Why Travel with One Bag?

Why Travel with One Bag?

We live in an age of decreasing value for money. It’s inevitable: The drive of all business is efficiency – bigger profits, fewer expenses, and more dividends. In an industry like commercial flight, the slow reduction in choices caused by mergers and bankruptcies have lefts travellers in a miserable position: They must fly because the pace of modern life demands it, and the airlines know this. Therefore the seats can get smaller, meals can cease to be complimentary, and every other aspect – like bringing a second piece of luggage – can stop being free and become an expense. Add in the extra delays and trouble at security lines, and bringing a second bag on a trip has quickly become a burden.

Still, many people can’t imagine travelling with just one travel bag small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Here at the clear bag store, we maintain that not only can you travel with just one bag, you should travel with just one bag. And naturally we think that bag should be one of our clear bags.

One Bag: The Reason

Most people believe they must pack for every possible contingency. It’s instinct: We all imagine, somewhere deep down, that we will absolutely need four extra changes of clothes and all those extra shoes. But the fact is, depending on the reason for your travel, you probably won’t need any of it. In fact, when travelling for fun you probably don’t need more than one extra set of clothes, because almost every hotel in the world offers a coin laundry service these days.

A single bag also makes you incredibly mobile and flexible. Changing itineraries is as simple as grabbing your bag and walking out the door. No summoning bellhops, no tipping the cab driver to load and unload your furniture-sized luggage. And, of course, no worries at the security lines. Plus, your chances of forgetting something when you leave the hotel room are almost zero, because you can count all the things you’ve brought on one hand. A single bag makes you self-sufficient and means you need less space, making even those tiny airplane seats slightly larger simply because you won’t have the extra burden.

Why Our Travel Bag

Our clear travel bag is absolutely ideal for this purpose. First of all, it’s one of our best bags, made from quality material and made to last no matter how rough you tend to travel.

Second, it’s clear – did we mention that? A clear bag means you’re ready for every security line – no fuss. We can’t help the fact that you might need to take off your shoes, but if you’re travelling with a clear bag, whatever time you lose to other delays you make up for by being able to simply drop your bag onto the security belt and move on.

And clear bags have other advantages: You’ll never lose anything ever again, and finding your wallet or your plane ticket is as simple as glancing down at your bag – everything is right there.

So we say: Travel with one bag and become the elegant, efficient traveller everyone should be.

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