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Clear Backpacks

Pink Clear Backpacks are a Dream Come True

The Leading Authority in Clear Handbags and Pink Clear Backpacks

Pink Clear Backpacks are the perfect choice when security is a huge concern in schools and workplaces. Wow! Totally unique and eye catching.  Read more:

A growing number of schools and workplaces in the United States are making it mandatory for their students and employees to carry clear handbags and clear backpack. This change in the law has created a lot of demand for clear plastics handbags in the market and The Clear Bag Store is just an initiative to cater to this market segment with the highest quality transparent plastics bags.
When it becomes to requirements for a person to carry a certain type of a bag to a specific venue, people are not left with a lot of choice to display their personal style statement while bearing with the laws at the same time. However, in such a situation finding customizable solutions definitely puts a smile of people’s faces. The pink clear backpacks from The Clear Bag Store have the “wow” factor!
This is the approach, which the Clear Bag Store follows, as we believe that it is important for the public to abide with the official policies while enjoying them at the same time. The public should not view these policies as a burden and therefore we have incorporated all the details in our whole clear bags to ensure that they are aesthetically liked by everyone while providing them great comfort.
Backpacks for schools are the most essential item in a student’s life as it is an investment, which is supposed to last for long. The clear backpacks collection at the Clear Bag Store is carefully created to cater the needs of school going students while keeping their health a major priority.

Pink Clear Backpacks

Eye Catching Style:  The color pink is the copyright of females, no matter what their age is. Females love this color as it defines who they are and that is why we have created Pink Clear Backpacks. We understand that complying with the security rules of schools can be a bit daunting for young girls as they despise carrying ‘male looking’ bags. The main purpose of our Pink Clear Backpacks is to keep the young girls happy as they leave for their schools every day in the morning. In fact, for that purpose we have also created clear pink lunch bags and clear pink tote bags so that young girls do not have to forcefully use black lunch bags.
Sturdy and durable:  Young children are always rushing and never caring about their possessions. Our Pink Clear Backpacks can go through all the challenges of being used in the school environment and still thrive for a longer time. Our Pink Clear Backpacks are created from sturdy vinyl plastic material, which is highly durable and therefore young girls really do not have to take much care of their bags while in the school. Pink Clear Backpacks from our collection can be easily cleaned in case something spills, which makes them very efficient. They can also be easily cleaned just using a damp cloth.

Lots of Space: Space is usually a big concern for school going kids as every class has a different space requirement. In order to solve this problem, our pink clear backpacks are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large to keep school girls from every class happy. Moreover, our clear bags have great depth and hence a lot can be fit in them. Space will never be a problem for young girls using our clear backpacks for school.

Fast Navigation and Visual Access:  Need something quickly out of the bag? Pink Clear Backpacks from the whole clear bags collection at the Clear Bag Store come with two major front pockets to keep any items that required to be taken out again and again. Our zippers are created from highly quality materials and hence opening the front pockets repeatedly would never be a problem. Moreover, there are vertical pockets on both the sides that can be used to house bottles.
Functionality and Ethic:  These Pink Clear Backpacks are highly functional and can be used on daily basis without a problem. We have also made sure that our whole clear bags collection is very health-friendly and therefore our Pink Clear Backpacks are created in a manner that they exert the minimum pressure on the shoulders and back of young girls. We realize that young girls are sensitive and hence consider it our duty to ensure their well-being and good health through our products.
We also advise parents to ensure the weight of the school backpack of their young children to make sure that they are not carrying a load, which could possibly have negative impacts on their health.
Parents should teach their kids to properly adjust the straps of their school backpacks according to their height and the backpack weight so that they do not get tired just carrying the load around with them. Through the adjustable straps present in our Pink Clear Backpacks, you can ensure that your young girls are at comfort when they are carrying the school backpack.
Security:  Pink Clear Backpacks from our collection will pass through security checks in no time and are complaint to school security rules, as they are see-through. A growing number of gyms these days also have policies for clear plastic bags and hence our clear backpacks can also be taken to the gym without any issue.
Vision:  Our aim is to create products that cater to everyone’s needs and therefore our collection of whole clear bags are created keeping the personal preferences of a diverse population in mind. We strive to provide messenger solutions to cater to security needs of various venues that have made the usage of clear plastic bags a compulsion.
We wholeheartedly support women and that reflects from the small details we have paid attention to in our collection of whole clear bags. Our clear ‘fight like a girl’ tote bag celebrates womanhood, creating awareness of breast cancer among young girls.

Clear Bags for Work Mandates

Clear Messenger Bag is a Perfect Solution for Mandates

The Leading Authority – Clear Plastic Handbag and Clear Messenger Bag

Functionality is smart and there are so many uses of the clear messenger bag from our clear plastic handbag collection.  Read More:

Whenever it comes to carrying every day utilities to and from the workplace, gym, or an event, there is a variety of bags to choose from. However, there is a constant battle between high functionality and fashion when it comes to bags.
Advertisements all around us as they dictate us what is in fashion or not and just like sheep almost all of us follow the orders of advertisers. However, this is the age where people are mostly running out of time and require high functionality in their every day utilities.
A bag is an important everyday item, which is used to carry several things on daily basis; no matter where you are going, you have a requirement of carrying something or the other every single day. Therefore, what is in these days is durability and high functionality, which is making the usage of simple yet useful bags quite trendy.
The Clear Bag Store has created the clear messenger bag keeping the basic requirements of the customers in mind. The clear messenger bag is meant to be used on daily basis having ample space to carry all the important things. There is no specification as to what you can carry in a clear messenger bag as it is literally meant to carry anything.
This piece from out collection reflects the classic functionality with a modern aesthetic appeal; the core function of this bag is high usability on daily basis along with security to be used in workplaces and schools. We have designed the clear messenger bag from our collection in a manner that it looks just as good to be liked by the masses. We understand that at some places where it is a binding law to carry all the goods in a clear bag, people might have to compromise their fashion sense, and hence we have created this bag in a way that it looks sophisticated when carried by people of any age, fashion sense, or style.
The clear messenger bag is an absolute fit for the bustling streets of downtown where people have to move in between traffic and crowds to reach their schools or workplaces. In such an environment, protection of all the material that is contained in the bag requires consideration. The clear messenger bag can be easily carried in between crowds without the fear of hurting your shoulder too much or damaging any time-sensitive goods. It serves all the practical everyday purposes
The durability of the clear messenger bag cannot be questioned by any one as it created with durable clear plastic vinyl for orthodox functionality mixed in with contemporary style. Clear bags are generally great because one can clearly see what is inside the bag and thus do not have to scroll the entire bag. This characteristic makes clear bags a must-have for every woman!
Comfort, Convenience and Functional:  Every feature of this bag is carefully designed for high convenience – the front pockets can easily be used to carry small items that are required to be taken out every now and then. Special compartments on both the sides are created for the storage of water bottles and other important items.
The Clear messenger bag has handles along with shoulders straps so that anyone can use it in a way they like. They can be handheld or carried on the shoulder as per the requirements and liking of the users. In addition, the straps can be adjusted in length to match the requirements of different occasions.
There is padding provided on the straps keeping the comfort of the users in mind as The Clear Bag Store believes that users can only be truly satisfied if care is show to them. In the hustle and bustle of the modern society, health can be taken for granted in no time and hence we have manufactured all of our products in a way that along with being highly functional they pamper your health as well. All of these features are also reflected in our other popular items such as the Clear Duffle Bag, Clear Laptop Bag etc.

Clear Messenger Bag for Security Measures

Rules and regulations stating the usage of clear bags initially arose from TSA and NFL and since that time majority of the workplaces, hospitals, casinos; factories and department stores are making it a compulsion for people to carry their goods in a clear plastic bag because of security concerns.
These regulations are bringing clear plastic bags in a high demand in public, as it has become a compulsion for them. Majority of the clear plastic bags present in the market are of low quality and do not fit the everyday requirements of users. Therefore, the Clear Bag Store focuses on all the aspects of the production of clear plastic bags to suit the needs and requirements of students, employees, and rest of the public.
Moreover, there are also regulations present on the size of clear plastic bags for work that employees can carry. Just like everything else, the Clear Bag Store has also taken care of that aspect to make sure that users do not face any difficulty no matter where they go. Our collection of clear plastic bags is available in different sizes and colors to suit the needs of people of any age or gender.
Our TSA Complaint ‘His’ Travel Bag is especially created for males who need to carry important liquid items like shower gels, shampoo and other necessary items while travelling via air. Similarly, our clear lunch bags are available in black and pink to suit both males and females. They are also present in different sizes to carry food for different shifts and timings.
Therefore, everyone will find something of his or her liking from our clear handbags and clear backpacks collection.

Don’t forget:  All of The Clear Bag Store collection comes in clear plastic bags wholesale. We appreciate you business.

Clear Bags for Corrections Officers, Clear Bags for Work Mandates, Clear Tote Bags, Lunch Bags, NFL clear tote bags

Wholesale Clear Bags

The Leading Authority in Wholesale Clear Bags

While wholesale clear bags are increasingly used in different shapes, sizes and styles, they are also increasingly manufactured as all clear handbags and clear backpacks for rising security concerns and personal ease.

Tote literally means ‘carry’ or ‘convey’ and this is exactly why a tote bag is a quintessential item in the accessory collection of every girl. Whether you to go to school, college or office or are a new mom or mom-to-be, a tote bag is the absolute every day requirement, as it has enough space to carry around all the important items with absolute ease.

There are numerous uses of a tote bag and The Clear Bag Store is proud to launch its line of clear tote bags wholesale, which are available in different sizes, colors, and customization options to cater to the creative needs of all different kinds of customers.

Simple tote bags have evolved to glamorous and elegant high-fashion tote bags, although we have made sure that we stick to the basics, while providing our clients the best solution in clear tote bags wholesale. Clear tote bags at the Clear Bag Store are not only highly effective in carrying around important things, but we have made sure that we give our clients all the creative freedom. You can easily get your bag custom printed with your name, a small visual representation, or anything else you would like to make your bag unique to stand out from the rest.

Our goal is to provide assistance and solutions to everyone and hence we consider it very important to do the same for all our clients who own businesses. We have introduced this facility as an opportunity to different businesses to get their logos printed on our clear tote bags wholesale, to make our product completely theirs. Multi color printing is also offered. We also offer Clear tote bags in customized designs for instance our Clear Peace Sign Tote Bag and NFL Compliant Black runner design tote bag are absolute hits among our customers.

Why Tote Bags?

Big tote bags for women are ideal because they suit every kind of style and aesthetic. Following are some reasons why every woman should have a tote bag:

1- They look great: Tote bags are highly functional and they look stylish as well. If you are choosing a large tote bag for work, you will be able to create a signature style for yourself through much of your personality being reflected by the bag you are carrying.

2- They have ample space: Tote bags are all about space and that is exactly what every woman looks for in a bag. You can fit in all the necessary items that you require for the day in your large tote bag without worrying too much about running out of space. You will always find more space to fit in extra items.

3- They are versatile: Tote bags can be used for numerous purposes such as they can be carried to school, university, college, or office. They are also a great way to pack up your stuff for a day at the beach. Likewise, they can be great to put in some extra clothes for the gym. If there is any need that you might have which requires a good amount of space for storage, then clear tote bags wholesale are the right option for you.

5- Durability: Plastic tote bags in particular are extremely durable and can last or a few years if you treat them right. The range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, is created from fine ultra clear PVC material and the finest quality in zippers and handles. These bags can be re-used for a longer period, providing great value for money to clients.

6- Gift item: Tote bags make great gift items! With the customized range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, you can pick up customized tote bags as gift items. Is your pet-lover friend, recently having her birthday? She would love our Clear Paw Tote Bag!

Why clear tote bags?

Clear tote bags are preferred by the majority of the people as they have numerous security-related and personal benefits. Following are some of the top advantages of clear tote bags:

1- Visibility: The best thing about a clear tote bag is the fact that in case you are packing important things to carry, you will not have to search through the whole bag in case you forget something. You can move around the bag and see what is missing. It saves a lot of time!

2- Easy cleaning: You can carry just about anything in a plastic clear tote bag and therefore there is a chance that you might drop or spill something in it that needs to be cleaned; it could be ink, foundation, or the pet food you are carrying with you. A clear plastic tote bag is easy to clean and there is no chance that it will retain the stains.

3- Uni-sexual look: With totes becoming the latest in fashion for men, clear tote bags wholesale are suited equally for men as they are for women. Men can easily carry in their laptops or extra clothes for gym in these totes, while perfectly maintaining their masculine image.

4- Security reasons: Clear tote bags wholesale are a great way to save your time during checking at the malls, restaurants etc. Guards will just look at all the things that are present in your bag and will let you go easily.

Moreover, airport checking also becomes easy with these bags – airport officials will not throw away your expensive lotions or foundations if they are stored in a clear tote bag. They also ensure that none of the liquids that you are carrying will drip anywhere on important documents or other items in your luggage for a trouble free journey.

Some places have made the usage of these clear totes a compulsion for security issues. NFL – National Football League only allows clear plastic PVC or vinyl bags to enter the venue for security reasons.