Required Clear Bags and Clear Purses in Sports Stadiums

Required clear bags and clear purses are the only bags allowed in many national and collegiate sports stadiums. Bryant Stadium is the newest school to mandate clear bags and clear purses for added security and solution for fan safety. Fan safety has always been a matter of concern for many sports managers. The security threats could come from a radicalized youth to an irresponsible gun handler. Required clear bags and clear purses are proving beneficial for many sports organizations. Many other teams are rethinking their commitment to fan safety. Following the NFL lead of mandated clear tote bags, they are…


Clemson Implements Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy: Clemson follows suit in implementing all clear handbags Yet another clear bag policy. This time, Clemson. Clear purses and totes are making way to South Carolina after Clemson Athletics adopted the clear bag policy in new raft of safety measures for the 2016 games and beyond. According to the officials, the organization is committed to providing a safer environment for fans to enjoy the game. It was looking for ways to quicken the speed at which fans get into the field. Currently, there are always long lines of fans as they go through security checkups. Bags are…

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