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How to Pack Your Clear Totes for NFL Games

The time has come to stop complaining about the new NFL ‘All Clear’ bag policy and start working the system to maximum benefit. Let’s face it, most people don’t mind the bag policy. Accept the fact: You’re stuck with clear totes to bring into the stadium for the foreseeable future. That means it’s time to stop trying to wriggle out of the policy and start trying to make the policy work for you. If you’ve got no choice but to bring  clear lunch bags or clear totes to your next NFL game, here’s your best policy: Visit The Clear Bag Store.

Clear Totes for the NFL Clear Bag

So what’s an NFL Go Bag? Well, it’s a policy-compliant clear bag that’s been pre-stocked with all the essentials you’ll need for your Game Day. A Go Bag is designed to be something you just grab and go with – no planning required, no last-minute running around in a scramble to find things. Having a Go Bag will help make sure you’re not late for the game, because you’ll be able to just grab and go, it’ll make sure you have everything you could possibly need, and it’ll ensure your bag meets the new clear bag requirements that limit the bags you can bring into the stadium. This way you’ll never get stopped at the security line for the wrong bag ever again.

When selecting a clear bag, it’s essential you are absolutely certain you have a compliant bag. If you’re unsure, your best bet would be to buy a bag from a store that clearly marks the bag as NFL-compliant, like great clear totes for NFL stadiums from the Clear Bag Store.

What to Pack

So, what should go into your nifty Game Day Bag once you have it? Here are some ideas:

  • Poncho. A rain poncho that folds up into a small square can be found at most convenience stores and makes for the perfect emergency rain protection when bad weather arrives unexpectedly at the game. Can also serve to protect your bottom from damp seats!
  • Money. A few hidden bills of cash can save you from disaster if something goes wrong and you lose a wallet, are robbed, or simply run into unexpected difficulties.
  • Contact Information. A phone number for people to contact if you lose your Go Bag isn’t a bad idea, either!
  • Radio. Although we all have smartphones these days that can get us scores and other information about the game, a cheap, battery-operated radio can offer updates throughout the game even when your cell phone has no signal or loses battery.
  • Spare Sunglasses. Whether it’s sun glare or snow glare, if you forget your sunglasses you’ll appreciate having a spare pair in your trusty Go Bag.

Everyone will have to come up with their own list, of course, depending on their needs. Maybe you need clear plastic bags wholesale? The key is to have it packed and ready to go – and compliant in the first place!

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See Thru Backpacks for School: A Great Investment

More and more schools around the world are requiring that students use only clear handbags and see thru backpacks on school property. Sadly there is an increase in incidence of school shootings and other violence. Many school administrators are including requirements for mesh and see thru backpacks as part of an security overhaul. Addition security measures include, in some school districts, the installation of security guards, scanning equipment and emergency training for all staff. This emergency training is being praised for the lack of fatalities in the recent school shooting incident in the State of Colorado. In fact, only one teenage girl was injured by the attacker. Teachers followed new protocols and training by keeping students in class, locking doors, and turning off the lights.

The Cost of a See Thru Backpacks

For some parents in economically-challenged areas, however, the advantages of see thru backpacks requirement are not immediately obvious. The cost of replacing several backpacks for their children attending school is all too clear. Although the cost of a large clear backpack at leading clear bag online retailer The Clear Bag Store is just $26.95. This cost when multiplied by several children can be significant for families already struggling to pay bills.  In the current economic climate, especially when school policies are changed mid-year, requiring an unwelcomed second purchase.

One Transparent Backpack, Many Uses

However, parents should be aware that see thru backpacks are not simply useful for school, but are a great investment that will pay the family back in terms of use. Aside from providing a sturdy and roomy backpack for school that has plenty of space and pockets for storage while also making efficient retrieval of materials a snap, see thru backpacks can also be used in a variety of other ways:

  • As vacation and travel luggage for children. Moving easily through airport security and allowing for quick location of tickets, medications, or other items that are easily misplaced in the chaos of travel.
  • Being waterproof, the PVC see thru backpack has a distinct advantage over mesh backpacks or traditional backpacks. Perfect for trips to the beach or swimming lessons at the local pool.
  • Quality see thru backpacks will last as long or even longer than traditional backpacks. Quality will allow them to be passed down to younger siblings or other family members as the children age.

When the time comes that all the children are grown and out of the home, high-quality clear school bags can still be re-purposed.  Handy as a general travel bag for getting through security or as convenient storage of items in the back room or garage. Allowing for instant location of anything with just a glance.

The immediate security concerns of schools are in and of themselves well worth the investment of new see thru backpacks. But the fact that these backpacks will continue to serve a purpose for years to come makes their initial cost nominal especially if clear plastic bags wholesale are bought. If parents think of them as an investment instead of a one-time cost, their purchase will be easier to take.

Travel Bags

Why Travel with One Bag?

We live in an age of decreasing value for money. It’s inevitable: The drive of all business is efficiency – bigger profits, fewer expenses, and more dividends. In an industry like commercial flight, the slow reduction in choices caused by mergers and bankruptcies have lefts travellers in a miserable position: They must fly because the pace of modern life demands it, and the airlines know this. Therefore the seats can get smaller, meals can cease to be complimentary, and every other aspect – like bringing a second piece of luggage – can stop being free and become an expense. Add in the extra delays and trouble at security lines, and bringing a second bag on a trip has quickly become a burden.

Still, many people can’t imagine travelling with just one travel bag small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Here at the clear bag store, we maintain that not only can you travel with just one bag, you should travel with just one bag. And naturally we think that bag should be one of our clear bags.

One Bag: The Reason

Most people believe they must pack for every possible contingency. It’s instinct: We all imagine, somewhere deep down, that we will absolutely need four extra changes of clothes and all those extra shoes. But the fact is, depending on the reason for your travel, you probably won’t need any of it. In fact, when travelling for fun you probably don’t need more than one extra set of clothes, because almost every hotel in the world offers a coin laundry service these days.

A single bag also makes you incredibly mobile and flexible. Changing itineraries is as simple as grabbing your bag and walking out the door. No summoning bellhops, no tipping the cab driver to load and unload your furniture-sized luggage. And, of course, no worries at the security lines. Plus, your chances of forgetting something when you leave the hotel room are almost zero, because you can count all the things you’ve brought on one hand. A single bag makes you self-sufficient and means you need less space, making even those tiny airplane seats slightly larger simply because you won’t have the extra burden.

Why Our Travel Bag

Our clear travel bag is absolutely ideal for this purpose. First of all, it’s one of our best bags, made from quality material and made to last no matter how rough you tend to travel.

Second, it’s clear – did we mention that? A clear bag means you’re ready for every security line – no fuss. We can’t help the fact that you might need to take off your shoes, but if you’re travelling with a clear bag, whatever time you lose to other delays you make up for by being able to simply drop your bag onto the security belt and move on.

And clear bags have other advantages: You’ll never lose anything ever again, and finding your wallet or your plane ticket is as simple as glancing down at your bag – everything is right there.

So we say: Travel with one bag and become the elegant, efficient traveller everyone should be.

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Clear Handbags and Totes: Everyone’s a Critic

There is a lot of attention recently surrounding the NFL’s new security requirements that only allow clear handbags and totes of a certain size be allowed into stadiums on game day. There has been a lot of grumbling about ‘security theater’ and complaints that the clear handbags and totes mandate creates a false sense of security. Some say they are doing little to actually improve security. A local television news show in Denver, for example, has managed to smuggle various objects including guns into Mile high Stadium on Game Days. They felt the need to test the new clear handbags and totes mandate and the handheld metal detector over everyone who enters. The conclusion they came to is that security still needs improvement. They state that required bags like those sold at The Clear Bag Store would be allowed into stadiums are simply ‘security placebos.’ This is actually half right.

Security Theater

The fact is, ‘security theater’ does exist. You see it in fine form on Game Day at stadiums around the country. The idea that a few poorly-trained and low-paid security professionals can handle the influx of tens of thousands of people dressed in bulky clothing is ludicrous. Of course the news show was able to smuggle a gun into the stadium. If you were to impose effective security procedures on a crowd of that size, it would take days for everyone to enter the stadium. Or, ticket prices would balloon overnight to cover the cost of high-tech security equipment installation.

There is always a price to be paid for being able to enjoy something. To ensure that absolutely nothing could ever go wrong at a football game would require the imposition of truly untenable security policies. That the NFL opts for a bit of theater instead is understandable.

The Triumph of Clear Handbags and Totes

That does not, however, mean that the NFL All Clear policy is useless as a security tool. In fact, it’s one of the few security policies that does actually increase security to a great extent, for a variety of reasons:

  • The clear handbags and totes policy cuts down on the amount of alcohol brought surreptitiously into stadiums, as the bags are too small and bottles too obvious in them. Alcohol-related incidents of fighting and abuse at NFL games – sadly common – have dropped as a result.
  • Clear handbags and totes also make any other sort of bag, like a duffel bag or a drawstring backpack, stand out. When no one else has a backpack or other bag, a single person carrying one becomes immediately obvious. The stringent requirements of the policy also reduces the number of bags overall, making it easier to spot and intercept violators.
  • Objects can still be hidden in clothing, especially in inclement weather. The lack of a bag reduces the scale and number of objects that can be effectively hidden.

No security policy will be 100% effective, and its doubtless news shows will be smuggling objects into Mile High Stadium for some time. But that’s not because clear handbags and totes are security theater – they’re one of the few things that aren’t.

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Needed the Perfect Christmas Gift

With the holidays coming up, I have struggled what to get the girls in the office. We have women ranging from nineteen to fifty working in our office and this makes it difficult to find a gift that everyone will love. I’ve thought of gift cards, but those seem so impersonal. This year, I wanted to get them all something special to show them how much I appreciate all the work they do. But with such a wide range of styles and ages, it seemed impossible to find a gift that everyone would love.

We all work closely together in the top floor of a prominent office building. To get to work everyday, we must go through security. This involves bag checks and walking through a metal detector. While things could be worse, we often feel that these bag checks are a total pain, and are always looking for ways around them.

While thinking of what to get everyone, I came to the realization that I should get gifts that are fashionable, but functional. And I began to wonder if I could find gifts that help us speed up the security process. What takes the most time is the bag searches we must go through. Every day, a security officer has to look inside our bags. If they are overstuffed- as they often are- we are forced to take items out so that the officers can get a clear view of the items in the bag. More then one of the ladies has been late to work due to having their bag searched. And then it hit me, what if I could find them a bag that officers could see inside?

After some searching, I found The Clear Bag Store. Here was the perfect solution for our security woes and my holiday gift problems. I quickly decided to order everyone large clear tote bags. I got the company’s logo printed on the side. I couldn’t wait to get the bags in the mail, but I barely had to wait at all. They came so quickly! Each bag looks great and the colors on the logo are so vibrant! To go with the bags, I decided to get each of the girls clear purse organizers. Each bag has a strong inner and outer nylon lining, which feels tough, so I know the bags wont break. Plus, the clear handbags are strong and will be able to hold a laptop, lunch and other paperwork. The straps are strong, but comfortable to hold. I can’t believe the quality of these bags, at such a low price.

I was so excited about the bags that I gave them to the girls early. They loved them and every single one of them brings the bag to work now. Everyone who works in our building is always complimenting us on our matching bags. The supervisor from the office next store asked me where I got them. I think I’ve started a trend.