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Clear Trash Bags Improve Recycling Rates- Durham Regional Council Plans to use the clear bag concept for an entirely new way

Clear trash bags improve recycling rates and Durham may be next to implement the policy. Clear trash bags are becoming more and more popular for improving recycling and the environment. Clear backpacks and tote bags are widely used as a security measure to ensure security in areas where there are a large gathering. However, municipal councils have found they could use the concept of clear bags for an entirely new purpose – to drive the recycling rates even higher.

Clear trash bags may become common place in the region of Durham. The regional staff is looking at the possibility of switching the bag regulations to the clear bag policy. If the policy is adopted, the people will change from depositing their waste in black bags to clear trash bags.

The change in policy idea comes from a 2009 pilot survey that found that more of the recyclables would end up in the blue bin and more of the compostable items would end up in the green bin as a result of the clear trash bag policy. The simple, cost-effective use of clear waste bags will help people to deposit waste into the right bin and greatly improve the recycling ability of the region. recycle can

With the implementation of the new policy scheduled to start at the beginning of 2018, some work needs to be done to ensure that the plan becomes a success.

Despite some of the members of the regional authority not being so upbeat about the idea, a big number of them believe that the use of clear bags will be the magic bullet to drive most of the people to throw waste where it belongs. The region is part of many municipalities across the countries that are looking to increase the percentage of the recyclable waste that is actually recycled to above 80 percent.

Research found that clear trash bags could help increase recycling rates

According to the director of waste management Ms. Mirka Januszkiewicz, she will be happy to have the clear trash bag policy back to the committee of the councilors so that all issues are debated before the diversion is made. This is the second time that the clear bags policy is coming to the committee. In early 2009, the region of Durham had conducted a three-month survey into a clear bag policy for the waste management. The pilot survey was carried in approximately 1,500 homes in Clarington and Pickering.

According to a report that was then submitted to the works committee, the diversion rate could be increased if clear bags replaced the black bags used for collection of waste. At the time, it was found that a whopping 4,700 tons of waste destined for green bin ended up in the blue bin.

Other municipalities are planning to use the clear plastic trash bags too

This is the first of the many changes across the Canada and USA as many other regional authorities look for ways to help sort out trash to improve the percentage recycled. Other councils that have joined in the push include Howick and Halifax regions in Canada. The U.S.A municipalities are expected to follow suit.

The clear bag craze is the new use of the clear plastics across the USA. It generally started with the use of clear backpacks and tote bags in Stadiums, campuses, and areas of gathering after tragedies in schools and a marathon in Boston. Clear backpacks and clear handbags, in this case, are being used to enhance security by making it hard for people to hide harmful materials when they gather for an event or university games. Transparent bags, whether for security or for our environment have proven to be beneficial. Clear backpacks and clear trash bags are here to stay.


Transparent backpacks and Clear Bags for Women’s Rights March

Transparent backpacks and clear bags for Women’s Rights March 2017 event in Washington will be the only bags allowed.

Only transparent backpacks and clear bags for Women’s Rights march will be allowed. The march will be taking place in Washington on January 21 will be the only large bags that will make it past security. Transparent backpacks and clear bags for women's rights marchAccording to the official Women’s March organizers site, there is a need for increased security. The size regulated transparent backpacks and clear bags are the only way to ensure march-goers safety.  Security will be looking for anyone hiding anything in their possession that can cause harm to the supporters and peaceful protestors alike.

Everyone that comes to the march will be subject to search including the bag that they are carrying. However, for the convenience of the crowd and ease of the security searches, the transparent backpacks and clear bags for Women’s Rights march policy will be enforced. Any bag that does not conform to the standards set below may be asked to be left behind or confiscated by the officials manning the security. Here are the specific regulations.

Transparent Backpacks and Clear Bags for Women’s Rights March Specifications

All bags must be clear and not larger than 12” X 12” X 6”. The colored transparent bags will not be allowed. Small bags to carry personal items will be allowed. However, the small personal items should not be larger than 8” X 6” X 4”.

Transparent backpacks and clear bags for women's rights marchIf people would like to bring their meals, this will be allowed. However, each marcher will only be allowed to carry an additional 12” X 12” X 6” clear tote bag or a one-gallon size zip plastic bag.

Marchers that have medical needs for which they would have to carry medicine or nursing mothers should know the rules. Anyone needing to carry some baby clothes, breast pumps or any other items should ensure that they fit in the clear bag size that is indicated in the rules above. Everyone in the group can have his or her bag as long as the bag meets the guidelines that are specified above.


Regulations for people whose items cannot fit the clear bags

Members of the press that will be covering the event and have equipment that does not fit into the clear bags will be required to speak to the National Communications Team. They will get required credentials in advance and be allowed to get into the rally site with bags and equipment that do not fit the guidelines that are set in the paragraph above.

If there is anyone that requires disability accommodation and related equipment and such equipment does not fit in a clear tote, he or she will be required to enter the rally using the ADA accessible route: 4th St. SW from C St. to Independence Avenue. There will be officials on the way to help the disabled get through the right routes.

Other items that shall not be allowed into the rally includes walking canes, signage with handles and any other item that may cause injury to the participants. If you are able to leave the belongings in the bus rather than carry the entire luggage to the March, consider this as the best option.

The transparent backpacks and clear bags for Women’s Rights March policy follows a trend of similar clear bag policies that have been introduced across camps, the National Football League, university sports competitions and other events where a large number of people are expected to attend. The clear backpacks and handbags make search and enhancement of security easy.


Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag Policy

Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag Policy Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag Policy

Clear bags are the only bags that will be allowed into the stadium for 2016-17 temple basketball seasons. In a broad change of security measures, the organizers of both the basketball (Liacouras Center) and football (Lincoln Financial Field) have limited some of the items that made their way to the stadium in the past seasons.

What clear bags are allowed in?

The clear totes and bags that will be allowed to the stadium include the 12 X 6 X 12 clear tote bag and one-gallon clear plastic storage bag. However, standard, non-clear wallets and clutches that are not larger than 4.5 by 6.5 inches are also allowed into the park.

The management prohibits the entry of the camera cases, diaper bags, and binoculars casing. Another common thing that will not be allowed to the stadium is the seat pillow. Given its size, a malicious fellow can hide dangerous substances or weapons in the cushion and cause havoc. However, you will be allowed to get into the stadium with them without the casing. If by chance there will be anyone attending the game with a special or medical requirement that requires them to carry a bag, the security personnel at the entrance will make a judgment on the issue.

Temple University Liacouras Center clear bag policy is not the first sports a management organization that is introducing the security measure for the fans. Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag PolicyA while back Clemson University announced similar move to its fans. The same was also implemented at Bryant-Denny Stadium, not to mention all 32 NFL stadiums. It is expected that many more sports and conference centers will follow suit.

What is the importance of the Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag Policy?

In light of the gun violence and terrorist attacks around the USA, it has become a necessity for organizations to find ways of ensuring fan safety. The clear bags are easy to search and one is less likely to hind some harmful materials in the clear bag. Moreover, the use of clear bags makes it easier for the security team at the stadium to search fans as they enter the stadium. It eliminates lengthy delays and inconvenience that has caused long lines at many stadiums.Temple University Liacouras Center Clear Bag Policy Clear Bag Policy

If you plan to attend any of the games in this season, consider getting a clear bag to meet the regulations of Temple University Liacouras Center clear bag policy. There are many durable yet cheap clear bags in the market. Getting one on time will save you from the hassle of running at the last minute or failing to carry items that you may have wanted to use at the stadium.