Clear Tote Bag: A Push for Policy at School Functions

Clear Tote Bag: A Push for Policy at School Functions

For some, it was only a matter of time after the National Football League in the United States announced its “All Clear Policy”. The policy requires all fans to carry a clear tote bag. The NFL’s policy last year has trickled down into other areas of American life. Recently a woman in Texas launched a campaign to bring a similar clear tote bag policy to high school football games in that State. She states the same concerns for security that prompted the NFL to change its own policies.

Texan Verna Melton said of her proposal, ‘You could be sitting beside somebody with a backpack, and you don’t know what’s in that backpack.’

Clear Tote Bags as a Security Solution

Some have scoffed at clear tote bag policies that require the use of  a clear tote bag or clear handbags when attending public events. They note that there have been no incidents of people bringing weapons or explosives to stadiums before the new NFL policy. And, that unless a national law is passed you are always at risk of  being near someone wearing a backpack with mysterious contents. Others have noted that the NFL’s all clear tote bag policy may have been motivated more by excluding smuggled alcohol and food into stadiums, where huge profits are reaped by concessions.

Security Necessity

The counterargument proposed by Melton and like-minded State politicians, however, is that any effort to make it more difficult to bring weapons or explosives to a public gathering reduces the ability for criminals or terrorists to do so. They argue that it is worth the slight effort involved in requiring a clear tote bag. They also hasten to add that large gatherings like football games are more attractive targets than random street locations because of the concentration of people in attendance.

Inevitable Clear Tote Bag Policy

Others see the mandate of a clear tote bag policy to be inevitable in light of the current geopolitical situation we all find ourselves in.

In that case, we can at least take comfort in the fact that we have more options for a clear tote bag or no bag of any kind than ever before. A clear tote bag can be found at online sources such as The Clear Bag Store. They offer stylish, heavy duty clear tote bag (wholesale link) and clear backpacks and clear travel bags that can withstand any weather and be your favorite game bag for years to come.

Another benefit clear tote bag policy supporters point out is the convenience of being able to see everything you’ve brought with you to a game or event at a glance. It is lessening the chances that you’ll leave something behind, or have to unpack your entire bag to find one small item, allowing you (and those around you) to enjoy more of the game.

In any event, it seems more than likely that at least some States will follow the NFL’s lead and begin to assert clear tote bag policies for High School games, and possibly for a broader range of events after that. Smart money says, get your clear tote bag today, before the rush, and be prepared. Save big when buying in bulk and clear plastic bags wholesale makes a great fund raiser.

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