Clear Handbags for Employees

Clear Handbags for Employees

More and more department stores are requiring employees to carry clear handbags as a form of loss prevention. Clear hand bags, clear totes, and clear backpacks are easy for security staff to see into without having to empty the contents of the employee’s bag. This has been a policy in major department stores for years and now smaller retailers are mandating the clear handbag for work rule. Employees using clear bags have found that entering or leaving the work place thru security is much faster than when security staff had to check the contents of each bag by opening or emptying the employee’s bags. As more businesses and venues are making the clear handbag and clear lunch bag policy mandatory, has jumped at the chance to provide quality clear backpacks, clear computer bags, clear lunch bag and clear tote bags to fill the need. We take pride in our quality products that are designed and made well to stand the test of time and our dedicated friendly customer service. Come visit us at and we appreciate your business!!

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  • It’s an interesting concept having employees use clear backpacks and bags in department stores. Thanks for sharing.


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