Clear Backpack Policy for Rever Bend

Clear Backpack Policy for Rever Bend

River Bend School District in Fulton Illinois is taking extra security measures at all grade levels. Messages were sent out to parents thru the school districts global network about an apparent threat written on a bathroom wall. The investigation is on going as local police, school district staff, and local authorities continue to interview students. New security policies have been put into place and some will remain indefinitely. Students will only have one point of entry into the buildings on campus and all students will be searched. One new policy is a clear handbag clear backpack mandate. All bags must be clear and see thru and no clothing is allowed to be carried in the student’s bags. All staff members are also required to carry clear handbags. Students are able to purchase temporary plastic bags from the school but will need to find more durable clear book bags and clear tote bags thru a list of retailers and internet resources.

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