How to Pack Your Clear Totes for NFL Games

How to Pack Your Clear Totes for NFL Games

The time has come to stop complaining about the new NFL ‘All Clear’ bag policy and start working the system to maximum benefit. Let’s face it, most people don’t mind the bag policy. Accept the fact: You’re stuck with clear totes to bring into the stadium for the foreseeable future. That means it’s time to stop trying to wriggle out of the policy and start trying to make the policy work for you. If you’ve got no choice but to bring  clear lunch bags or clear totes to your next NFL game, here’s your best policy: Visit The Clear Bag Store.

Clear Totes for the NFL Clear Bag

So what’s an NFL Go Bag? Well, it’s a policy-compliant clear bag that’s been pre-stocked with all the essentials you’ll need for your Game Day. A Go Bag is designed to be something you just grab and go with – no planning required, no last-minute running around in a scramble to find things. Having a Go Bag will help make sure you’re not late for the game, because you’ll be able to just grab and go, it’ll make sure you have everything you could possibly need, and it’ll ensure your bag meets the new clear bag requirements that limit the bags you can bring into the stadium. This way you’ll never get stopped at the security line for the wrong bag ever again.

When selecting a clear bag, it’s essential you are absolutely certain you have a compliant bag. If you’re unsure, your best bet would be to buy a bag from a store that clearly marks the bag as NFL-compliant, like great clear totes for NFL stadiums from the Clear Bag Store.

What to Pack

So, what should go into your nifty Game Day Bag once you have it? Here are some ideas:

  • Poncho. A rain poncho that folds up into a small square can be found at most convenience stores and makes for the perfect emergency rain protection when bad weather arrives unexpectedly at the game. Can also serve to protect your bottom from damp seats!
  • Money. A few hidden bills of cash can save you from disaster if something goes wrong and you lose a wallet, are robbed, or simply run into unexpected difficulties.
  • Contact Information. A phone number for people to contact if you lose your Go Bag isn’t a bad idea, either!
  • Radio. Although we all have smartphones these days that can get us scores and other information about the game, a cheap, battery-operated radio can offer updates throughout the game even when your cell phone has no signal or loses battery.
  • Spare Sunglasses. Whether it’s sun glare or snow glare, if you forget your sunglasses you’ll appreciate having a spare pair in your trusty Go Bag.

Everyone will have to come up with their own list, of course, depending on their needs. Maybe you need clear plastic bags wholesale? The key is to have it packed and ready to go – and compliant in the first place!

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