Clear Purse – Make Traveling Quick and Easy

Clear Purse – Make Traveling Quick and Easy

A clear purse will help to make traveling stress free. Anyone who has done any traveling by airplane in the past decade has no doubt experienced a fair amount of irritation. Perhaps even anger at the heightened security that is now just a fact of air travel nationwide.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has, to the minds of many people, become synonymous with tales of horror and woe: rude or obnoxious security personnel, invasive full-body pat-downs, long lines that delay travelers from boarding their planes and controversial ‘nude’ body scanners, which some have argued present a serious invasion of privacy.

The number of tourists taking trips worldwide has smashed through the 1 billion person per year barrier. That’s a lot of people going through airport security. If only they all had a clear purse to speed things up.

At your nearest international airport there are no doubt thousands of people passing through airport security every single day. Like it or not, those TSA officials do an important and necessary job.

Even so, those security checks can test the limits of patience of the most serene individual. There can often be discrepancies in what is required of you as a passenger as you travel between cities, states and countries.

While some of these invasive security procedures are unfortunately a necessary part of maintaining airline safety, you can make traveling by plane a little easier by being prepared with a clear purse.

Be Prepared: Travel with a Clear Purse

International flights now require that passengers have only small amounts of aerosols, gels and other liquids in their carry-on luggage. These liquids must be no more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) in volume.

The TSA requires that all passengers follow what is known as the ‘3-1-1 rule’ when it comes to carry-on items. Don’t include containers for liquids that exceed 3.4 ounces. Each individual liquid container must fit inside a one quart sized clear zipper bag. The final ‘one’ in the ‘3-1-1’ stipulates that only one of these clear bags is allowed per person.

If that seems like a lot to remember, don’t despair. The easiest way of ensuring you comply with TSA rules on your next business trip or overseas adventure is by investing in a clear purse such as the TSA Compliant Carry On Bag Black.

This clear purse offers you peace of mind; you will be safe in the knowledge that your bag complies with national security requirements. A clear purse also make a great gift for a friend, work colleague or family member who is planning their next getaway.

The clear handbags clear purse lines from The Clear Bag Store are made with high quality materials, ensuring reliability of use for years to come. Clear plastic bags wholesale are an economical solution to workplace and venue security issues.

Assist TSA officials by being prepared when approaching security checkpoints. Always practice the 3-1-1 rule to make sure your checkpoint experience is quick, convenient and as stress free as possible. Happy flying!

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