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Clear PVC Backpack School Policies for Added Security Measures

Suicide, depression, and other mental and physical health issues are on everyone’s mind these days. And while most people think of older folks when they think in terms of depression, drug abuse, and suicide, the fact is the most vulnerable section of our population will always be children, especially teenagers. It’s estimated that 5% of teens worldwide suffer from depression, and every year more than 10,000 teenagers around the world take their own lives. Many of these children were also involved in drug use, usually at least initially as a way of self-medicating. Schools around the nation are considering a clear PVC backpack for many reasons.

For a parent, those are scary numbers. When we observe our children beginning to change – to lose the bright, upbeat personality of their younger years that we adored so and become moody, withdrawn, and secretive. It’s easy to rationalize as the normal course of teenage rebellion and mood swings. But after any incident where a child threatens their own lives or exhibits reckless behavior with alcohol or drugs, many parents are at a loss as to how to correct the situation. While the issue is complicated, one small part of any approach is to incorporate a clear PVC backpacks requirement. Clear plastic bags wholesale can be found here.

Clear PVC Backpacks for Inspection

Put simply, a depressed person is often hostile and combative towards any attempts to help them. Whether or not a teen is literally an addict, their use of substances has likely become a part of their daily routine by the time it is discovered, and they will resist and seek to circumvent any attempts to keep them away from such things. A policy that requires teens to use a clear backpack like this one and other clear handbags allows the parent to quickly and unobtrusively inspect all bags as they are brought into and out of the home, and make it that much more difficult for a troubled teenager to smuggle anything into the house.

The Psychology of the Clear PVC Backpack

The other aspect of this approach is the psychological aspect of a clear PVC backpack. Depression makes people feel isolated, and this is even more pronounced in teenagers. Isolation often gives a false sense of security in a strange way. The privacy of the feeling insulates us from outside forces and takes on a feeling of normalcy.

A clear PVC backpack for school requirement shakes things up. Without being able to keep things secret, the sense of isolation is disturbed and that sense of security is lost. This can be traumatic to the troubled teenager.  It’s also a healthy step as they realize that not only are the parents paying attention, they want to pay attention. They love their children.

A clear PVC backpack won’t solve anyone’s problems or cure depression. But, it can be a small but effective part of an overall approach to helping a troubled teenager get through a difficult time. By making it more difficult to keep secrets and transport items, it can give a kid time to breathe, and time for other remedies to work.

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Clear Backpacks for School: How to Have More Fun

If you’re a parent, then you know one simple rule that changes everything: kids like to have fun. Any new rule or policy like a Clear Backpacks for School that your kids initially object to can be changed. Try injecting a bit of fun into the proceedings, and turning everything into a game or art project. And the more you can focus their insane energy levels and creative instincts on controlled experiments instead of, say, your walls, carpets, or the family pets, the better.

So when you’re faced with buying new gear for the year and you’re required to go with clear backpacks for school because of new security requirements or simply because it’s the ‘in’ thing among their friends, you know that you’ll need to take steps to make sure these clear backpacks for school are super organized and don’t get mixed up between siblings, causing fights and other problems. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your clear backpacks for school experience go smoothly.

Decorate and Personalize Clear Backpacks for School

Every kid loves to express their artistic side, and every kid loves to claim their ‘stuff’ as their own. Combining both into a fun activity will not only make him or her excited to take their new clear backpacks for school, it will prevent any problems with siblings taking the wrong bag to school. You can’t easily paint PVC, which is what most clear backpacks will be made of, but here are a few simple projects that will work:

  • Make an insert. Take a sheet of construction paper and decorate it any way they want – paint, stickers, crayons, glitter. Then simply slide the sheet against the back of the clear backpack and tape or glue it into place. Some bags come with a ready-made slot for just this sort of thing.
  • Stickers! A few sheets of cool stickers that represent your little one’s interests and that clear backpacks for school instantly becomes personal. Just don’t make the mistake of covering every inch so that it’s no longer a clear bag!
  • Action figures: Got some spare little superheros lying around? Place them in poses in the pockets of the backpack and suddenly they’re not just clear school bags, they’re something to be proud of!

Clean Out Fun Time

Keeping clear backpacks for school clean is easy. You have to make it into a game the little tykes want to play. Your best bet is to introduce a little bribery. Introduce a new fun art supply like a new marker, or some Play-Doh. Insist that room has to be made in the bag, meaning you have to pull everything out, clean the inside with just soap and water. Then put everything back neatly. It fun trading out one old thing for the new item.

The new clear backpacks for school policies don’t have to be a burden for you or for your kids. Clear handbags are fun, stylish, and easy to maintain. All you have to do is have a little creative fun with them. Even more fun when you can save big on clear plastic bags wholesale.

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Transparent Tote Bags for All Clear Policy – The Clear Bag Store

We’re more than a year into the ‘new’ NFL policy of requiring transparent tote bags if you want to bring something into the stadiums. Opinions remain divided. Most fans accept whatever security requirements are handed down because they simply want to be allowed into the game with as little fuss as possible. Others remain outraged at what they perceive as a less-than crucial aspect of security ‘theater.’ As a 79-year old grandmother named Barbara Johnson famously pointed out recently in a letter sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the transparent tote bags policy does very little to prevent a determined person from sneaking a knife or other weapon into an NFL game.

While the security benefits of NFL compliant clear bags can be debated (for the record, we think they greatly enhance security), the fact is the All Clear NFL transparent tote bags policy is here to stay – and the best way to approach it is to view it as an opportunity.

Transparent Totes Bags Opportunity

Consider this: Prior to the advent of transparent tote bags as a security policy, the trend in all security scenarios was less: Less freedom, less items allowed in, less convenience. In the modern world we’re sadly getting quite used to a slow erosion of conveniences and freedoms we once took for granted as a society. When we’re informed that we have to bring less onto airplane or into NFL games, or that we have to remove our shoes or demonstrate that our devices can be switched on at airports, we simply shrug and accept it.

That’s why the All Clear policy and similar mandated policies for transparent tote bags around the world should be celebrated: They’re the first step forward in a long time that allows us to bring more with us into events. With a high-quality, durable, easy-to-clean and stylish clear tote bags that complies with requirements, we can pack up all the toys and snacks for the kids, all the books and activities for our trip, and anything else that we’d like to have with us for the game, the concert, or just the office. It’s nice to finally get back some of the lost ground.

The Transparent Tote Bags Style Opportunity

This also means we have an opportunity, for the first time in years, to add style instead of deleting it. Most of us when heading out to the game or to travel somewhere have given up on style because it’s too difficult. Why bother with a nice outfit when you’ll have to take off your shoes and belt and earrings and everything else? Might as well roll out of bed and fly in your jammies and slippers.

The rise of clear handbags means we can inject some design back into our travel days and our event days. We can have a little fun and show off a little bit more. So while transparent tote bags are now mandated, they may be restrictive in one sense, they’re a step forward in other ways – ways we should embrace and celebrate. However, the biggest opportunity may be clear plastic bags wholesale!

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Clear SafeBags: The Growing Requirement

Love them or hate them, one thing is increasingly certain in this skittish, security-conscious world. Clear Bags are not only here to stay as both a fashion and security icon. They’re increasingly required in a broader and broader range of scenarios. Their benefits in the security world are so obvious. In fact, that it’s time to start seriously preparing for a world where carrying clear bags is no longer an optional fashion statement. They are not a simple convenience for those few times when we know in advance that security will require them, but rather a constant presence in our lives.

Schools Handing Out Clear Backpacks And Clear Bags

We’ve seen news of school implementing policies for clear bags for its students before, but Shelby County Schools in Tennessee have taken this one step further. Not only do they now require clear backpacks for the students at nine elementary schools, they gave out free clear backpacks and clear bags to the kids.

This ruffled some parents’ feathers. They’d already done their school year shopping and now realize they wasted money on backpacks. But the implications are obvious. Clear bags are increasingly required in schools all over the country, including schools with no history of violence. The clear backpack giveaway implies we’re soon not going to have any choice at all. If institutions give away clear bags, any economic excuse not to adhere to a clear school bags policy disappears.

Security Implications of Clear Bags

How long can it possibly be before air travel, domestic and international, requires clear bags? Currently, all liquids must be in bottles of approved size and be carried in a clear bag of approved size. While checked luggage will probably never be required to be clear, it’s certainly not only possible that carry-on luggage will be required to be clear, but increasingly probable in light of how quickly the idea is catching on in other security situations like public events, office buildings, and, obviously schools.

Requiring that carry-on luggage be clear would immediately improve security in several key ways:

  • Screening and boarding would be made more efficient, faster, and more secure as TSA workers would not need to rely on difficult-to-parse security scanners.
    • DP Flight attendants and other passengers would be able to spot potentially dangerous items that somehow get past the pre-boarding screening process. Check airport liquid carry on rules.

Best of all, as with other security scenarios there would be no loss of convenience for passengers, as the carry-on bags could be the same size and configuration as they are currently, just clear. In fact, convenience would arguably be improved as there would be less rooting-around in a bag searching for things in the tight quarters of an economy-class seat!

One thing is certain: Clear handbags from The Clear Bag Store will be there for you. (And don’t forget clear plastic bags wholesale for big savings.) Security concerns never lessen. As time goes on, threats become more creative as security professionals and agencies close off one threat vector after another. While the ‘status quo’ may hold for a period of time, there is always going to be the next threat – and eventually will be seen as a necessity.