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Small clear tote bag with zipper top. Interior pockets. Durable PVC for School, work or NFL.
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Wholesale Clear Tote Bag – Small (25 Case)


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Whole Case of 25: 18.8 lbs. Each Tote Bag: 12.0″ w x 12.0″ h x 5.5″ d

* Up to 50% Off on Order of Just 25 Pieces
* Proven Security Component for Safety and Loss Prevention
* Designed for Everyday Use – High Quality and Durable
* Comfortable Handle Can Be Worn on the Shoulder
* Custom Logo Printing Available
* Quality Zipper Top and Functional Organization Pockets


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The Leading Authority – Wholesale Clear Tote Bag
Save big on an order of just 25 clear tote bags.Are you’re looking for smart, sturdy wholesale clear tote bag in bulk to add to your overall security plan? Clear handbag policies have been proven to be an effective component for quick inspection of unwanted items entering your building or theft of item leaving your school or business? Look no further as this wholesale clear tote bag provides you with smart solutions for all your school or business safety and loss prevention needs.Stylish and Functional: Make the girls go gaga over you with this super cool medium clear tote bag. Use it as a stylish handbag. Make them envy with this eloquent ultra edge cut and superb nylon stitch line. A medium clear tote handbag is very light, portable, low maintenance and highly durable as it is made out of clear PVC. Transparent tote bags also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to add a dash of extra fun, sportiness and trendiness. Medium clear tote bags provide visibility that will make a security pass an easy one and save you the trouble of emptying everything out to find what you are looking for.

Why Choose a Wholesale Clear Tote Bag from The Clear Bag Store?

Durability: Our bags are made from the finest PVC that is very durable. Despite all the rough conditions that these bags are subjected to whilst on your rush to the many activities of your life, these bags will prove themselves to be your very strong companions. No matter what your route is, carry this wholesale clear tote bags with confidence. Their easy to carry hand straps also make them convenient to wear on your shoulder.
Easy maintenance: Worried of a spill of juice or hand lotion? All you need to do is wash out this bag with soap and water and you are good to go. You no longer have to carry out the time consuming and draining procedures of soaking your bag overnight in a tub full of strong detergent to make it clean. A wholesale clear tote bag will make it easy for you to spend your valuable time on the more important things in life.
Organization: With a transparent tote bag students or employees do not need to worry about having to search through their bag at the time of need. Now, all makeup, keys and important supplies have a place of their own to be safely lodged in. The transparency of the wholesale clear tote bag serves the purpose of locating all your desired items right away or quickly making sure nothing has been forgotten.
Hassle free security: Isn’t it always burdensome to wait in excruciatingly long lines to get your bags checked at security? Add to it the further agony of having to empty all your bag’s contents and then put them back inside once you’re done. A wholesale clear tote bag policy is hassle free when it comes to security. Now you no longer have to wait outside schools or airports to get your luggage checked in detail. The transparency of the bags makes it very easy to check all the contents effectively and quickly.
Ample space: With a wholesale clear tote bag, you do not have to choose which items to carry and which of them to leave behind. With the ample space of these see through bags, you can put in a variety of items of use and still be left with space to put in extra things that you might need. So do not think twice when loading in your multiple mobile phone chargers and notebooks, the clear tote bag will handle it all!

Weight18.8 lbs
Dimensions5.5 x 12.0 x 12.0 in

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