The Clear Solution To Back To School Chaos – Part 2

The Clear Solution To Back To School Chaos – Part 2

For my teenagers in high school, the large clear backpack is huge, and easily holds all the many items they require. It’s made with very durable, strong PVC material, which isn’t threatened by the weight of the numerous textbooks and binders needed for the long day of classes my kids attend each day. The ease and speed of finding homework, folders and writing implements at the start of each class, without having to empty out the backpack’s entire contents, is a recurring advantage of the fantastic transparent design, and my kids actually think having a see-thru backpack is really quite cool.

The large design also features various pockets and compartments that convienently hold smaller items. Also, with the increasing school security policies being implemented, many schools are now requiring students to carry only clear backpacks. The Clear Bag Store is my solution to that requirement, giving me a diverse selection of clear products at very attractive prices..

As if my family’s schedule isn’t packed enough, each of my five children is committed to extracurricular activities and sports. I feel blessed to have found the clear, heavy duty gym bags offered by The Clear Bag Store. These bags are extremely roomy, water resistant, and super tough. They have numerous pockets, a durable shoulder strap, and once again, the clear design helps my kids perform a quick inventory of all their gear before leaving the house, and to quickly grab exactly what they need once at practice or a game.

My personal favorite feature? Because these bags are made of PVC, instead of fabric, eliminating the smelly odors left from forgotten gym clothes, or a dirty soccer uniform, is a breeze – just wipe down the inside of the bag with a wet cloth and the bag is smelling like… well… like a clean bag again!!

Food and kids – can’t have one without the other. I almost did cartwheels across my living room when I found the clear lunch bags! Kids come in all sizes – and so do these deliciously wonderful bags. Every morning, five clear lunch bags are lined up next to the backpacks, like kindergartners at recess – all displaying the favored midday meal and snacks of each of my kids. With a quick glimpse, each child effortlessly scoops up the provisions that match his or her unique appetite.

I just adore The Clear Bag Store, and in a gesture of motherhood solidarity, if I could stand atop the school building and shout out how easy these clear bags have made my life, and my kids’ too, I would. But I’ll keep it more low-key, and borrowing a quote from my 17-year-old – “These bags are ‘clearly’ epic!”

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