Transparent Bag Policy: Time to Get On Board

Transparent Bag Policy: Time to Get On Board

Fashion is all about trends, so it’s not too surprising that many people decided to take a “wait and see” approach when designers began rolling out a transparent bag to their collection and praising their virtues. Even as many buildings, businesses, and venues announced new security policies. The NFL announced a blanket transparent bag rule for its stadiums, many people still held back and hoped it was all just a passing fad.

Unfortunately, as recent events in Dallas have proven, once security concerns get involved it stops being all about fashion trends and starts being the sort of permanent change to our lives you can count on.

Transparent Bag Policy in the NCAA?

At an NCAA music event in Dallas recently, some fireworks were stolen at an unknown time. While the explosives are designed to entertain, they still represent a serious threat to the health and safety not only of people attending March Madness events, but to the population of Dallas in general.

While police continue to investigate, the NCAA has announced that going forward they will adopting a transparent bag policy similar to the one the NFL adopted last year. Anyone wishing to attend an NCAA game or official event will have to restrict themselves to a compliant transparent bag or be turned away at the door.

The fact is, these sorts of security policies for a transparent bag mandate is going to spread faster and faster. For one thing, they’re simple common sense in many ways. A tiny inconvenience for a small number of people offset against the safety of thousands of people is hardly worth discussing. For another, since there exist in the world stylish, a durable transparent bag, the inconvenience is truly small-scale.

Getting Ahead of the Transparent Bag Trend

In other words, a world where carrying a transparent bag to many events and even in your daily life is almost unavoidable at this point. Once large organizations like the NCAA and NFL implement policies like this. Other organizations of all sizes have to follow suit or risk being accused of having weak security policies. Or, they risk the safety and lives of their customers or attendees. After all, it’s always easier to issue restrictive security policies than it is to do just about anything else.

The key here is in getting ahead of this transparent bag trend. By changing your lifestyle to include clear handbags now, you won’t even noticed as more and more of the venues you visit in your daily life adopt such policies, because you’ll just breeze through the new security procedures. By being prepared you’ll avoid future interruptions and delays that will plague your friends and family.

And look stylish doing it. The fashion world has already embraced the transparent bag as the accessory of the moment, so sporting a cool clear bag will not only smooth the way for you, it’ll keep you looking on-trend and ready for action no matter where your life takes you.

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