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Clemson Implements Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy: Clemson follows suit in implementing all clear handbags

Yet another clear bag policy. This time, Clemson. Clear purses and totes are making way to South Carolina after Clemson Athletics adopted the clear bag policy in new raft of safety measures for the 2016 games and beyond. According to the officials, the organization is committed to providing a safer environment for fans to enjoy the game. It was looking for ways to quicken the speed at which fans get into the field. Currently, there are always long lines of fans as they go through security checkups.

Clemson Clear Bag Policy

High Quality, Freeze Proof PVC for Security Mandates

Bags are the biggest reasons for the snarl-ups seen at the entrances, as each bag must be checked by the security. With the clear, bag policy, this process will be much easier. Clemson S.C, working with the department of homeland security, law enforcement officials and Clemson University police have also come up with a voucher system for the re-entry into the stadium.

Fan entering the stadium with bags that are larger than the standard 4.5” X 6.5” purses must come with the plastic bags. This is the similar trend adopted by many of the NFL stadiums in the area. Thus, most fans that will be attending the games starting September 3, 2016 already know the clear bag policy drill.

The growing clear bags trend

Several colleges, universities and other institutions are implementing this idea of clear bags. NFL stadiums were the first to institute the clear bag policy in 2013. To encourage the fans to have more clear bags for Clemson athletics and much more, the athletic department in conjunction with IPTAY will provide every season ticket account with a clear bag during the fan day event that will be taking place on August 21 2016. There are also several retailers in the area that have the approved bags available in their stores. Clemson Athletics is also doing away with hand stamp for the re-entry. All the fans that wish to return to the stadium in a particular game must have picked up the voucher when exiting the stadium. The voucher must be handed over to the entry officials on re-entry to the stadium. The vouchers will only be available up to the final quarter of the games after which fans that exit the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter into the stadium.

Clear plastic bag specifications

Clear plastic bag, PVC, or vinyl bags that are of the official Clemson plastic tote size of 12” X 6” X 12” are allowed to the stadium. The Ziploc bag totes and the one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags can be used. Fans with small; clutch bags the size of the hands and without a strap will be allowed to the stadium. However, there will be an exception of the necessary medical equipment. The officials at the entry will examine all medical equipment.

Fans can carry gadgets such as binoculars and cameras to the stadiums. However, their cases will not be allowed in. Moreover, the fans are allowed to cum with the stadium cushions and seatbacks except those that come with the arms. Artificial noisemakers, weapons, poles, banners, backpacks and outside food and drinks will not be allowed to the stadium.


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Clear Bookbag: The Ultimate In Kid Safety

We all know that a clear bookbag is great for the security at our kid’s school. Clear school bags are great for keeping organized and making sure every child gets the right bag on those crazy, hectic mornings before school. That they’re hip and cool right now so your kids get the extra treat of being in style when they go to school. All of these things have already made a clear bookbag required school gear even in school districts that don’t literally require a clear bookbag. You can check out all clear handbags and clear bookbags here at The Clear Bag Store.

But there are even more ways you can make your kid’s clear bookbag work overtime to keep them safe. With a little creativity, in fact, there’s almost no limit to the ideas you can come up with. Here’s a few to get you started.

The Burner and A Clear Bookbag

Did you know that cheap, pre-paid cell phones sold at many stores are known as “burners” in street slang (and on cop shows on TV)? A “burner” can be tucked in one of the pockets of your child’s clear bookbag and forgotten about. It’s a cheap phone that’s not connected to any plan or credit cards, so even if it’s lost or stolen it won’t matter much financially – but if your child gets lost or finds themselves in a scrape and their regular phone has gone dead or been dropped or stolen, the “burner” could be a life-saver – and the clear bookbag pocket means it will be easy for them to locate it in an emergency.

For young children, the idea that they might get lost or become separated from a class during an excursion or even from you at a busy shopping center or similar place is terrifying. Try this for some peace of mind: Print on one side of a sheet of paper IF FOUND OPEN ME and on the other the child’s name, address, and your phone number. Now, if a stranger stumbles on your child lost somewhere, they’ll be able to get in touch with you immediately. It gives their location – and you’ll sleep better.

Decoy Money and Clear Bookbag

You’ve raised your children to be smarter than to find themselves in bad areas of town, but you never know. Stick a few small bills in a visible pocket of the clear bookbag and tell your kids not to touch it. If they’re ever noticed by unsavory types, the obvious money – the decoy money – will attract their attention and most likely your kids and their actual lunch money or valuables will be overlooked. Most criminals are looking for an easy, fast score – give them low-hanging fruit and keep your kids safer. Plus it’s emergency ice cream money when you forget to bring cash!

Keeping your kids safe is always priority one. A clear bookbag offers plenty of opportunities to improve the safety and security of your children like our clear plastic bags wholesale friends at Shelby County School. All it takes is a little brainstorming – and a clear bookbag, of course.

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Clear PVC Backpack School Policies for Added Security Measures

Suicide, depression, and other mental and physical health issues are on everyone’s mind these days. And while most people think of older folks when they think in terms of depression, drug abuse, and suicide, the fact is the most vulnerable section of our population will always be children, especially teenagers. It’s estimated that 5% of teens worldwide suffer from depression, and every year more than 10,000 teenagers around the world take their own lives. Many of these children were also involved in drug use, usually at least initially as a way of self-medicating. Schools around the nation are considering a clear PVC backpack for many reasons.

For a parent, those are scary numbers. When we observe our children beginning to change – to lose the bright, upbeat personality of their younger years that we adored so and become moody, withdrawn, and secretive. It’s easy to rationalize as the normal course of teenage rebellion and mood swings. But after any incident where a child threatens their own lives or exhibits reckless behavior with alcohol or drugs, many parents are at a loss as to how to correct the situation. While the issue is complicated, one small part of any approach is to incorporate a clear PVC backpacks requirement. Clear plastic bags wholesale can be found here.

Clear PVC Backpacks for Inspection

Put simply, a depressed person is often hostile and combative towards any attempts to help them. Whether or not a teen is literally an addict, their use of substances has likely become a part of their daily routine by the time it is discovered, and they will resist and seek to circumvent any attempts to keep them away from such things. A policy that requires teens to use a clear backpack like this one and other clear handbags allows the parent to quickly and unobtrusively inspect all bags as they are brought into and out of the home, and make it that much more difficult for a troubled teenager to smuggle anything into the house.

The Psychology of the Clear PVC Backpack

The other aspect of this approach is the psychological aspect of a clear PVC backpack. Depression makes people feel isolated, and this is even more pronounced in teenagers. Isolation often gives a false sense of security in a strange way. The privacy of the feeling insulates us from outside forces and takes on a feeling of normalcy.

A clear PVC backpack for school requirement shakes things up. Without being able to keep things secret, the sense of isolation is disturbed and that sense of security is lost. This can be traumatic to the troubled teenager.  It’s also a healthy step as they realize that not only are the parents paying attention, they want to pay attention. They love their children.

A clear PVC backpack won’t solve anyone’s problems or cure depression. But, it can be a small but effective part of an overall approach to helping a troubled teenager get through a difficult time. By making it more difficult to keep secrets and transport items, it can give a kid time to breathe, and time for other remedies to work.

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Clear Duffle Bags: Multi-Purpose Bags for the Whole Family

Clear duffle bags are becoming increasingly popular from a security and a fashion point of view. People all over the world are discovering clear duffle bags can be a great  as organizational tool. Popular clear duffle bags are truly multi-purpose, and made more so by the fact that it’s made from strong, attractive, and transparent PVC material. It’s one of the few things in this world that really does have a wide variety of uses. The Clear Bag Store offers a unique, highly functional clear duffle bag that comes in three sizes.

Clear Duffle Bags As a Diaper Bag

One of the most popular and obvious ways to use a clear  shoulder bag is as a diaper bag or general baby/toddler bag. We all know that traveling with children. Even local trips, like the supermarket, can be fraught with stress and confusion. There can a huge amount of supplies and emergency equipment a baby requires just in case. From snacks to diapers, wet wipes to toys and other amusements. Being able to see everything clearly makes not just retrieval easy but makes it easy to stay organized after you spent all morning getting organized. Many corrections facilities require parents and family members to carry clear handbags and clear diaper bags for visitation. Yep, this one is perfect! Another great option are clear tote bags.

Clear Duffle Bags as a Pet Bag?

Why not? It doesn’t get mentioned much, but clear duffle bags can also serves admirably to keep dog supplies organized and in easy reach when on the road. The argument about whether a dog is really just a furry, slightly overgrown baby can go on for a long time, but the fact is traveling with dogs can be just as stressful. They need their toys, poop bags, leash, and snacks as well, and depending on the length of the trip a portable water dish. Clear duffle bags keeps all of your smaller family members outfitted and victualed with minimum fuss and confusion.

Mom and Dad

Let’s picture the night before a family trip: Is it chaos? Clothes everywhere, half-packed luggage, maps and printed tickets everywhere? Well, one thing that can improve the situation is clear duffle bags. You’ve already got one packed for the baby and the family dog. Now imagine a third one, neat and organized, sitting with the other two by the door. You finally get your clothes managed and you simply scoop up these bags on your way out to the car. Be sure to review TSA airport carry on Rules before you go.

In the third clear bag? Stuff for the adults. Music to listen to. Snacks of a more adult and non-canine variety. Maps and directions. Books. Bottled water, lip balm – everything you might want while driving, all clearly organized and within easy reach.

Best of all, these three clear duffle bags can be packed once and then simply replenished. Once organized they stay organized. With many roomy pockets you can put everything back in place immediately. All you have to do is top off the cereal and the lip balm in each one, and you’re ready for a trip any time! When it comes to planning a family trip, start with clear duffle bags and cut your stress and packing time in half.

Awesome Dust Free Clear Laptop Bag

Oh, before I forget. A The Clear Bag Store favorite. Check this small clear duffle bag that is a perfect dust free clear laptop bag. Many roomy pockets for all your tech gear. You will love it – guaranteed. Especially clear plastic bags wholesale to save big.

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Clear Vinyl Bag – The Devil’s in the Details

Clear vinyl bag policies are no exception. New solutions are often touted as a ‛cure all’ to solve all problems and eliminate old problems. As anyone who has ever actually paid attention knows, this rarely happens. Time and again the cure slowly reveals multiple problems that have to be dealt with.

New security policies in stadiums and schools are obviously better than the alternative. Security requirements wherever they are enacted, they’re not a ‛one size fits all’ policy. Now that the first wave of new security-conscious clear vinyl bag policies have settled in, many school districts and other organizations that enacted these policies are having to return to them. They often need some fine-tuning in order to accommodate the needs of special groups of students and employees.

Clear Vinyl Bag – Sporting Equipment

Many schools like the ones in the Tamaqua district of Pennsylvania have discovered this. The school initiated a clear vinyl bag policy that required students to carry all gear, including athletic gear, in clear vinyl bags. They almost immediately had to contact the school board. Adjustment of the rules had to be made for students involved in sports and other activities that involved items that would not fit into an available clear vinyl bag.  Items like ski poles, music instruments and hockey sticks needed a practical solution.

Most students could easily comply with policies using clear school bags and clear duffle bags. Athletes engaged in sports that used irregular shaped and long equiptment found it impossible to find bags that would accommodate their gear. As a result, the school district had to provide a secondary set of guidelines providing for separate security screening of these items and their storage on-site away from student lockers.

Extra Logistics with a Clear Vinyl Bag

Schools considering clear vinyl bag policies must take these extra logistics into consideration. There is a risk the chaos. Endless exceptions and slapped-together solutions will undermine the overall effectiveness and higher security of clear vinyl bag policies. Faced with the choice of either allowing non-clear bags into school or setting up additional security procedures for a small number of students and incurring extra expense and sacrificing the efficiencies established by the clear vinyl bag policy in the first place. Many schools will quickly find their security policy in chaos.

It’s best to consider these issues while still crafting the policy itself. Research into the availability of a clear vinyl bag to meet your needs and to be appropriately-sized is needed. The Clear Bag Store is with you all the way. The possibility of storing all such equipment off-site in locations convenient to sports fields or transport to games and competitions should be part of any security policy draft process. It is crucial that all such issues be addressed in some way from the inception of the policy in order to avoid costly and confusing mid-term adjustments.

A clear vinyl bag policy is an effective strategy to raise the security level of schools and other populated public buildings. And best of all clear plastic bags wholesale can be bought at big savings. However, only if they are part of a comprehensive security policy that takes all aspects of the building’s use into consideration.

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Clear Bags for Work: See Through to Save Time

We are dedicated to provide durable clear bags for work to save time.  It’s a common experience that time seems to speed up as we get older. Everyone seems to have memories of their childhood where time seemed to stand still. Weekends that went on forever. Summer vacations that stretched on endlessly, and alternatively school afternoons that also seemed to stretch on endlessly. Then, as we age, suddenly everything changes gears. The days fly past. Birthdays coming more and more rapidly. And we never seem to have the time to do the things we want at home or work.

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Clear Gym Bags for Security and Easy Cleaning

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the aesthetics of clear gym bags. They are, after all, shiny and modern and very much on the cutting edge of fashion these days. Clear handbags and clear gym bags look cool, but they’re not just a pretty face. There are plenty of practical advantages to them as well. Better organization, easier packing and unpacking, not to mention the superior durability that they offer. But there are a few unsung features of clear gym bags that deserve some attention, even though they may not be the first thing you think about when deciding on what gym bag to use.

Clear Gym Bags for Security

Theft from gym bags – and theft of gym bags – remains a problem in school, the workplace and national gym chains. No matter how safe your area is or how conscientious your gym’s staff are, leaving a bag in a locker is always a risk. All it takes is one unscrupulous thief to make off with all of your stuff. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of putting valuables in our gym bags from time to time despite the risks.

Additionally, if the bag itself is stolen with your phone in it, you can use a tracking App like Prey to locate your missing phone and your gym bag.

Clear Gym Bags for Easy Cleaning

Have you ever opened a gym bag a few days after your last workout and almost died from the foul odor that escapes? Even if you immediately remove and wash your gym clothes, most gym bags made from standard fabrics and materials absorb your sweat and the microbes that live in it. This usually means you eventually have to toss the whole bag into the laundry – or possibly the garbage, because that kind of stink is often impossible to completely remove. Just as our gym clothes slowly build up a ‘resistance’ to standard laundry detergent, so will your bag.

Unless you’re using clear backpacks or clear gym bags. In that case it doesn’t matter if you leave your gym clothes in there for months or if you spill your sushi takeout in there, cleaning it is as easy as emptying it out and wiping it down with almost any kind of cleaning solution.

The best part is that this doesn’t just eliminate the odors, it sanitizes as well, because the PVC the bag is made from is inhospitable to organisms that can stink up your home and make you sick. If you have a large group or organization don’t forget to check out clear plastic bags wholesale for big savings.

So clear gym bags, safer in every possible way. What’s not to love? Ditch your stinky, insecure gym bag today and Go Clear.


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Clear Plastic Book Bags: Is It The Right Bag for Heavy Loads?

As the manufacture of clear plastic book bags we are very interested in our schools and in our kids. A recent study published in The Journal of Experimental Education revealed a startling statistic: On average, today’s American high school students get about 3.1 hours of homework each and every night. This number is a little startling to a lot of adults, whose own memories of a homework load were a lot less heavy. Things have changed, and in order to be competitive with a world rapidly outstripping the U.S. in math and science many schools are piling on the extra work. Extra work that will need clear plastic book bags and clear handbags that can stand up to the pressure.

The study goes on to explore the ways that this massive workload can affect students: Lacking time to do anything but attend school and work on homework, many are dealing with stress because they can’t spend time with friends, family or hobbies. If you think about it, for a typical student by the time they get home, wash up, have dinner, and finish their homework, it’s bed time.

Clear Plastic Book Bags are the Right Bag for the Job

No one like mandates or to be told what to do. Especially when it interferes with their sense of style or as an expression of personality which a backpack can have. Many statements are made that “the bags fall apart and the clear plastic book bags don’t last. Rest assured, The Clear Bag Store hears your concerns and take the quality of our clear plastic book bags and clear duffle bags as serious as we take the safety of our children.

Many parents don’t view this heavy work load as a negative. Some see this as a good work ethic and a potential advantage for their kids as they proceed in their academic career. One thing is for sure, if your child has 3 hours of homework each and every night, they’re going to need the right clear plastic book bag. These clear school bags  are ideal for the modern student in your family.

The right clear book bags are essential in organizing homework, at least until someone decides to reduce the volume of homework. 3 hours of work means a lot of books and other materials will have to be brought to and from school each and every night. If you can’t necessarily avoid the crushing level of homework, you can at least ensure that your student has a healthy and practical way to bring books back and forth.

The American Way

These crushing levels of homework are in line with the general American attitude that celebrates work and disdains free time. Many Americas differ from the rest of the world in terms of vacation time as we have some of the least vacation days in the world. Many have attitudes towards sick days as if they are admitting weakness. This may actually helps to spread disease. Often we see the solution to our educational challenges not in terms of creating better teachers or better curriculum, but rather in terms of handing out more work.

Giving your students clear plastic book bags may not help them survive the psychological impact of being handed heavy assignments each and every evening. It will at least help them stay organizes and safe. Many schools are seeing the positive results from mandated clear plastic book bags. Buying clear plastic bags wholesale is an economical addition to any security program.


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Clear Messenger Bags: Ideal for Busy School Students

Clear Messenger Bags are the new trend replacing clear backpacks. It’s surprising, sometimes, how slowly we all are to change despite the evidence of changing times around us. Our daily lives have been transformed by the introduction of handheld devices like smartphones and lightweight, always-on devices like tablet computers. We’ve made a lot of changes to our own lives, and yet when it comes to the way we send our kids off to school, we’re still stuck in the past, using old-style backpacks that really don’t work for kids these days. With new school security policies for clear handbags and clear backpacks many are turning to The Clear Bag Store.

Number one, most schools send kids home with so many books and other materials a backpack can be awkward to retrieve necessities while on the move . Number two, with our kids using tablets at almost every grade level these days in some school districts, not to mention the smartphones we send them off to school with so we can check in on them and they can always call for help, kids today need a more practical storage solution for their educational careers. The ideal answer is clear messenger bags.

Benefit #1: Made for Modern Gadgets

One of the greatest things about clear messenger bags design in general is the way it’s almost custom-designed to offer huge storage while keeping access easy. Just flip the flap up or unzip and reach in for whatever you need and never miss a step.

As anyone who has a tablet computer can testify, it becomes addictive and necessary – the tablet’s in your hands constantly. For kids, it’s not just how they take notes and do school assignments in class. Also how they stay in touch with friends. A backpack just doesn’t always work. When you have to take it off and dig out the tablet every few minutes, it is a hassle. Clear messenger bags make access and organization easy.

Benefit #2: Easy to Locate Everything

Today’s school class loads are almost as busy and stressful as full-time jobs. Kids have to be able to find all of their supplies immediately or risk missing out on crucial moments of lessons. A backpack is a mysterious sack. A clear messenger bag, on the other hand, never needs a dump-out, because it’s a cinch to see at a glance that your scientific calculator or your protractor has settled to the bottom, or that your chemistry textbook has migrated under your lunch. A clear messenger bag like the clear laptop bag at The Clear Bag Store have many useful pockets for organizing all of your tool including a 17 inch laptop. Perfect!

Benefit #3: Clear Messenger Bags Flexibility

A backpack is good at leaving the arms and hands free, but at the expense of flexibility (and cool factor). A clear messenger bag is easy to swing around to the back when riding a bike or sitting down. And, just as easy to swing around to the front, making locating papers and books easy no matter the situation. It can also be slung over just one shoulder when it’s more convenient, or carried like a briefcase. Whatever situation your pupil finds themselves in, they can adjust their portable storage clear messenger bag to match.

The trend is pretty clear: The messenger bag is the modern student’s choice. And, the clear messenger bags at The Clear Bag Store are the best example of hands free, highly convenient and rugged clear messenger bags. And don’t forget clear plastic bags wholesale are available for big savings. The smartest reason for clear messenger bags is safety and security. We will leave that for another post.

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See Thru Backpacks for School: A Great Investment

More and more schools around the world are requiring that students use only clear handbags and see thru backpacks on school property. Sadly there is an increase in incidence of school shootings and other violence. Many school administrators are including requirements for mesh and see thru backpacks as part of an security overhaul. Addition security measures include, in some school districts, the installation of security guards, scanning equipment and emergency training for all staff. This emergency training is being praised for the lack of fatalities in the recent school shooting incident in the State of Colorado. In fact, only one teenage girl was injured by the attacker. Teachers followed new protocols and training by keeping students in class, locking doors, and turning off the lights.

The Cost of a See Thru Backpacks

For some parents in economically-challenged areas, however, the advantages of see thru backpacks requirement are not immediately obvious. The cost of replacing several backpacks for their children attending school is all too clear. Although the cost of a large clear backpack at leading clear bag online retailer The Clear Bag Store is just $26.95. This cost when multiplied by several children can be significant for families already struggling to pay bills.  In the current economic climate, especially when school policies are changed mid-year, requiring an unwelcomed second purchase.

One Transparent Backpack, Many Uses

However, parents should be aware that see thru backpacks are not simply useful for school, but are a great investment that will pay the family back in terms of use. Aside from providing a sturdy and roomy backpack for school that has plenty of space and pockets for storage while also making efficient retrieval of materials a snap, see thru backpacks can also be used in a variety of other ways:

  • As vacation and travel luggage for children. Moving easily through airport security and allowing for quick location of tickets, medications, or other items that are easily misplaced in the chaos of travel.
  • Being waterproof, the PVC see thru backpack has a distinct advantage over mesh backpacks or traditional backpacks. Perfect for trips to the beach or swimming lessons at the local pool.
  • Quality see thru backpacks will last as long or even longer than traditional backpacks. Quality will allow them to be passed down to younger siblings or other family members as the children age.

When the time comes that all the children are grown and out of the home, high-quality clear school bags can still be re-purposed.  Handy as a general travel bag for getting through security or as convenient storage of items in the back room or garage. Allowing for instant location of anything with just a glance.

The immediate security concerns of schools are in and of themselves well worth the investment of new see thru backpacks. But the fact that these backpacks will continue to serve a purpose for years to come makes their initial cost nominal especially if clear plastic bags wholesale are bought. If parents think of them as an investment instead of a one-time cost, their purchase will be easier to take.