Clear Plastic Handbag Buying Guide

Clear Plastic Handbag Buying Guide

We all know that security concerns and guidelines are changing and clear plastic handbag policies are being put in place. In response to insane terrorist attacks and mass shootings, many organizations and venues are implementing a range of standard security practices that have quickly become our new normal. And while it’s sad, in a way, how quickly we get used to a new set of requirements and a new limitation on our lives, it’s also simple practicality. Life goes on. And if you need to carry around a clear plastic handbag to get on with it, then so be it.

An unexpected result of this, however, is the flood of cheap and poorly-designed clear plastic handbags that have hit the market to take advantage of the new NFL and NCAA policies as well as individual clear bag policies springing up all over the country. Where once the clear bag was a stylish outlier for the avant-garde, today it’s easy to get ripped off with clear handbags that simply won’t suit your needs. So how can you be certain you’re buying the right clear plastic  handbag?

Check Your Clear Plastic Handbag to Make Sure it is Compliant

If you’re buying a clear plastic handbag for a specific purpose – say for an NFL game – make sure the place you’re buying from clearly states that the bag is compliant NFL All Clear Tote Bag regulations, like the one of kind clear NFL stadium bags from The Clear Bag Store. If they claim to be compliant but make no mention of the bag’s dimensions or the specifics of the policy, find another source.

Consider Use

Only you know how you’ll use your new clear plastic handbag. Will you need it every day at work? Only when you travel? For specific events?  So don’t be talked into a specific bag. Think about what you’ll use it for and what, therefore will have to fit into it. Walk through your day with the bag, mentally, and consider any potential problems that might arise if you get a too-small bag, or a too-large one.


Not every clear plastic handbag is made the same. Check to make sure the store lists the materials your bag is made from. If they don’t list those materials, be suspicious – they may be sending you a flimsy, poorly manufactured bag that won’t hold up. You can be sure of high quality of the clear plastic handbag that has a teal strip zipper pull and a rubber tag that says:

Ideally, your clear plastic handbag should be made from tough and durable ultra-clear PVC, strong polyester strapping, and nylon stitching. A clear plastic handbag made from these materials will last for years, even decades, and be able to handle your densest lunch or most stylish purchases.


Finally, a handbag shouldn’t be just a bucket – pockets and flaps and organizers are the secret to loving your clear plastic handbag. The more versatile it is, the more thought the designer put into it, the more useful it is as a bag, which should be its number one feature.

These days you’re pretty much going to need a clear plastic handbag. But that doesn’t mean you settle for whatever clear bag offered to you. Use this guide to make sure you get the clear bag you deserve!

Clear Plastic Handbag:  Wholesale Clear Bags By the Case

What every your security requirement needs are buying clear plastic bags wholesale is the way to save big.

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