See Thru Backpack for School Security and Creativity

See Thru Backpack for School Security and Creativity

When the local school district instituted a ‘see thru backpack’ policy, my daughter was dismayed. I on the other hand was overjoyed. As a school security guard, I had recommend the policy and I was glad the school district had listened. The Clear handbags and see thru backpack mandate was going to make my job much easier. Now I was going to be able to check all of the students quickly at the morning check in. I can know quickly whether or not they had a dangerous or prohibited item. Getting all of the kids into the building in a timely manor is a must.  The new see thru backpack rule is definitely reassuring. It became much easier to accurately check all students belongings an ensure everyone, including my own daughter and myself, were safe.

In fact, once the policy was instituted, thefts decreased dramatically. Since everyone was required to carry a see thru backpack, it helped to deter deviant minds and also helped to see who was trying to hide a stolen item. Without having to be as concerned about the security of their items, students seam to be reassured by the policy and were able to focus on class.

Get Creative With Your See Thru Backpack

My daughter, being a teenager, was very concerned about the see thru backpack policy causing her to ‘look just like everyone else.’ All throughout her first seven years of schooling, she had used her backpack to express her individuality. Using pins, patches and even paint to make her backpack stand out. A ban on all non see thru bags was seriously going to dampen her unique sense of style. Knowing she would be furious with me for encouraging this policy, I made sure to locate the perfect backpack for her before I told her. I found The Clear Bag Store, that has clear backpacks and clear lunch bags with pink trim. Wow, she absolutely loves it. And I bought myself one too! While all of the other students blended together with a black see thru backpack, our backpacks popped. All the girls wanted one. I’ve even though about buying clear plastic bags wholesale and sell them out of my van.

To allow her to express a little more creativity, I bought her several stickers that she found online. She has wrapped blue rope around the handle, has a very cool flashlight on the zipper pull and has drawn very beautiful flowers on her pink see thru backpack with Sharpie Pens. So, talented. I wonder where she gets that from. Every day, someone new compliments her on her unique backpack. The principle has even held her up as an example of proof that a see thru backpack and clear tote bags policy doesn’t have to squash students’ creativity.

As a school official myself, I have to agree. Clear school bags, safety and creativity all go hand in hand thanks to all the options provided by The Clear Bag Store.  My daughter has since come around. She loves that she can see quickly see what’s in her clear school bags, making it much easier to find small items such as erasers and pencils. The one thing she doesn’t like? Her backpack makes her stand out so well that now teachers can’t help but notice when she’s late.

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