Transparent Tote Bags for All Clear Policy – The Clear Bag Store

Transparent Tote Bags for All Clear Policy – The Clear Bag Store

We’re more than a year into the ‘new’ NFL policy of requiring transparent tote bags if you want to bring something into the stadiums. Opinions remain divided. Most fans accept whatever security requirements are handed down because they simply want to be allowed into the game with as little fuss as possible. Others remain outraged at what they perceive as a less-than crucial aspect of security ‘theater.’ As a 79-year old grandmother named Barbara Johnson famously pointed out recently in a letter sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the transparent tote bags policy does very little to prevent a determined person from sneaking a knife or other weapon into an NFL game.

While the security benefits of NFL compliant clear bags can be debated (for the record, we think they greatly enhance security), the fact is the All Clear NFL transparent tote bags policy is here to stay – and the best way to approach it is to view it as an opportunity.

Transparent Totes Bags Opportunity

Consider this: Prior to the advent of transparent tote bags as a security policy, the trend in all security scenarios was less: Less freedom, less items allowed in, less convenience. In the modern world we’re sadly getting quite used to a slow erosion of conveniences and freedoms we once took for granted as a society. When we’re informed that we have to bring less onto airplane or into NFL games, or that we have to remove our shoes or demonstrate that our devices can be switched on at airports, we simply shrug and accept it.

That’s why the All Clear policy and similar mandated policies for transparent tote bags around the world should be celebrated: They’re the first step forward in a long time that allows us to bring more with us into events. With a high-quality, durable, easy-to-clean and stylish clear tote bags that complies with requirements, we can pack up all the toys and snacks for the kids, all the books and activities for our trip, and anything else that we’d like to have with us for the game, the concert, or just the office. It’s nice to finally get back some of the lost ground.

The Transparent Tote Bags Style Opportunity

This also means we have an opportunity, for the first time in years, to add style instead of deleting it. Most of us when heading out to the game or to travel somewhere have given up on style because it’s too difficult. Why bother with a nice outfit when you’ll have to take off your shoes and belt and earrings and everything else? Might as well roll out of bed and fly in your jammies and slippers.

The rise of clear handbags means we can inject some design back into our travel days and our event days. We can have a little fun and show off a little bit more. So while transparent tote bags are now mandated, they may be restrictive in one sense, they’re a step forward in other ways – ways we should embrace and celebrate. However, the biggest opportunity may be clear plastic bags wholesale!

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