Clear Vinyl Tote Bags: No Disposable Bags at the Checkout

Clear Vinyl Tote Bags: No Disposable Bags at the Checkout

Are clear vinyl tote bags the answer? Californians were recently met with the prospect of a new policy that might affect the way in which they do their weekly grocery shop. A new bill has been proposed in the California state legislature that would seek to ban disposable plastic bags at California grocery stores.

If the bill was to pass, it would result in the first statewide ban on plastic bags to ever occur in the United States. The proposal has been the subject of considerable argument as to its merits and whether it will provide real benefits for both the environment and consumers.

Senate Bill 270 would enshrine in law a prohibition on the supply of plastic bags to customers at the checkout. Grocery stores and pharmacies would be prevented from giving out plastic bags to customers from July 1 next year, while the ban would also extend to convenience stores and liquor stores a year later.

It would seem that Senate Bill 270 is just part of a growing movement that has already made significant headway in California, local bans already being in place in some 100 or so cities and districts throughout the state. Legislative proposals such as these are only likely to increase and spread across the country in the coming years.

The problem with such legislation is that it often includes a hidden hit to the consumer’s bottom line. In the case of Senate Bill 270, grocery stores will be able to charge a minimum of 10 cents to provide each paper bag that will replace the banned plastic bags. In these tough economic times, that extra cost adds up.

Avoid Fees with Clear Vinyl Tote Bags

The solution? Plan ahead now. Avoid being charged excess, unexpected fees for paper grocery bags at the checkout.

Call it an investment: get your Paw Tote Bag from The Clear Bag Store now.

These clear vinyl tote bags feature a charming paw motif, with a simple yet elegant black trim and handles. These clear tote bags are a unique, durable alternative to coarse, unsightly hessian bags for carrying your groceries.

The Paw Tote Bag is extremely versatile. Carry it with you to concerts and sports events where increasing security requirements are becoming ever more of an inconvenience. You will breeze through security with these clear vinyl tote bags, which provide clear visibility of what you are carrying with you.

The Paw Tote Bag makes for the perfect present for working professionals and students alike. You can get one of these unique gifts now for your loved one, friend or work colleague.

The clear handbags are made with the finest, most durable materials designed to stand up to daily use for work or school mandates or the weekly tip to the grocery store. These clear vinyl tote bags are constructed from ultra-clear Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, known for its range of useful properties including being waterproof.

Avoid nasty surprises at the grocery store checkout by purchasing your convenient Clear Vinyl Tote Bags.

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