors and lines that form a striking design or pattern. When people realize they’re looking at a clear handbags totes, they’ll be stunned!

Clear Handbags Totes Suggestions

A few ideas to really get this one going in your mind:

  • Get custom cases for your phone. They come in almost every imaginable color and pattern, and not only protect your expensive link to the world, but allow you to change the color and look of your phone to match your outfit – and add that dash of color to your clear handbags totes.
  • Use different lunch bags or plastic storage for transporting your lunch, and make certain the color and pattern of either matches up with your phone and other accessories.
  • Think about the arrangement of your things. Imagine people looking at your bag as they sit across from you on the train. What would they see? Try for visual interest with different shapes and colors.
  • Your clear handbags totes don’t have to be a handbag. Something more practical like this small lunch tote bag offers the same opportunity in a smaller form factor. Keeping it simple is sometimes all the inspiration you need.

Working for a living will always bring with it certain undesirable aspects in the form of employer requirements. The trick is to not let it get under your skin, and instead turn your energy to making those requirements work for you instead of against you. When it comes to a clear handbags totes requirement, all they’ve done, really, is hand you a canvas!

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Clear Gym Bags for Security and Easy Cleaning

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the aesthetics of clear gym bags. They are, after all, shiny and modern and very much on the cutting edge of fashion these days. Clear handbags and clear gym bags look cool, but they’re not just a pretty face. There are plenty of practical advantages to them as well. Better organization, easier packing and unpacking, not to mention the superior durability that they offer. But there are a few unsung features of clear gym bags that deserve some attention, even though they may not be the first thing you think about when deciding on what gym bag to use.

Clear Gym Bags for Security

Theft from gym bags – and theft of gym bags – remains a problem in school, the workplace and national gym chains. No matter how safe your area is or how conscientious your gym’s staff are, leaving a bag in a locker is always a risk. All it takes is one unscrupulous thief to make off with all of your stuff. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of putting valuables in our gym bags from time to time despite the risks.

Additionally, if the bag itself is stolen with your phone in it, you can use a tracking App like Prey to locate your missing phone and your gym bag.

Clear Gym Bags for Easy Cleaning

Have you ever opened a gym bag a few days after your last workout and almost died from the foul odor that escapes? Even if you immediately remove and wash your gym clothes, most gym bags made from standard fabrics and materials absorb your sweat and the microbes that live in it. This usually means you eventually have to toss the whole bag into the laundry – or possibly the garbage, because that kind of stink is often impossible to completely remove. Just as our gym clothes slowly build up a ‘resistance’ to standard laundry detergent, so will your bag.

Unless you’re using clear backpacks or clear gym bags. In that case it doesn’t matter if you leave your gym clothes in there for months or if you spill your sushi takeout in there, cleaning it is as easy as emptying it out and wiping it down with almost any kind of cleaning solution.

The best part is that this doesn’t just eliminate the odors, it sanitizes as well, because the PVC the bag is made from is inhospitable to organisms that can stink up your home and make you sick. If you have a large group or organization don’t forget to check out clear plastic bags wholesale for big savings.

So clear gym bags, safer in every possible way. What’s not to love? Ditch your stinky, insecure gym bag today and Go Clear.


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Transparent Bag Policy: Time to Get On Board

Fashion is all about trends, so it’s not too surprising that many people decided to take a “wait and see” approach when designers began rolling out a transparent bag to their collection and praising their virtues. Even as many buildings, businesses, and venues announced new security policies. The NFL announced a blanket transparent bag rule for its stadiums, many people still held back and hoped it was all just a passing fad.

Unfortunately, as recent events in Dallas have proven, once security concerns get involved it stops being all about fashion trends and starts being the sort of permanent change to our lives you can count on.

Transparent Bag Policy in the NCAA?

At an NCAA music event in Dallas recently, some fireworks were stolen at an unknown time. While the explosives are designed to entertain, they still represent a serious threat to the health and safety not only of people attending March Madness events, but to the population of Dallas in general.

While police continue to investigate, the NCAA has announced that going forward they will adopting a transparent bag policy similar to the one the NFL adopted last year. Anyone wishing to attend an NCAA game or official event will have to restrict themselves to a compliant transparent bag or be turned away at the door.

The fact is, these sorts of security policies for a transparent bag mandate is going to spread faster and faster. For one thing, they’re simple common sense in many ways. A tiny inconvenience for a small number of people offset against the safety of thousands of people is hardly worth discussing. For another, since there exist in the world stylish, a durable transparent bag, the inconvenience is truly small-scale.

Getting Ahead of the Transparent Bag Trend

In other words, a world where carrying a transparent bag to many events and even in your daily life is almost unavoidable at this point. Once large organizations like the NCAA and NFL implement policies like this. Other organizations of all sizes have to follow suit or risk being accused of having weak security policies. Or, they risk the safety and lives of their customers or attendees. After all, it’s always easier to issue restrictive security policies than it is to do just about anything else.

The key here is in getting ahead of this transparent bag trend. By changing your lifestyle to include clear handbags now, you won’t even noticed as more and more of the venues you visit in your daily life adopt such policies, because you’ll just breeze through the new security procedures. By being prepared you’ll avoid future interruptions and delays that will plague your friends and family.

And look stylish doing it. The fashion world has already embraced the transparent bag as the accessory of the moment, so sporting a cool clear bag will not only smooth the way for you, it’ll keep you looking on-trend and ready for action no matter where your life takes you.