Clear Vinyl Bag – The Devil’s in the Details

Clear Vinyl Bag – The Devil’s in the Details

Clear vinyl bag policies are no exception. New solutions are often touted as a ‛cure all’ to solve all problems and eliminate old problems. As anyone who has ever actually paid attention knows, this rarely happens. Time and again the cure slowly reveals multiple problems that have to be dealt with.

New security policies in stadiums and schools are obviously better than the alternative. Security requirements wherever they are enacted, they’re not a ‛one size fits all’ policy. Now that the first wave of new security-conscious clear vinyl bag policies have settled in, many school districts and other organizations that enacted these policies are having to return to them. They often need some fine-tuning in order to accommodate the needs of special groups of students and employees.

Clear Vinyl Bag – Sporting Equipment

Many schools like the ones in the Tamaqua district of Pennsylvania have discovered this. The school initiated a clear vinyl bag policy that required students to carry all gear, including athletic gear, in clear vinyl bags. They almost immediately had to contact the school board. Adjustment of the rules had to be made for students involved in sports and other activities that involved items that would not fit into an available clear vinyl bag.  Items like ski poles, music instruments and hockey sticks needed a practical solution.

Most students could easily comply with policies using clear school bags and clear duffle bags. Athletes engaged in sports that used irregular shaped and long equiptment found it impossible to find bags that would accommodate their gear. As a result, the school district had to provide a secondary set of guidelines providing for separate security screening of these items and their storage on-site away from student lockers.

Extra Logistics with a Clear Vinyl Bag

Schools considering clear vinyl bag policies must take these extra logistics into consideration. There is a risk the chaos. Endless exceptions and slapped-together solutions will undermine the overall effectiveness and higher security of clear vinyl bag policies. Faced with the choice of either allowing non-clear bags into school or setting up additional security procedures for a small number of students and incurring extra expense and sacrificing the efficiencies established by the clear vinyl bag policy in the first place. Many schools will quickly find their security policy in chaos.

It’s best to consider these issues while still crafting the policy itself. Research into the availability of a clear vinyl bag to meet your needs and to be appropriately-sized is needed. The Clear Bag Store is with you all the way. The possibility of storing all such equipment off-site in locations convenient to sports fields or transport to games and competitions should be part of any security policy draft process. It is crucial that all such issues be addressed in some way from the inception of the policy in order to avoid costly and confusing mid-term adjustments.

A clear vinyl bag policy is an effective strategy to raise the security level of schools and other populated public buildings. And best of all clear plastic bags wholesale can be bought at big savings. However, only if they are part of a comprehensive security policy that takes all aspects of the building’s use into consideration.

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