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Clear Handbags for Work: Safety and Control

Mandated clear handbags for work have become very popular. Do you work in a high security environment? Is your employer looking to clamp down on workplace theft? Or do you simply want a stylish yet practical conversation piece to stand out from the crowd? If so, then you’ll want to get your hands on one of our clear handbags for work.

Corrections Officers Need Clear Handbags for Work

Across the United States, men and women are working hard for us. We appreciate it beyond words. Penitentiaries are increasingly requiring their staff to utilize clear handbags for work. Corrections officers are now frequently required to carry clear handbags for work as a safety precaution. The clear plastic allows for easy visibility, reducing the likelihood of weapon or contraband smuggling.

Visitors to prison facilities, even if authorized by the proper authorities, are also usually subject to such measures should they wish to bring any personal property, foods or beverages with them on to the grounds of the penitentiary. Bags are likely to be heavily scrutinized and examined upon entry to prison facilities, so whether you are a corrections officer, visitor or prison administrator, it assists all concerned if clear handbags are being used.

Reduce Theft

Workplace theft is something that employers often overlook. In a way this is understandable, as no-one likes to think of their employees as potential thieves. Having said that however, it is important as an employer to remain vigilant and guard the business assets that you have worked so hard to build and maintain.

In addition to other security procedures and policies, providing your employees with clear handbags for work is a cost-effective means of cutting down on workplace theft. Clear plastic bags wholesale is a cost effective piece of the overall security plan.

The old maxim ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is particularly relevant when it comes to instances of workplace theft. If you have a problem with work supplies going missing from your business, it might be time to institute a policy for clear tote bags for your business or organization.

If employees know that they are unable to easily conceal stolen items from the workplace in their personal bags, then the temptation for theft is reduced. As an alternative to expensive surveillance or closed circuit recording equipment, purchase clear tote handbags for work employees as a cheap means of cutting down on incidences of theft.

Personalize or Advertise

Do yourself a favor and get one of the Medium Photo Tote Bags. This transparent tote bag holds a five inch by seven inch or four inch by six inch photograph. Insert a picture of a loved one, a beloved family pet, your favorite sports team in action, even your company’s logo for some free mobile advertising – the choice is yours.

The Medium Photo Tote Bag is truly the ultimate ‘brag bag’. Stand out from the crowd and raise yourself above your corporate contemporaries with this uniquely chic style item. Have your co-workers asking where you bought your clear handbags for work.

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Clear Purse – Make Traveling Quick and Easy

A clear purse will help to make traveling stress free. Anyone who has done any traveling by airplane in the past decade has no doubt experienced a fair amount of irritation. Perhaps even anger at the heightened security that is now just a fact of air travel nationwide.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has, to the minds of many people, become synonymous with tales of horror and woe: rude or obnoxious security personnel, invasive full-body pat-downs, long lines that delay travelers from boarding their planes and controversial ‘nude’ body scanners, which some have argued present a serious invasion of privacy.

The number of tourists taking trips worldwide has smashed through the 1 billion person per year barrier. That’s a lot of people going through airport security. If only they all had a clear purse to speed things up.

At your nearest international airport there are no doubt thousands of people passing through airport security every single day. Like it or not, those TSA officials do an important and necessary job.

Even so, those security checks can test the limits of patience of the most serene individual. There can often be discrepancies in what is required of you as a passenger as you travel between cities, states and countries.

While some of these invasive security procedures are unfortunately a necessary part of maintaining airline safety, you can make traveling by plane a little easier by being prepared with a clear purse.

Be Prepared: Travel with a Clear Purse

International flights now require that passengers have only small amounts of aerosols, gels and other liquids in their carry-on luggage. These liquids must be no more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) in volume.

The TSA requires that all passengers follow what is known as the ‘3-1-1 rule’ when it comes to carry-on items. Don’t include containers for liquids that exceed 3.4 ounces. Each individual liquid container must fit inside a one quart sized clear zipper bag. The final ‘one’ in the ‘3-1-1’ stipulates that only one of these clear bags is allowed per person.

If that seems like a lot to remember, don’t despair. The easiest way of ensuring you comply with TSA rules on your next business trip or overseas adventure is by investing in a clear purse such as the TSA Compliant Carry On Bag Black.

This clear purse offers you peace of mind; you will be safe in the knowledge that your bag complies with national security requirements. A clear purse also make a great gift for a friend, work colleague or family member who is planning their next getaway.

The clear handbags clear purse lines from The Clear Bag Store are made with high quality materials, ensuring reliability of use for years to come. Clear plastic bags wholesale are an economical solution to workplace and venue security issues.

Assist TSA officials by being prepared when approaching security checkpoints. Always practice the 3-1-1 rule to make sure your checkpoint experience is quick, convenient and as stress free as possible. Happy flying!

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Clear Tote Bag with Handles – Don’t Put Away Your NFL Bag Just Yet

NFL All Clear mandate is in affect. For convenience you may need a clear tote bag with handles. For some National Football League (NFL) fans this season, the increased security measures have made going to the ball game a trying experience. As thousands of followers of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos made their way to what should have been the game of their lives this Sunday, many were infuriated by what they found waiting for them.

Super Bowl Security Woes

New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium was the venue for the showpiece event in the league’s calendar, Super Bowl XLVIII. But what should have been an immensely enjoyable occasion was soured for some fans.

Over 20,000 people were reported to have flooded the primary means of transit to the stadium, the Secaucus Junction train station. This influx of fans led to long lines and lengthy delays as security officials struggled to cope with the volume of spectators. There were even reports of individuals collapsing due to the claustrophobic conditions and temperatures that soared to 120 degrees in the cramped station environs.

Transportation Security Agency (TSA) officials were said to be working flat out at security checkpoints, checking identification and patrons’ bags.

Hang On to Your Clear Tote Bags with Handles

The NFL’s new bag policy, instituted this year, has placed numerous restrictions on what fans can and cannot bring into stadiums on game day. Now that the NFL season has come to a close, you may think it’s time to put away your NFL clear tote bags with handles until next season.

But not so fast! Sporting venues across the country are increasing security requirements on fans entering stadiums. Major League Baseball (MLB), college basketball and football, and golf are among the sports considering or already applying restrictions of clear tote bags on fans.

Getting into a baseball game is likely to become ever more like getting on an international flight, as ballparks across the country look set to bring in tighter restrictions.

Don’t be turned away at the entrance to a sports stadium; the only way to ensure that you comply with these new constraints is to leave your backpack at home and get yourself a bag that will comply with security standards across the nation.

The Convenient Clear Tote Bag with Handles

The Small National Football Stadium Compliant Clear Tote Bag with Handles meets the sizing requirements for stadium security compliance, measuring 12 inches by six inches by 12 inches. These clear tote bag with handles come complete with a zippered case on the inside and an outside front pocket that is great for holding keys or game tickets.

With this clear tote bag with handles you will never again have to worry about rummaging through your handbag, trying in vain to find that vital lost item. Instead, finding the things you want among your belongings is now simple and easy.

Grab one of our clear tote bag with handles in time for the start of the MLB season, coming this March!

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Clear Purses: Tips for Looking Your Best

Word on the street is, not only are clear purses, clear tote bags and clear handbag shoulder bags still going to be the height of organization and convenience in the coming year. They’re also going to remain on top of the must-have fashion lists. Houses ranging from Chanel to Tory Burch set to release clear purses and handbags in 2014. It’s not always the case, but it’s nice when fashion and common sense get together like this.

What this means for anyone who likes to be stylish, of course, is another season sporting clear purses, handbag, or clear tote bag in your everyday activities. That means you have to do some prep work. Clear means no secrets, so if you’re going to look your best you had better make certain you’re ready for the clear purses!

Clear Purses to Keep it  Clean

Nothing’s worse than a dirty handbag. If your standard clutch is filled with gum wrappers, dust, and flakes of makeup and lipstick smears, now’s the time to inspect every item you carry around with you. If you have dirty and worn handbag, you’re going to look dirty and worn. We may not be internationally-renowned fashion experts, we do know that ‘dirty and worn’ is not the hot look of 2014.

Clean what you can, and replace what you can’t. This goes for everything you plan to carry with you. If it doesn’t shine and look fantastic, don’t carry it in clear purses.

Get Clear: Organize

Next, have a plan. Dumping all of your stuff into a clear purse will make that purse look like a dumping ground, and that’s not an attractive look. A clear purse organizer like the one sold at The Clear Bag Store can help by keeping everything neat and tidy, but it goes beyond that. You should be thoughtful in everything you do, and that includes the things you carry in your purse.

Get into a routine of inspecting your purse every day and discarding unnecessary items and generally cleaning it up and organizing it. Beyond making clear purses look their best, this also means you’ll be clutter-free and ready to hit the ground running the next day.

Get Clear: Think about Placement

A clear purse isn’t a magic item. To get the best benefit from it, you have to think about where you place things in it.

For example, being able to see who’s calling you without actually having to open your purse and root around in it is a great advantage – but only if you make certain that your phone is positioned screen-out so you can glance at it without opening the purse. The flip side is, if you want to keep people from creeping on your phone’s screen, position it so it’s hidden. All it takes is a little thought and a little prep work to have a fabulously fashionable 2014!