Wear and Tear with my Small Cosmetic Bag

Wear and Tear with my Small Cosmetic Bag

I love to run. I started running with my father when I was in high school. It was one of the few times we could be alone together without fighting during that period of my life, and I came to find running to be the most relaxing, meditative activity I could engage in. Over the years, I ran marathons, half marathons, relays – and every day, in the morning, just for myself. I can honestly say if I hadn’t been able to run I would have gone crazy a long time ago!

But, it takes a toll. I’m still young, but recently I noticed my running game was way off. A trip to the doctor revealed a thyroid problem, and my iron levels were really low, making me tired. So, onto iron therapy I went, and suddenly I’m on a fistful of pills every day like a retiree! The therapy’s working, though, as my energy levels have come back to the old familiar me, so it’s totally worth it. The only problem? I keep forgetting to take my pills.

I don’t know how older folks do it. My memory is terrible now, and I have four dinky pills to take every day. The problem, for me, is that they need to be taken with food, so I don’t have a set time every day to take them. I just have to always have them with me and remember – both of which I have trouble with! Sometimes I forget to bring them, and after lunch I wince, realising I won’t be able to take them until I get home much later. Sometimes I remember to take them with me in the morning, but forget all about them as they’re hidden in my bag, safely out of sight.

My friend Sally had a suggestion – she said her mother used a clear plastic bag that she taped to the outside of her handbag. Sally’s mum is a dear, but my goodness, the effect of a plastic sandwich bag on my ensemble would be disastrous. But the idea got me to thinking, which my boyfriend will tell you usually gets me to shopping, and I found the perfect, ideal solution: A small cosmetic bag from the Clear Bag store.

It’s perfect. It’s small, so it fits into any bag I’m carrying – or I can just carry it by itself. It’s durable, so I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or the pills being lost or dampened. And it’s clear, so I see those pills every few minutes. I haven’t forgotten a single pill since I got it. And, even better, I no longer feel like a dowager when I have to take my ‘meds’ – because this little wonder is super cool. All my friends want one for themselves, and who can blame them!

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