The Clear Bag Future and Privacy

The Clear Bag Future and Privacy

The world is slowly heading towards a Clear Bag Future, that much is obvious. Private buildings and companies have had clear bag policies in place for decades now, and security policies in public spaces are one by one adopting similar standards. Clear handbags are simply easier to inspect and make everyone’s life easier when it comes to dangerous situations – which, unfortunately in the modern world, increasingly means any situation where people are gathered together.

While clear bags can be fun and fashionable (like our fantastic clear duffle bag) some people aren’t as enamored with them as we are for one simple reason: Privacy.

Clear Bag Privacy Issues

That’s fair. The function of a bag has traditionally been to keep the contents hidden, after all. When the National Football League announced its all clear bag policy last year, many female fans grumbled about having personal items that often have to accompany a woman to a game on full display for everyone to see. When you’re an honest, law-abiding citizen you do have some right to privacy and dignity, after all.

For many, clear bag policies represent the death of privacy. When everyone can see the guilty-pleasure paperback you’re reading, the medications you’re carrying around, and hygiene products you might not want telegraphed to the world, the urge to simply not go out at all can be very powerful.

Clear Bag Privacy Tips

Just because you’re carrying a clear bag doesn’t mean you have to abandon privacy altogether, however. Here are a few tips to getting back some privacy and still rocking the latest in clear bag fashion:

  • Cosmetic Bags. Whether for cosmetics or medications or anything else, a small opaque bag that fits inside your clear bag can offer the best of both worlds: A clear bag that sails through airport security and looks good, and a non-clear bag that keeps at least some of your secrets.
  • A Privacy Shield. A piece of cardboard decorated with wrapping paper or some other design can be slid into place on the exterior side of your clear bag (depending on how you carry it) to shield your stuff from prying eyes, while allowing you to flip over the bag for official inspections. Bonus: You can vary the look of your clear tote bag every day with a new custom shield.
  • A Packing Plan. If you want to maintain the cool transparency of your clear bag but keep some privacy, the secret is in having a plan when you pack it up. Placing sensitive items – like, say, a cell phone that displays your private texts as they arrive – in the middle surrounded by less sensitive items can give you the best of both worlds.

In the end, everything is a trade off. With a clear bag you gain style and convenience and a faster way through security lines, but you sacrifice some privacy. But with these suggestion you can get much of that back and still be in step with the modern world. How big is your group or organization?  Clear plastic bags wholesale may be cost effective for you.

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