Clear Vinyl Backpack: Are You Walking to School Safely?

Clear Vinyl Backpack: Are You Walking to School Safely?

The Clear Bag Store: Clear Vinyl Backpack

At The Clear Bag Store we are dedicated to doing our part to provide quality a clear vinyl backpack to help keep our kids safe. Often, mandates for a clear vinyl backpack is questioned. The eternal dilemma for parents is identifying the line between being overprotective and being just paranoid enough. Our children are precious. There’s so much they don’t know about the world. The role of a parent is, in part, to think for them and identify risks they don’t have the life experience to understand. At the same time, you can go too far and deny your children the freedom and joy of childhood. The bare fact is, as they get older you have to start letting them make their own decisions. They will soon be without you, on their own.

At The Clear Bag Store we manufacture a purposeful clear vinyl backpack. We are serious about our kids and yours. One of the first steps a lot of families make in this area is to let the kids walk to school. Often this decision is made for you: Parents often can’t make the time when work and other responsibilities demand it of them. And children enjoy walking to school on their own – they feel grown up. In order to ensure the walk is a safe one, there are some very simple rules every child should memorize.

Rules for a Safe Walk to School: Clear Vinyl Backpack

Work the pack. Walking in a group of friends is much safer than walking alone. Contacting other parents and arranging a group to walk together is the best approach. Younger children should always walk with an adult. It’s great exercise for everyone!

Plot the Route. Just because your children will be without you doesn’t mean you don’t get to make decisions: Choose the route they’ll take every day and make sure your children understand that under no circumstances should they take any shortcuts or alternative routes.

Behave safely. At corners or curbs, everyone must understand that pushing or shoving can be very dangerous. And if your kids are ever offered a ride they need to know how to react: Turn and walk away, and report the incident to the first familiar adult they see. Always assume cars cannot see you, and only cross streets when absolutely safe. Clear school backpack with reflectors glued to the back and sides is a cost effective way that will help your child be seen even in low-light situations.

Bullying and Other Issues

General safety is the main issue, of course, there are other aspects to walking to school unsupervised that you should ,consider and possibly discuss with your child:

  • Bullying. Not every child experiences bullying, but the walk home can be transformed into a gauntlet if your child is targeted by a bully. Stress to your child that walking with the group will help protect them, and that they should report any instances of bullying to you immediately.
  • Peer Pressure. The ability to walk to and from school without their parents is often the first step a child takes towards self-reliance – but it also means they have their first taste of peer pressure without a parent to put a stop to it immediately. Having firm rules about the child arriving home promptly. Enforcing them will help protect against unscheduled stops and other rule violations.

At The Clear Bag Store we are proud that our clear handbags and clear vinyl backpack can be a part of the solution to help to keep our kids safe. You too are proud. Your child is on their own for the first time. With these rules in mind, like our friends with a clear vinyl backpack policy at Florida-Kansas Elementary, the walk to school will be fun and safe. And also important to mention s that they are very economical when clear plastic bags in bulk are purchased.

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