See Thru Backpacks for School: A Great Investment

See Thru Backpacks for School: A Great Investment

More and more schools around the world are requiring that students use only clear handbags and see thru backpacks on school property. Sadly there is an increase in incidence of school shootings and other violence. Many school administrators are including requirements for mesh and see thru backpacks as part of an security overhaul. Addition security measures include, in some school districts, the installation of security guards, scanning equipment and emergency training for all staff. This emergency training is being praised for the lack of fatalities in the recent school shooting incident in the State of Colorado. In fact, only one teenage girl was injured by the attacker. Teachers followed new protocols and training by keeping students in class, locking doors, and turning off the lights.

The Cost of a See Thru Backpacks

For some parents in economically-challenged areas, however, the advantages of see thru backpacks requirement are not immediately obvious. The cost of replacing several backpacks for their children attending school is all too clear. Although the cost of a large clear backpack at leading clear bag online retailer The Clear Bag Store is just $26.95. This cost when multiplied by several children can be significant for families already struggling to pay bills.  In the current economic climate, especially when school policies are changed mid-year, requiring an unwelcomed second purchase.

One Transparent Backpack, Many Uses

However, parents should be aware that see thru backpacks are not simply useful for school, but are a great investment that will pay the family back in terms of use. Aside from providing a sturdy and roomy backpack for school that has plenty of space and pockets for storage while also making efficient retrieval of materials a snap, see thru backpacks can also be used in a variety of other ways:

  • As vacation and travel luggage for children. Moving easily through airport security and allowing for quick location of tickets, medications, or other items that are easily misplaced in the chaos of travel.
  • Being waterproof, the PVC see thru backpack has a distinct advantage over mesh backpacks or traditional backpacks. Perfect for trips to the beach or swimming lessons at the local pool.
  • Quality see thru backpacks will last as long or even longer than traditional backpacks. Quality will allow them to be passed down to younger siblings or other family members as the children age.

When the time comes that all the children are grown and out of the home, high-quality clear school bags can still be re-purposed.  Handy as a general travel bag for getting through security or as convenient storage of items in the back room or garage. Allowing for instant location of anything with just a glance.

The immediate security concerns of schools are in and of themselves well worth the investment of new see thru backpacks. But the fact that these backpacks will continue to serve a purpose for years to come makes their initial cost nominal especially if clear plastic bags wholesale are bought. If parents think of them as an investment instead of a one-time cost, their purchase will be easier to take.

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