Clear Handbags for Work: Safety and Control

Clear Handbags for Work: Safety and Control

Mandated clear handbags for work have become very popular. Do you work in a high security environment? Is your employer looking to clamp down on workplace theft? Or do you simply want a stylish yet practical conversation piece to stand out from the crowd? If so, then you’ll want to get your hands on one of our clear handbags for work.

Corrections Officers Need Clear Handbags for Work

Across the United States, men and women are working hard for us. We appreciate it beyond words. Penitentiaries are increasingly requiring their staff to utilize clear handbags for work. Corrections officers are now frequently required to carry clear handbags for work as a safety precaution. The clear plastic allows for easy visibility, reducing the likelihood of weapon or contraband smuggling.

Visitors to prison facilities, even if authorized by the proper authorities, are also usually subject to such measures should they wish to bring any personal property, foods or beverages with them on to the grounds of the penitentiary. Bags are likely to be heavily scrutinized and examined upon entry to prison facilities, so whether you are a corrections officer, visitor or prison administrator, it assists all concerned if clear handbags are being used.

Reduce Theft

Workplace theft is something that employers often overlook. In a way this is understandable, as no-one likes to think of their employees as potential thieves. Having said that however, it is important as an employer to remain vigilant and guard the business assets that you have worked so hard to build and maintain.

In addition to other security procedures and policies, providing your employees with clear handbags for work is a cost-effective means of cutting down on workplace theft. Clear plastic bags wholesale is a cost effective piece of the overall security plan.

The old maxim ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is particularly relevant when it comes to instances of workplace theft. If you have a problem with work supplies going missing from your business, it might be time to institute a policy for clear tote bags for your business or organization.

If employees know that they are unable to easily conceal stolen items from the workplace in their personal bags, then the temptation for theft is reduced. As an alternative to expensive surveillance or closed circuit recording equipment, purchase clear tote handbags for work employees as a cheap means of cutting down on incidences of theft.

Personalize or Advertise

Do yourself a favor and get one of the Medium Photo Tote Bags. This transparent tote bag holds a five inch by seven inch or four inch by six inch photograph. Insert a picture of a loved one, a beloved family pet, your favorite sports team in action, even your company’s logo for some free mobile advertising – the choice is yours.

The Medium Photo Tote Bag is truly the ultimate ‘brag bag’. Stand out from the crowd and raise yourself above your corporate contemporaries with this uniquely chic style item. Have your co-workers asking where you bought your clear handbags for work.

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