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Required Clear Bags and Clear Purses in Sports Stadiums

Required clear bags and clear purses are the only bags allowed in many national and collegiate sports stadiums. Bryant Stadium is the newest school to mandate clear bags and clear purses for added security and solution for fan safety. Fan safety has always been a matter of concern for many sports managers. The security threats could come from a radicalized youth to an irresponsible gun handler. Required clear bags and clear purses are proving beneficial for many sports organizations. Many other teams are rethinking their commitment to fan safety. Following the NFL lead of mandated clear tote bags, they are also trying to ensure that the fans are comfortable and safe watching their favorite teams play.

Required Clear Bags and Clear Purses

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Required clear bags and clear purses policy were first introduced by the NFL to lead the way in 2013. Universities, conferences, business organizations, and sports management boards such as Clemson University have taken up the mantle and are restricting the entry of bags and cases to the event venues. It is easy to hide a prohibited item in a bag such as drugs or weapons. However, with the recent institution of the required clear bags and clear purses, it is now hard for one to come in with any of the items. Required clear bags and clear purses allow the search of personal items to checked quickly at the stadium entrances.

The University of Alabama is not to be left behind in the new security measures as it instituted a new clear bag policy for all the football games happening this fall. The new rules restricts which bag can enter the Bryant-Denny Stadium Required Clear Bags and Clear Purses

According to the press statement released by the University athletics communications department, no containers, or bags that are bigger than a small hand-held purse (4.5” X 6.5”) will be allowed into the stadium. These bags include cinch bags, fanny packs, backpacks, coolers, briefcases, computer bags, camera and binocular cases and luggage of any kind.

 Required Clear Bags and Clear Purses Specifications by the University of Alabama

The bags that will be allowed to the stadium must be clear, made of either the PVC, vinyl or the clear plastic, and does not exceed the official tote size, which is 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches in size. There will be the official Alabama Crimson Tide logo clear bags available at Shop. RollTide.com, Academy Sports and Outdoors, SupeStore, Wal-Mart and Hibbett Sports among others. Fans can find the official clear bags in many of the local retailers around the stadium area.

The university will also allow one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags which could be ziplock or similar. If any of the fans has medical conditions that make them carry medical gadgets or medicine, the cases carrying such will be allowed into the stadium upon inspection by the officials.

 Why are the clear bags the solution?

Required Clear Bags and Clear PursesRequired clear bags and clear purses allow easy and speedy inspections of luggage at the entrance without having to open the bag and remove the contents. It is harder for people with malicious intentions to sneak in prohibited items into the stadium and threaten peace and security. Inspections at the entrance are now faster thereby doing away with the long lines experienced in many sporting events.

Required clear bags and clear purses 12″ x 12″ x 6″ can carry virtually anything that one wants in the stadium such as the camera, binoculars, and such. It is the perfect balance between safety and fan convenience.

If you are fan looking forward to attending the games, consider buying high quality, tough required clear bags and clear purses for the games. It will be less of hustle to get in. The bag can be used in different events where clear bag policy is enforced.


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Clemson Implements Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy: Clemson follows suit in implementing all clear handbags

Yet another clear bag policy. This time, Clemson. Clear purses and totes are making way to South Carolina after Clemson Athletics adopted the clear bag policy in new raft of safety measures for the 2016 games and beyond. According to the officials, the organization is committed to providing a safer environment for fans to enjoy the game. It was looking for ways to quicken the speed at which fans get into the field. Currently, there are always long lines of fans as they go through security checkups.

Clemson Clear Bag Policy

High Quality, Freeze Proof PVC for Security Mandates

Bags are the biggest reasons for the snarl-ups seen at the entrances, as each bag must be checked by the security. With the clear, bag policy, this process will be much easier. Clemson S.C, working with the department of homeland security, law enforcement officials and Clemson University police have also come up with a voucher system for the re-entry into the stadium.

Fan entering the stadium with bags that are larger than the standard 4.5” X 6.5” purses must come with the plastic bags. This is the similar trend adopted by many of the NFL stadiums in the area. Thus, most fans that will be attending the games starting September 3, 2016 already know the clear bag policy drill.

The growing clear bags trend

Several colleges, universities and other institutions are implementing this idea of clear bags. NFL stadiums were the first to institute the clear bag policy in 2013. To encourage the fans to have more clear bags for Clemson athletics and much more, the athletic department in conjunction with IPTAY will provide every season ticket account with a clear bag during the fan day event that will be taking place on August 21 2016. There are also several retailers in the area that have the approved bags available in their stores. Clemson Athletics is also doing away with hand stamp for the re-entry. All the fans that wish to return to the stadium in a particular game must have picked up the voucher when exiting the stadium. The voucher must be handed over to the entry officials on re-entry to the stadium. The vouchers will only be available up to the final quarter of the games after which fans that exit the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter into the stadium.

Clear plastic bag specifications

Clear plastic bag, PVC, or vinyl bags that are of the official Clemson plastic tote size of 12” X 6” X 12” are allowed to the stadium. The Ziploc bag totes and the one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags can be used. Fans with small; clutch bags the size of the hands and without a strap will be allowed to the stadium. However, there will be an exception of the necessary medical equipment. The officials at the entry will examine all medical equipment.

Fans can carry gadgets such as binoculars and cameras to the stadiums. However, their cases will not be allowed in. Moreover, the fans are allowed to cum with the stadium cushions and seatbacks except those that come with the arms. Artificial noisemakers, weapons, poles, banners, backpacks and outside food and drinks will not be allowed to the stadium.