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Clear Lunch Bags For Corrections Officers: Beyond Policy

The concept of clear lunch bags for Corrections Officers is improving safety and security while also being incredibly practical is not a new concept. If there is one sector of modern life that’s been well aware of the benefits of high-quality clear lunch bags for many years now. Corrections officers like our good friends at Nash Correctional Facility. Corrections officers have long known that clear bags are not only an absolute necessity when it comes to security on the job, but also have several distinct advantages that improve every aspect of their professional lives.

Security and Clear Lunch Bags for Corrections Officers

The obvious benefit of clear bunch bags for corrections officers of course, is increased and improved security. Corrections workers have to go through the same security check ins as everyone else. When rushing to start a shift the last thing they need is a delay while their co-workers inspect their bags. Clear lunch bags or clear tote bags speed them through and gets them inside faster.

At the same time, clear lunch bags for corrections officers also ensures that nothing will go missing from an officer’s bag while they’re on duty. This is not so much a worry about workplace theft – though this happens in our correctional facilities just like anywhere else. Rare but possible – but a security concern. Any missing object might find its way into the hands of a prisoner and be part of something unfortunate – or dangerous.

Efficiency with Clear Backpacks

Clear lunch bags for Corrections Officers aren’t the only popular work gear. Officers also love clear bags like our Medium Backpack which makes it easier for them to gear up at the start of every shift, displaying all of their essential necessities, including space for:

  • Flash-lights
  • Change of clothes
  • Boots
  • Utility belt
  • Keys
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Eye protection
  • First Aid Kit
  • Pepper spray

and everything else a professional corrections worker needs during their day. By being able to see at a glance that their backpacks are geared up and their clear lunch bags are full, they get out of the house faster so they arrive for their shift on time. Any of these items left inside the general population area of a correctional facility could be a major problem – and being able to see all of their gear in their bag before going home is a final security check that also grants them peace of mind. That’s why no professional working in corrections would consider using any other kind of bag.

Tough Clear Lunch Bags For Corrections officers

Finally, let’s face it: Corrections isn’t an easy job. It puts a lot of wear and tear not only on the men and women who work in it, but on their gear. Even our pink Clear Bags  for corrections officers aren’t just pretty, aren’t just efficient – they’re tough. Made from thick PVC plastic, they’re actually often tougher than standard duffel bags or fabric backpacks. They resist water, tearing, and stains – and clean up clear lunch bag with soap and water, good as new. When you’re dealing with a population of prisoners, that last part can be more important than you think! And, keep in mind: clear plastic bags wholesale is a great way to save big.

Considering that clear lunch bags for corrections officers are good enough for people working one of the toughest jobs in the world, it’s a no-brainer that clear lunch bags will be ideal for you, too.



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Clear Duffle Bags: Multi-Purpose Bags for the Whole Family

Clear duffle bags are becoming increasingly popular from a security and a fashion point of view. People all over the world are discovering clear duffle bags can be a great  as organizational tool. Popular clear duffle bags are truly multi-purpose, and made more so by the fact that it’s made from strong, attractive, and transparent PVC material. It’s one of the few things in this world that really does have a wide variety of uses. The Clear Bag Store offers a unique, highly functional clear duffle bag that comes in three sizes.

Clear Duffle Bags As a Diaper Bag

One of the most popular and obvious ways to use a clear  shoulder bag is as a diaper bag or general baby/toddler bag. We all know that traveling with children. Even local trips, like the supermarket, can be fraught with stress and confusion. There can a huge amount of supplies and emergency equipment a baby requires just in case. From snacks to diapers, wet wipes to toys and other amusements. Being able to see everything clearly makes not just retrieval easy but makes it easy to stay organized after you spent all morning getting organized. Many corrections facilities require parents and family members to carry clear handbags and clear diaper bags for visitation. Yep, this one is perfect! Another great option are clear tote bags.

Clear Duffle Bags as a Pet Bag?

Why not? It doesn’t get mentioned much, but clear duffle bags can also serves admirably to keep dog supplies organized and in easy reach when on the road. The argument about whether a dog is really just a furry, slightly overgrown baby can go on for a long time, but the fact is traveling with dogs can be just as stressful. They need their toys, poop bags, leash, and snacks as well, and depending on the length of the trip a portable water dish. Clear duffle bags keeps all of your smaller family members outfitted and victualed with minimum fuss and confusion.

Mom and Dad

Let’s picture the night before a family trip: Is it chaos? Clothes everywhere, half-packed luggage, maps and printed tickets everywhere? Well, one thing that can improve the situation is clear duffle bags. You’ve already got one packed for the baby and the family dog. Now imagine a third one, neat and organized, sitting with the other two by the door. You finally get your clothes managed and you simply scoop up these bags on your way out to the car. Be sure to review TSA airport carry on Rules before you go.

In the third clear bag? Stuff for the adults. Music to listen to. Snacks of a more adult and non-canine variety. Maps and directions. Books. Bottled water, lip balm – everything you might want while driving, all clearly organized and within easy reach.

Best of all, these three clear duffle bags can be packed once and then simply replenished. Once organized they stay organized. With many roomy pockets you can put everything back in place immediately. All you have to do is top off the cereal and the lip balm in each one, and you’re ready for a trip any time! When it comes to planning a family trip, start with clear duffle bags and cut your stress and packing time in half.

Awesome Dust Free Clear Laptop Bag

Oh, before I forget. A The Clear Bag Store favorite. Check this small clear duffle bag that is a perfect dust free clear laptop bag. Many roomy pockets for all your tech gear. You will love it – guaranteed. Especially clear plastic bags wholesale to save big.

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Clear Vinyl Bag – The Devil’s in the Details

Clear vinyl bag policies are no exception. New solutions are often touted as a ‛cure all’ to solve all problems and eliminate old problems. As anyone who has ever actually paid attention knows, this rarely happens. Time and again the cure slowly reveals multiple problems that have to be dealt with.

New security policies in stadiums and schools are obviously better than the alternative. Security requirements wherever they are enacted, they’re not a ‛one size fits all’ policy. Now that the first wave of new security-conscious clear vinyl bag policies have settled in, many school districts and other organizations that enacted these policies are having to return to them. They often need some fine-tuning in order to accommodate the needs of special groups of students and employees.

Clear Vinyl Bag – Sporting Equipment

Many schools like the ones in the Tamaqua district of Pennsylvania have discovered this. The school initiated a clear vinyl bag policy that required students to carry all gear, including athletic gear, in clear vinyl bags. They almost immediately had to contact the school board. Adjustment of the rules had to be made for students involved in sports and other activities that involved items that would not fit into an available clear vinyl bag.  Items like ski poles, music instruments and hockey sticks needed a practical solution.

Most students could easily comply with policies using clear school bags and clear duffle bags. Athletes engaged in sports that used irregular shaped and long equiptment found it impossible to find bags that would accommodate their gear. As a result, the school district had to provide a secondary set of guidelines providing for separate security screening of these items and their storage on-site away from student lockers.

Extra Logistics with a Clear Vinyl Bag

Schools considering clear vinyl bag policies must take these extra logistics into consideration. There is a risk the chaos. Endless exceptions and slapped-together solutions will undermine the overall effectiveness and higher security of clear vinyl bag policies. Faced with the choice of either allowing non-clear bags into school or setting up additional security procedures for a small number of students and incurring extra expense and sacrificing the efficiencies established by the clear vinyl bag policy in the first place. Many schools will quickly find their security policy in chaos.

It’s best to consider these issues while still crafting the policy itself. Research into the availability of a clear vinyl bag to meet your needs and to be appropriately-sized is needed. The Clear Bag Store is with you all the way. The possibility of storing all such equipment off-site in locations convenient to sports fields or transport to games and competitions should be part of any security policy draft process. It is crucial that all such issues be addressed in some way from the inception of the policy in order to avoid costly and confusing mid-term adjustments.

A clear vinyl bag policy is an effective strategy to raise the security level of schools and other populated public buildings. And best of all clear plastic bags wholesale can be bought at big savings. However, only if they are part of a comprehensive security policy that takes all aspects of the building’s use into consideration.

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Stranger Danger, Clear Backpacks and Kid Safety

It’s hard, sometimes, to separate paranoia from real worries when it comes to your children. After all, no matter how far-fetched the danger sounds, it happened to somebody’s child somewhere – and you’d prefer your own children not become a similar cautionary tale. Still, the news seems determined to frighten every parent everywhere with lurid tales of new dangers to your children that inspire some parents to contemplate locking the kids up and home schooling them until they’re approximately thirty years old.

Of course, some dangers are very real – and also very easy to teach your kids about. Most strangers are well-meaning, decent folks just like you who might be approaching your child for any number of legitimate reasons – but drilling your children in the right way to react to strangers is one of the most effective ways of keeping them safe.

Be Realistic

A note on your child’s development and capabilities, first: Children younger than ten often have great difficulty judging distance and location – they are easily lost when out of their familiar territory. They also often cannot read street signs or understand what they mean. Young children should of course never be unsupervised, but when talking to them about safety keep these limitations in mind and don’t assume they will be able to leap into “action hero” mode when a stranger approaches them.

Safety in Numbers

The simplest way to protect against predators is to make sure your child understands that they should always walk in a group, never alone. Child predators will almost always avoid groups of children because they are difficult to predict or control (as any parent knows!).

The Power of No

You’ve raised your child to be polite and respectful with adults. You must also stress that when a stranger approaches them when they are alone – or even when they’re not alone – these rules do not apply. Tell your children that under no circumstances should they

  • Accept a ride in a car from a stranger.
  • Accept any gifts or candy from someone they don’t know.
  • Allow a stranger to follow them – if they notice someone unfamiliar following them, they should not hesitate to run away and shout for help.
  • Allow a stranger to hang around schoolyards or playgrounds – always alert a trusted adult when they observe someone they don’t know.
  • For older kids, keep a prepaid cell phone in an outer pocket of a clear bag (a backpack or a gym bag) that they can easily reach in an emergency.

Logistical Safety

We often aren’t aware how many things our children carry might have their address and name clearly displayed. Teaching your children to keep these items private will help, but also tell them that even if someone knows their name and claims to know their parents, if they don’t recognize them they are still a stranger. Tell your children they will never, under any circumstances, get in trouble for being “rude” to an adult they don’t recognize. Many predators use this trick – implying their parents will punish them for not doing as they are told.

Sometimes these safety tips result in some embarrassment or difficulty for an innocent party. Most people will understand why your children reacted the way they did. Better to have an awkward moment with someone than to put your children in danger.

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Clear Vinyl Backpack: Are You Walking to School Safely?

The Clear Bag Store: Clear Vinyl Backpack

At The Clear Bag Store we are dedicated to doing our part to provide quality a clear vinyl backpack to help keep our kids safe. Often, mandates for a clear vinyl backpack is questioned. The eternal dilemma for parents is identifying the line between being overprotective and being just paranoid enough. Our children are precious. There’s so much they don’t know about the world. The role of a parent is, in part, to think for them and identify risks they don’t have the life experience to understand. At the same time, you can go too far and deny your children the freedom and joy of childhood. The bare fact is, as they get older you have to start letting them make their own decisions. They will soon be without you, on their own.

At The Clear Bag Store we manufacture a purposeful clear vinyl backpack. We are serious about our kids and yours. One of the first steps a lot of families make in this area is to let the kids walk to school. Often this decision is made for you: Parents often can’t make the time when work and other responsibilities demand it of them. And children enjoy walking to school on their own – they feel grown up. In order to ensure the walk is a safe one, there are some very simple rules every child should memorize.

Rules for a Safe Walk to School: Clear Vinyl Backpack

Work the pack. Walking in a group of friends is much safer than walking alone. Contacting other parents and arranging a group to walk together is the best approach. Younger children should always walk with an adult. It’s great exercise for everyone!

Plot the Route. Just because your children will be without you doesn’t mean you don’t get to make decisions: Choose the route they’ll take every day and make sure your children understand that under no circumstances should they take any shortcuts or alternative routes.

Behave safely. At corners or curbs, everyone must understand that pushing or shoving can be very dangerous. And if your kids are ever offered a ride they need to know how to react: Turn and walk away, and report the incident to the first familiar adult they see. Always assume cars cannot see you, and only cross streets when absolutely safe. Clear school backpack with reflectors glued to the back and sides is a cost effective way that will help your child be seen even in low-light situations.

Bullying and Other Issues

General safety is the main issue, of course, there are other aspects to walking to school unsupervised that you should ,consider and possibly discuss with your child:

  • Bullying. Not every child experiences bullying, but the walk home can be transformed into a gauntlet if your child is targeted by a bully. Stress to your child that walking with the group will help protect them, and that they should report any instances of bullying to you immediately.
  • Peer Pressure. The ability to walk to and from school without their parents is often the first step a child takes towards self-reliance – but it also means they have their first taste of peer pressure without a parent to put a stop to it immediately. Having firm rules about the child arriving home promptly. Enforcing them will help protect against unscheduled stops and other rule violations.

At The Clear Bag Store we are proud that our clear handbags and clear vinyl backpack can be a part of the solution to help to keep our kids safe. You too are proud. Your child is on their own for the first time. With these rules in mind, like our friends with a clear vinyl backpack policy at Florida-Kansas Elementary, the walk to school will be fun and safe. And also important to mention s that they are very economical when clear plastic bags in bulk are purchased.

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Clear Purse Organizer – Small Step to Organize Your Life!

Are you looking for a clear purse organizer? Clutter is my first-class problem, to be sure. But instead of feeling shame we should just get organized once and for all. Now’s the time to tackle that mountain of stuff in each sector of your life. At home, work or the car, its time to turn it into a lean, mean organized machine. You might think it’s a tough job, maybe even an endless one, but all it takes is some clear thinking, some clear handbags, and the motivation to just get started.

Start Simple – A Clear Purse Organizer

Often, the secret to any large-scale project is to start off with a small, simple task that you can easily and quickly achieve. Not only will you reap immediate benefits that will inspire you to keep going, but completion always energizes. Instead of sitting around staring at your piles of stuff and believing you will never defeat it, a small win puts everything into perspective. Let’s get started with a clear purse organizer, right?

Your perfect first step? Your purse. Solution: A Clear Purse Organizer

We know your purse. We’ve owned your purse, and it is a hot mess. It’s cool and stylish and useful, but it’s also filled with a stash of trash, and assorted stuff you can’t even remember where it came from.

Organizing your purse with a clear purse organizer will take just a moment and yet give you that boost that taking control of your life offers. Yep, it’s as simple as buying  a clear purse organizer. A Clear purse organizer, or several, will instantly corral that jumble of junk and make it into an efficient collection of cosmetics, keys, MP3 players, and gum. Best of all, a clear purse organizer offers a simple and easy solution and you’ll be inspired to get into the clear elsewhere in your life.

One Step at a Time

The next secret to getting organized? Take it slow. Try to organize your whole life in one weekend and you’ll quickly tire out and leave it half-done, and nothing’s less organized that a mess that’s been half re-organized.

Instead, take a cue from your success with clear purse organizers and break every aspect of your life into small projects you can complete in an hour or two – or less. Clean your desk at work. Adopt a “touch once” policy for your email. Buy some clear tote bags and get the kids’ toys organized for easy access. By doing things one small step at a time, you won’t burn out, and before you know it your whole life will have been re-invented.

Stay On Course

Finally, the trick is to keep your storage items organized. Having tools like clear purse organizers is key, because it gives you a way to keep things tidy. The other part of the equation is to set aside a little time each week – just an hour – to put everything back where it’s supposed to be. One hour a week and you’ll be mess-free for life. All clear plastic bags wholesale prices are available if your project is a bit overwhelming.


The Clear Bag Future and Privacy

The world is slowly heading towards a Clear Bag Future, that much is obvious. Private buildings and companies have had clear bag policies in place for decades now, and security policies in public spaces are one by one adopting similar standards. Clear handbags are simply easier to inspect and make everyone’s life easier when it comes to dangerous situations – which, unfortunately in the modern world, increasingly means any situation where people are gathered together.