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Clemson Implements Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy: Clemson follows suit in implementing all clear handbags

Yet another clear bag policy. This time, Clemson. Clear purses and totes are making way to South Carolina after Clemson Athletics adopted the clear bag policy in new raft of safety measures for the 2016 games and beyond. According to the officials, the organization is committed to providing a safer environment for fans to enjoy the game. It was looking for ways to quicken the speed at which fans get into the field. Currently, there are always long lines of fans as they go through security checkups.

Clemson Clear Bag Policy

High Quality, Freeze Proof PVC for Security Mandates

Bags are the biggest reasons for the snarl-ups seen at the entrances, as each bag must be checked by the security. With the clear, bag policy, this process will be much easier. Clemson S.C, working with the department of homeland security, law enforcement officials and Clemson University police have also come up with a voucher system for the re-entry into the stadium.

Fan entering the stadium with bags that are larger than the standard 4.5” X 6.5” purses must come with the plastic bags. This is the similar trend adopted by many of the NFL stadiums in the area. Thus, most fans that will be attending the games starting September 3, 2016 already know the clear bag policy drill.

The growing clear bags trend

Several colleges, universities and other institutions are implementing this idea of clear bags. NFL stadiums were the first to institute the clear bag policy in 2013. To encourage the fans to have more clear bags for Clemson athletics and much more, the athletic department in conjunction with IPTAY will provide every season ticket account with a clear bag during the fan day event that will be taking place on August 21 2016. There are also several retailers in the area that have the approved bags available in their stores. Clemson Athletics is also doing away with hand stamp for the re-entry. All the fans that wish to return to the stadium in a particular game must have picked up the voucher when exiting the stadium. The voucher must be handed over to the entry officials on re-entry to the stadium. The vouchers will only be available up to the final quarter of the games after which fans that exit the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter into the stadium.

Clear plastic bag specifications

Clear plastic bag, PVC, or vinyl bags that are of the official Clemson plastic tote size of 12” X 6” X 12” are allowed to the stadium. The Ziploc bag totes and the one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags can be used. Fans with small; clutch bags the size of the hands and without a strap will be allowed to the stadium. However, there will be an exception of the necessary medical equipment. The officials at the entry will examine all medical equipment.

Fans can carry gadgets such as binoculars and cameras to the stadiums. However, their cases will not be allowed in. Moreover, the fans are allowed to cum with the stadium cushions and seatbacks except those that come with the arms. Artificial noisemakers, weapons, poles, banners, backpacks and outside food and drinks will not be allowed to the stadium.


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Wholesale Clear Bags

The Leading Authority in Wholesale Clear Bags

While wholesale clear bags are increasingly used in different shapes, sizes and styles, they are also increasingly manufactured as all clear handbags and clear backpacks for rising security concerns and personal ease.

Tote literally means ‘carry’ or ‘convey’ and this is exactly why a tote bag is a quintessential item in the accessory collection of every girl. Whether you to go to school, college or office or are a new mom or mom-to-be, a tote bag is the absolute every day requirement, as it has enough space to carry around all the important items with absolute ease.

There are numerous uses of a tote bag and The Clear Bag Store is proud to launch its line of clear tote bags wholesale, which are available in different sizes, colors, and customization options to cater to the creative needs of all different kinds of customers.

Simple tote bags have evolved to glamorous and elegant high-fashion tote bags, although we have made sure that we stick to the basics, while providing our clients the best solution in clear tote bags wholesale. Clear tote bags at the Clear Bag Store are not only highly effective in carrying around important things, but we have made sure that we give our clients all the creative freedom. You can easily get your bag custom printed with your name, a small visual representation, or anything else you would like to make your bag unique to stand out from the rest.

Our goal is to provide assistance and solutions to everyone and hence we consider it very important to do the same for all our clients who own businesses. We have introduced this facility as an opportunity to different businesses to get their logos printed on our clear tote bags wholesale, to make our product completely theirs. Multi color printing is also offered. We also offer Clear tote bags in customized designs for instance our Clear Peace Sign Tote Bag and NFL Compliant Black runner design tote bag are absolute hits among our customers.

Why Tote Bags?

Big tote bags for women are ideal because they suit every kind of style and aesthetic. Following are some reasons why every woman should have a tote bag:

1- They look great: Tote bags are highly functional and they look stylish as well. If you are choosing a large tote bag for work, you will be able to create a signature style for yourself through much of your personality being reflected by the bag you are carrying.

2- They have ample space: Tote bags are all about space and that is exactly what every woman looks for in a bag. You can fit in all the necessary items that you require for the day in your large tote bag without worrying too much about running out of space. You will always find more space to fit in extra items.

3- They are versatile: Tote bags can be used for numerous purposes such as they can be carried to school, university, college, or office. They are also a great way to pack up your stuff for a day at the beach. Likewise, they can be great to put in some extra clothes for the gym. If there is any need that you might have which requires a good amount of space for storage, then clear tote bags wholesale are the right option for you.

5- Durability: Plastic tote bags in particular are extremely durable and can last or a few years if you treat them right. The range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, is created from fine ultra clear PVC material and the finest quality in zippers and handles. These bags can be re-used for a longer period, providing great value for money to clients.

6- Gift item: Tote bags make great gift items! With the customized range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, you can pick up customized tote bags as gift items. Is your pet-lover friend, recently having her birthday? She would love our Clear Paw Tote Bag!

Why clear tote bags?

Clear tote bags are preferred by the majority of the people as they have numerous security-related and personal benefits. Following are some of the top advantages of clear tote bags:

1- Visibility: The best thing about a clear tote bag is the fact that in case you are packing important things to carry, you will not have to search through the whole bag in case you forget something. You can move around the bag and see what is missing. It saves a lot of time!

2- Easy cleaning: You can carry just about anything in a plastic clear tote bag and therefore there is a chance that you might drop or spill something in it that needs to be cleaned; it could be ink, foundation, or the pet food you are carrying with you. A clear plastic tote bag is easy to clean and there is no chance that it will retain the stains.

3- Uni-sexual look: With totes becoming the latest in fashion for men, clear tote bags wholesale are suited equally for men as they are for women. Men can easily carry in their laptops or extra clothes for gym in these totes, while perfectly maintaining their masculine image.

4- Security reasons: Clear tote bags wholesale are a great way to save your time during checking at the malls, restaurants etc. Guards will just look at all the things that are present in your bag and will let you go easily.

Moreover, airport checking also becomes easy with these bags – airport officials will not throw away your expensive lotions or foundations if they are stored in a clear tote bag. They also ensure that none of the liquids that you are carrying will drip anywhere on important documents or other items in your luggage for a trouble free journey.

Some places have made the usage of these clear totes a compulsion for security issues. NFL – National Football League only allows clear plastic PVC or vinyl bags to enter the venue for security reasons.

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Clear SafeBags: The Growing Requirement

Love them or hate them, one thing is increasingly certain in this skittish, security-conscious world. Clear Bags are not only here to stay as both a fashion and security icon. They’re increasingly required in a broader and broader range of scenarios. Their benefits in the security world are so obvious. In fact, that it’s time to start seriously preparing for a world where carrying clear bags is no longer an optional fashion statement. They are not a simple convenience for those few times when we know in advance that security will require them, but rather a constant presence in our lives.

Schools Handing Out Clear Backpacks And Clear Bags

We’ve seen news of school implementing policies for clear bags for its students before, but Shelby County Schools in Tennessee have taken this one step further. Not only do they now require clear backpacks for the students at nine elementary schools, they gave out free clear backpacks and clear bags to the kids.

This ruffled some parents’ feathers. They’d already done their school year shopping and now realize they wasted money on backpacks. But the implications are obvious. Clear bags are increasingly required in schools all over the country, including schools with no history of violence. The clear backpack giveaway implies we’re soon not going to have any choice at all. If institutions give away clear bags, any economic excuse not to adhere to a clear school bags policy disappears.

Security Implications of Clear Bags

How long can it possibly be before air travel, domestic and international, requires clear bags? Currently, all liquids must be in bottles of approved size and be carried in a clear bag of approved size. While checked luggage will probably never be required to be clear, it’s certainly not only possible that carry-on luggage will be required to be clear, but increasingly probable in light of how quickly the idea is catching on in other security situations like public events, office buildings, and, obviously schools.

Requiring that carry-on luggage be clear would immediately improve security in several key ways:

  • Screening and boarding would be made more efficient, faster, and more secure as TSA workers would not need to rely on difficult-to-parse security scanners.
    • DP Flight attendants and other passengers would be able to spot potentially dangerous items that somehow get past the pre-boarding screening process. Check airport liquid carry on rules.

Best of all, as with other security scenarios there would be no loss of convenience for passengers, as the carry-on bags could be the same size and configuration as they are currently, just clear. In fact, convenience would arguably be improved as there would be less rooting-around in a bag searching for things in the tight quarters of an economy-class seat!

One thing is certain: Clear handbags from The Clear Bag Store will be there for you. (And don’t forget clear plastic bags wholesale for big savings.) Security concerns never lessen. As time goes on, threats become more creative as security professionals and agencies close off one threat vector after another. While the ‘status quo’ may hold for a period of time, there is always going to be the next threat – and eventually will be seen as a necessity.

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Clear Bags for Work: See Through to Save Time

We are dedicated to provide durable clear bags for work to save time.  It’s a common experience that time seems to speed up as we get older. Everyone seems to have memories of their childhood where time seemed to stand still. Weekends that went on forever. Summer vacations that stretched on endlessly, and alternatively school afternoons that also seemed to stretch on endlessly. Then, as we age, suddenly everything changes gears. The days fly past. Birthdays coming more and more rapidly. And we never seem to have the time to do the things we want at home or work.

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Clear Plastic Handbag Buying Guide

We all know that security concerns and guidelines are changing and clear plastic handbag policies are being put in place. In response to insane terrorist attacks and mass shootings, many organizations and venues are implementing a range of standard security practices that have quickly become our new normal. And while it’s sad, in a way, how quickly we get used to a new set of requirements and a new limitation on our lives, it’s also simple practicality. Life goes on. And if you need to carry around a clear plastic handbag to get on with it, then so be it.

An unexpected result of this, however, is the flood of cheap and poorly-designed clear plastic handbags that have hit the market to take advantage of the new NFL and NCAA policies as well as individual clear bag policies springing up all over the country. Where once the clear bag was a stylish outlier for the avant-garde, today it’s easy to get ripped off with clear handbags that simply won’t suit your needs. So how can you be certain you’re buying the right clear plastic  handbag?

Check Your Clear Plastic Handbag to Make Sure it is Compliant

If you’re buying a clear plastic handbag for a specific purpose – say for an NFL game – make sure the place you’re buying from clearly states that the bag is compliant NFL All Clear Tote Bag regulations, like the one of kind clear NFL stadium bags from The Clear Bag Store. If they claim to be compliant but make no mention of the bag’s dimensions or the specifics of the policy, find another source.

Consider Use

Only you know how you’ll use your new clear plastic handbag. Will you need it every day at work? Only when you travel? For specific events?  So don’t be talked into a specific bag. Think about what you’ll use it for and what, therefore will have to fit into it. Walk through your day with the bag, mentally, and consider any potential problems that might arise if you get a too-small bag, or a too-large one.


Not every clear plastic handbag is made the same. Check to make sure the store lists the materials your bag is made from. If they don’t list those materials, be suspicious – they may be sending you a flimsy, poorly manufactured bag that won’t hold up. You can be sure of high quality of the clear plastic handbag that has a teal strip zipper pull and a rubber tag that says:

Ideally, your clear plastic handbag should be made from tough and durable ultra-clear PVC, strong polyester strapping, and nylon stitching. A clear plastic handbag made from these materials will last for years, even decades, and be able to handle your densest lunch or most stylish purchases.


Finally, a handbag shouldn’t be just a bucket – pockets and flaps and organizers are the secret to loving your clear plastic handbag. The more versatile it is, the more thought the designer put into it, the more useful it is as a bag, which should be its number one feature.

These days you’re pretty much going to need a clear plastic handbag. But that doesn’t mean you settle for whatever clear bag offered to you. Use this guide to make sure you get the clear bag you deserve!

Clear Plastic Handbag:  Wholesale Clear Bags By the Case

What every your security requirement needs are buying clear plastic bags wholesale is the way to save big.

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Clear Purses for Work the New Trend: Showing Off

Clear purses for work has many just showing off. Fashion has always been a complex sector of modern life, combining art with commerce and status with emotions. All of it wrapped up in the simple pleasure of looking good and the confidence it brings. People don’t buy expensive clear purses for work or shoes with red soles simply because they are beautiful. They do so in part because they want other people notice them. This can be purely status, showing off the wonderful things you can afford that others perhaps can’t. Or it could be pride in your taste level and a desire to show off how well you can put together an outfit. Either way, showing off is half the fun especially when you have found a rare hot pink clear purse for work like the ones at The Clear Bag Store. They specializes in practical, functional clear purses for work, clear backpacks and large clear duffle bags.

The New Style: Clear Purses for Work Mandates

One problem with traditional handbags and purses is their opaque nature. You may not think of that as a problem. In fact, if you’re in the habit of carrying around contraband or dangerous objects,  the traditional bags is the perfect choice for you. Clear bags for work are being required to combat employee theft. But as clear purse for work  grows into a bona-fide phenomenon, more and more women are seeking to show off their high end accessories just like they show off their shoes and their dresses. Often the problem is that no one can see what’s hiding in their purse unless they ostentatiously take everything out. The solution? Clear purses for work. Work mandates are made economical and easy with clear plastic bags wholesale from The Clear Bag Store.

The Glossy box Effect

The inspiration for the new status of cosmetics can be laid at least partially at the feet of Glossybox and their service of sending high-end samples out to subscribers. Many women who have been satisfied with standard cosmetics their whole lives have suddenly been conveniently introduced to a range of extremely high-end cosmetics, and demand has skyrocketed. Ironically, this also results in scarcity as a deluge of orders removes stock from the stores, inflating the status of having that hot new skin cream or that amazing advanced eyeliner – and increasingly women want to show off their scores.

Commuting with clear purses for work means that everyone can see what you’re rocking in the cosmetics department. And just how every Fashionista worth her salt can ID your shoes, dress, and handbag like a CSI professional. They can now increasingly spot your makeup and skin cream from across the subway car and instantly know that you’re a fellow traveler when it comes to enjoying the good things in life. That connection and acknowledgement wouldn’t be possible without clear purses for work.

Of course, privacy is still sometimes an issue, and you might like your old high-end handbag sometimes. Fashion is about choices and options, after all. Some days you feel bold and brave and want the world to see what you’ve got hidden away in there. Sometimes you’d prefer to keep everything to yourself. Clear purses for work may not be for you every day of the year. But, when it’s right, it’s a lot of fun to know that everyone is jealous when they see what you scored over the weekend.

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Clear Purses and Handbags in the New Age of Security

Are you aware of the importance of clear purses and handbags in today’s new age of security? People living through history rarely know the era they’re living through. People living in southern Europe in the 4th Century were not necessarily aware that the Roman Empire they’d been born into and which had existed for centuries before their birth was collapsing. The actual experience was in slow-motion, over decades, and often resulted in very little change in local areas at first. It’s almost impossible to have any objective concept of what you’re living through while you’re in the midst of it.

When historians look back on the current era we’re all living through, they will have their choice of things to concentrate on as defining aspects of the period. More than likely this may be the time period where concepts of privacy changed for good, and forever. The fact is, privacy is eroding, both as a right and as a desire, and the rise of the clear purses and handbags is evidence of this.

Nothing to Hide: The Clear Purses and Handbags

We are living in an age where every curiosity you satisfy is recorded as part of your web history and indexed not just by your Internet service provider but by the government itself. The concept of privacy has slowly faded. Most people, without consciously realizing it, know that they don’t have real privacy any more. And in fact most people seem happy to discard privacy to a certain extent in exchange for better security.

Hence the rising stock of the clear handbags in modern fashion. As more and more designers enter the market of designing the perfect clear purses and handbags, more and more people get used to the idea of walking around without secrets. All of your cosmetics, purchases, medications, and well, stuff is right there on display, easily inspected and providing little or no cover.

Triumph Over Privacy

Some might believe that this erosion of privacy is an awful sign of intrusion and oppression, the fact is it’s largely voluntary. Many are embracing the idea of being more open and, excusing the pun, transparent in their everyday lives. Fashion designers are simply serving the desires of their customers when they take tough, durable PVC and turn it into something amazing. More practical example of the clear purses and handbags craze such is a simple, useful tote bag which aren’t being imposed by employer or entertainment venues. Often by public taste, which clearly supports the concept of added security measures and take advantage of flaunting there stuff in unique style.

Because this isn’t about fear, it’s about confidence. Why should we obscure who we are and what we like? Clear purses and handbags mean we embrace ourselves and our tastes, and desires. Clear purses and handbags means we aren’t concerned about what anyone thinks, whether we have small dogs or tons of cookies in our handbag every day.

When historians look back on this era they will probably classify it as the Age of Clear Purses and Handbags. The stone age, the bronze age, iron age… the clear age?

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Clear Carrier Bags for the NFL Perfect for the Off Season

The season for you clear carrier bag for the NFL games is about over. Or is it? Waste not, want not, as they say. With the NFL season drawing to its exciting Superbowl conclusion, most teams and their fans have shut down for the off-season. Some are home licking their wounds and plotting their revenge strategies. For a lot of fans that means that their new clear carrier bags also enter the off season. Clear totes bought and loved (or tolerated) during the season to comply with the NFL’s new policies regarding what you can and can’t take to the stadium are needing some useful ideas.

You may have bought them for a specific purpose, but clear carrier bags can be used in a wide variety of ways to make them keep earning their keep. Even when your team is out of it, you can use them as beach carry-alls, road trip storage, for class trips and shopping excursions. Or use them creatively to decorate and brighten things up a bit, using some of the suggestions here!

Clear Carrier Bags Idea: Decoration

You know what’s great about clear carrier bags? They’re clear! And they have sturdy handles that can suspend them from doorknobs, hooks, or anything else you can think of.

Take your favorite large clear tote bag and fill it with something colorful. Marbles. Jelly beans. Seashells. Sand. Weight is a factor depending on what you’ll be hanging the bag from, but feel free to get creative and create your own looks with whatever you can think of. Crayons! Glitter! Literally anything. With just the addition of color and texture your clear bags can spend the off-season making your home into a much prettier place.

And, just as an extra idea: What about those plastic football helmets you get in vending machines? Collect a few dozen of your team and make your bag into an off-season fan as well.

Clear Carrier Bags Idea: Practical Storage

These days we have a lot of uses for clear carrier bags and plastic bags in general: We use them as garbage receptacles, kitty litter depositories, recycling – anything, really. As a result it’s a rare modern home that doesn’t contain a truly startling number of plastic bags of various kinds.

So, where do you keep your endless plastic bags collected from shopping excursions? Well, in the off-season why not turn your sturdy, large clear tote bag into a plastic baggie storage receptacle? It makes selecting just the right bag for the purpose a breeze, the tote can be hung from the garbage room door or over the litter boxes wherever it makes sense – and your life just got a tiny bit easier.

In fact, during the off-season whatever purpose you find for your dormant clear carrier bags, we’re willing to bet that when next season starts up again, you’ll buy a brand new clear tote bag because your previous year’s will be so firmly established in its new role.

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See Thru Backpack for School Security and Creativity

When the local school district instituted a ‘see thru backpack’ policy, my daughter was dismayed. I on the other hand was overjoyed. As a school security guard, I had recommend the policy and I was glad the school district had listened. The Clear handbags and see thru backpack mandate was going to make my job much easier. Now I was going to be able to check all of the students quickly at the morning check in. I can know quickly whether or not they had a dangerous or prohibited item. Getting all of the kids into the building in a timely manor is a must.  The new see thru backpack rule is definitely reassuring. It became much easier to accurately check all students belongings an ensure everyone, including my own daughter and myself, were safe.

In fact, once the policy was instituted, thefts decreased dramatically. Since everyone was required to carry a see thru backpack, it helped to deter deviant minds and also helped to see who was trying to hide a stolen item. Without having to be as concerned about the security of their items, students seam to be reassured by the policy and were able to focus on class.

Get Creative With Your See Thru Backpack

My daughter, being a teenager, was very concerned about the see thru backpack policy causing her to ‘look just like everyone else.’ All throughout her first seven years of schooling, she had used her backpack to express her individuality. Using pins, patches and even paint to make her backpack stand out. A ban on all non see thru bags was seriously going to dampen her unique sense of style. Knowing she would be furious with me for encouraging this policy, I made sure to locate the perfect backpack for her before I told her. I found The Clear Bag Store, that has clear backpacks and clear lunch bags with pink trim. Wow, she absolutely loves it. And I bought myself one too! While all of the other students blended together with a black see thru backpack, our backpacks popped. All the girls wanted one. I’ve even though about buying clear plastic bags wholesale and sell them out of my van.

To allow her to express a little more creativity, I bought her several stickers that she found online. She has wrapped blue rope around the handle, has a very cool flashlight on the zipper pull and has drawn very beautiful flowers on her pink see thru backpack with Sharpie Pens. So, talented. I wonder where she gets that from. Every day, someone new compliments her on her unique backpack. The principle has even held her up as an example of proof that a see thru backpack and clear tote bags policy doesn’t have to squash students’ creativity.

As a school official myself, I have to agree. Clear school bags, safety and creativity all go hand in hand thanks to all the options provided by The Clear Bag Store.  My daughter has since come around. She loves that she can see quickly see what’s in her clear school bags, making it much easier to find small items such as erasers and pencils. The one thing she doesn’t like? Her backpack makes her stand out so well that now teachers can’t help but notice when she’s late.