Clear Handbags Totes: Your Stylish Advantage

Clear Handbags Totes: Your Stylish Advantage

In today’s unsettled world, many employers are requiring that employees carry only clear handbags totes with them into the workplace and the stock areas such as retailer Neimen Markus. Some may see these anti-theft policies as insulting or silly. The fact is retails stores and other businesses have every right to protect themselves and to set reasonable policies such as a clear handbag totes mandate for their employees. Clear plastic bags wholesale are a cost effective loss prevention method.

For most employees, their objection to being forced to bring clear handbags totes is all about the perceived limitation in their personal style. With so many great handbags in the world (and so many at home in their closet) being forced to leave the designer bags and only have a clear handbag at work seems limiting.

The Style Opportunity of a Clear Handbag Totes

The better way to look at a clear handbag totes requirement at work is that it’s an opportunity to be very creative.  Clear handbags totes obviously displays whatever you’re carrying around with you. If you just dump all of your possessions into it, then that’s what it will show the world: All of your stuff, just dump and squished in there. Boring – and a little embarrassing, no?

Ah, but who says you have to just dump things in there? Think of your clear handbags totes as a shop window you can decorate in any way you please. When choosing things to place in your bag, consider the color, the texture, and the arrangement. Just because the bag is clear doesn’t mean you can’t create a vision of colors and lines that form a striking design or pattern. When people realize they’re looking at a clear handbags totes, they’ll be stunned!

Clear Handbags Totes Suggestions

A few ideas to really get this one going in your mind:

  • Get custom cases for your phone. They come in almost every imaginable color and pattern, and not only protect your expensive link to the world, but allow you to change the color and look of your phone to match your outfit – and add that dash of color to your clear handbags totes.
  • Use different lunch bags or plastic storage for transporting your lunch, and make certain the color and pattern of either matches up with your phone and other accessories.
  • Think about the arrangement of your things. Imagine people looking at your bag as they sit across from you on the train. What would they see? Try for visual interest with different shapes and colors.
  • Your clear handbags totes don’t have to be a handbag. Something more practical like this small lunch tote bag offers the same opportunity in a smaller form factor. Keeping it simple is sometimes all the inspiration you need.

Working for a living will always bring with it certain undesirable aspects in the form of employer requirements. The trick is to not let it get under your skin, and instead turn your energy to making those requirements work for you instead of against you. When it comes to a clear handbags totes requirement, all they’ve done, really, is hand you a canvas!

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