Clear Kids Backpacks To End Back to School Chaos – Quickly

Clear Kids Backpacks To End Back to School Chaos – Quickly

The Clear Bag Store and their clear handbags and clear kids backpacks have made thing so easy. There is no more joyous day of the year for me, a mother of five, than the first day of school after a long summer. It’s back to routines, schedules, and never-ending attempts at organization. As glorious as Back to School time is, with a clan this size of school-age children, the amount of preparation needed is overwhelming. I have two kids in high school, one in middle school, and two in elementary school. The amount of “stuff” they all require rivals that of an Army soldier on a year-long tour of duty. Instead of flak vests, canteens and gas masks, we have half a library in books, binders, pencils, crayons, laptops, cheerleader uniform, pom poms, soccer gear, baseball gear, ballet gear, lunch boxes, gym clothes, science projects and money.

And that’s just for the first semester! Keeping track of which items belong to which kid can make a well-educated, intelligent, grown woman such as myself, weep with frustration. And wept I have. For many years, beaten down by the chaos of too many “things”. The resulting meltdowns of children who didn’t have everything they needed to have a successful day.

Our Clear Kids Backpacks Keep us Organized and Efficient

Not anymore. My sobs have been replaced with inflated smiles. Because of my fortunate discovery of The Clear Bag Store. I am the proud mother of five of the most organized, orderly little soldiers on the planet! Every evening, as a result of purchasing numerous clear kids backpacks, the school work of the day and homework is neatly arranged in a perfect little row on the kitchen island. The clear kids backpacks help get them through a long day of Algebra, story time, cheer leading practice and baseball games while keeping homework in its place.

My first purchase was five clear kids backpacks. The Clear Bag Store clear school bags come in three sizes – small, medium and large – as well as trimmed in either black or pink. The small clear kids backpacks are perfect for my two toddlers in preschool. They are lightweight, and very durable, a big plus because all moms know that it’s the little guys who inflict the most abuse on their possessions. When my son came home announcing he dropped his clear backpack in the mud, I didn’t bat an eyelash. I simply wiped it clean with a damp cloth while humming! Its transparent design allows for my children to easily locate what they need quickly. It is so convenient not to remove every last item in the backpack and then load it all back up again. The small clear kids backpacks are still awesome, now two years old.

The medium sized backpack matches the needs of my elementary/middle school child to a tee. With more to carry, the padded shoulder straps offer a comfortable fit. Again, the clear kids backpacks design lets her see all her books, binders, and supplies quickly and easily. The additional two front pockets are a great place to stash her most used items for quick access.

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