Clear Backpacks for School: How to Have More Fun

Clear Backpacks for School: How to Have More Fun

If you’re a parent, then you know one simple rule that changes everything: kids like to have fun. Any new rule or policy like a Clear Backpacks for School that your kids initially object to can be changed. Try injecting a bit of fun into the proceedings, and turning everything into a game or art project. And the more you can focus their insane energy levels and creative instincts on controlled experiments instead of, say, your walls, carpets, or the family pets, the better.

So when you’re faced with buying new gear for the year and you’re required to go with clear backpacks for school because of new security requirements or simply because it’s the ‘in’ thing among their friends, you know that you’ll need to take steps to make sure these clear backpacks for school are super organized and don’t get mixed up between siblings, causing fights and other problems. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your clear backpacks for school experience go smoothly.

Decorate and Personalize Clear Backpacks for School

Every kid loves to express their artistic side, and every kid loves to claim their ‘stuff’ as their own. Combining both into a fun activity will not only make him or her excited to take their new clear backpacks for school, it will prevent any problems with siblings taking the wrong bag to school. You can’t easily paint PVC, which is what most clear backpacks will be made of, but here are a few simple projects that will work:

  • Make an insert. Take a sheet of construction paper and decorate it any way they want – paint, stickers, crayons, glitter. Then simply slide the sheet against the back of the clear backpack and tape or glue it into place. Some bags come with a ready-made slot for just this sort of thing.
  • Stickers! A few sheets of cool stickers that represent your little one’s interests and that clear backpacks for school instantly becomes personal. Just don’t make the mistake of covering every inch so that it’s no longer a clear bag!
  • Action figures: Got some spare little superheros lying around? Place them in poses in the pockets of the backpack and suddenly they’re not just clear school bags, they’re something to be proud of!

Clean Out Fun Time

Keeping clear backpacks for school clean is easy. You have to make it into a game the little tykes want to play. Your best bet is to introduce a little bribery. Introduce a new fun art supply like a new marker, or some Play-Doh. Insist that room has to be made in the bag, meaning you have to pull everything out, clean the inside with just soap and water. Then put everything back neatly. It fun trading out one old thing for the new item.

The new clear backpacks for school policies don’t have to be a burden for you or for your kids. Clear handbags are fun, stylish, and easy to maintain. All you have to do is have a little creative fun with them. Even more fun when you can save big on clear plastic bags wholesale.

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