Needed the Perfect Christmas Gift

Needed the Perfect Christmas Gift

With the holidays coming up, I have struggled what to get the girls in the office. We have women ranging from nineteen to fifty working in our office and this makes it difficult to find a gift that everyone will love. I’ve thought of gift cards, but those seem so impersonal. This year, I wanted to get them all something special to show them how much I appreciate all the work they do. But with such a wide range of styles and ages, it seemed impossible to find a gift that everyone would love.

We all work closely together in the top floor of a prominent office building. To get to work everyday, we must go through security. This involves bag checks and walking through a metal detector. While things could be worse, we often feel that these bag checks are a total pain, and are always looking for ways around them.

While thinking of what to get everyone, I came to the realization that I should get gifts that are fashionable, but functional. And I began to wonder if I could find gifts that help us speed up the security process. What takes the most time is the bag searches we must go through. Every day, a security officer has to look inside our bags. If they are overstuffed- as they often are- we are forced to take items out so that the officers can get a clear view of the items in the bag. More then one of the ladies has been late to work due to having their bag searched. And then it hit me, what if I could find them a bag that officers could see inside?

After some searching, I found The Clear Bag Store. Here was the perfect solution for our security woes and my holiday gift problems. I quickly decided to order everyone large clear tote bags. I got the company’s logo printed on the side. I couldn’t wait to get the bags in the mail, but I barely had to wait at all. They came so quickly! Each bag looks great and the colors on the logo are so vibrant! To go with the bags, I decided to get each of the girls clear purse organizers. Each bag has a strong inner and outer nylon lining, which feels tough, so I know the bags wont break. Plus, the clear handbags are strong and will be able to hold a laptop, lunch and other paperwork. The straps are strong, but comfortable to hold. I can’t believe the quality of these bags, at such a low price.

I was so excited about the bags that I gave them to the girls early. They loved them and every single one of them brings the bag to work now. Everyone who works in our building is always complimenting us on our matching bags. The supervisor from the office next store asked me where I got them. I think I’ve started a trend.

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