Clear and Mesh Backpacks Helpful for School Security

Clear and Mesh Backpacks Helpful for School Security

The Clear Bag Store is dedicated to providing high quality clear and mesh backpacks. We know it’s a sad fact of life that our schools often reflect the society that organizes and funds them. In other words, our schools are often mirrors that reflect back what’s going on in society around them. Children of any age are sponges, absorbing everything they come into contact with, and the way in which they regurgitate those impressions can be startling – and violent.

It’s no surprise, then, that schools around the country are starting to implement clear and mesh backpacks to their security policies like the ones that have been implemented by the NFL, the NCAA, and countless work places and venues across the nation. When we have incidents like the April 9th stabbings at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Pennsylvania, and mandating clear and mesh backpacks is a reasonable response to keep our children safe.

Clear and Mesh Backpacks for Additional Security Measures

At the moment no one knows what prompted a sophomore, 16 years old, to smuggle two 8-inch kitchen knives into the school and go on a rampage, stabbing 20 fellow students and a security guard before the school’s assistant principal tackled him and restrained him.

What is known is that the school had already implemented what we used to think of as adequate security. Students were not allowed to carry backpacks in the halls, and security guards were in place to monitor hallways. However, students were allowed to use drawstring bags to carry gym equipment and clothing. This is going to change now, as only clear backpacks will be allowed to be used going forward.

Spread of Clear Bag Security

The school’s decision to alter its security policies and mandate clear and mesh backpacks is understandable in the wake of the tragedy. It’s also representative of a new movement towards clear bags as a major component of modern security thought. The clear bag policy might not have prevented Hribal from smuggling the knives into the school. However, the policy may have prompted security guards or other students to notice the knives and perhaps prevented the tragedy.

It’s clear that schools all over the country – even schools with affluent and academically high-achieving students – need to begin to take into consideration and implement new security policies. We can no longer assume that children are innocent, that tight security in schools is paranoid, or that we will ever be able to return to a “relaxed” or “old-school” approach to our daily security. The only important thing is that our kids get an education safely and effectively, and requiring clear backpacks, clear tote bags and gym bags for all students is a key element in helping to ensure that safety.

Clear and mesh backpacks aren’t magic. Unstable people will still attempt horrific acts. But if a security guard had been able to visually inspect the troubled students bag – or note that he was violating the clear and mesh backpacks requirement – twenty-one people might not be recovering from stab wounds today. Clear plastic bags wholesale are is an effective and cost efficient added safety measure.

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