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Wholesale Clear Cosmetic Bags. Heavy duty travel makeup bags with stylish zipper pull
see through backpack

Wholesale Clear Makeup Bags (Case of 50)



Whole Case of 50: Each Cosmetic Bag is 8″ w X 5.5″ h X 1.5″ d

* Three, 3oz refillable bottles included
*  You are clear for takeoff! Airline Carry-On Compliant!
*  Strong, tough clear 5 mil PVC, 600d strapping
*  Dependable zipper
*  Several colors and prints to choose from
* Custom logo printing available
* Fast Shipping


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The Authority in Clear Handbags and Wholesale Clear Makeup Bags

Our TSA Compliant Clear Makeup Bags comply with the Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) strict guidelines and regulations for carrying liquids, pastes and gels through clear security check points and to board airplanes. TSA airline carry-on 3-1-1 rule, which states that containers for liquids cannot exceed 3-ounces and all must fit in a 1-quart clear zipper bag, one per person. The Clear Bag Store offers a durable high quality carry-on cosmetic case option to the zip lock sandwich bag for many years of reliable use. TSA compliant clear cosmetic bags make a great gift or excellent promotional item. Disclaimer: Given TSA’s use of random screening protocols, TSA reserves the right to re-screen any cosmetic bag regardless of the design of the bag.Durable clear makeup bags are a must have for every woman. They also become equally important for men when they are traveling via air. Highly practical, stylish and TSA carry on compliant.
A clear makeup bag is essential for every woman. See-through makeup bags created from high-quality plastic material are particularly recommended because they are easy to carry and can withhold liquids. So, in case the foundation or a liquid blush drips, they will not leak out of a cosmetic bag created from high-quality plastic material. Airport security has made it mandatory for airport travelers to use clear plastic makeup bags for easy access and to inspect all carry on item for security purposes.
The Clear Bag Store has carefully manufactured its collection of wholesale clear makeup bags to match the security concerns of numerous venues and to provide customers with the best value for their money.
Our range of wholesale clear makeup bags comprises of different colors and logos. If you are traveling by air, you can use our TSA Compliant clear makeup bag. Also, if you own a business, you can use our custom printing options to get your logo printed on your clear makeup bag.  See the custom printing page for printing information.
Following are some reasons why we think every female should have a clear makeup bag:
1- All products in one place: Every woman has a fixed list of makeup items that she uses on a daily basis. With a clear makeup bag, all of these items will be in one place and you will not have to search for them in different places.
Foundation, blush-on, lipsticks, lip-glosses, face powder, eyeliner, and makeup brushes are the quintessential makeup items, which are mostly used on regularly. Therefore, wholesale clear makeup bags are a great way to house these products in one place so that anytime you are leaving for your college or office, you just have to pick up your make up bag and get on the move.
2- Security for the products: From drug store cosmetic products to high-end branded products, they are all expensive items that need protection. Branded foundation bottles are mostly created from glass and hence, they have a higher risk of breaking if they are not carried properly. A clear makeup bag will ensure that all of your expensive cosmetic products are safe and look just like new.
Most of the times, when women carry their expensive Chanel and Bobby Brown lipsticks in their normal bags, their exterior texture becomes worn out and scratches begin appearing on them. No woman wants her expensive and new cosmetic products to look old and dull, and hence, the best way to keep your makeup safe and looking shiny is to store it in a clear make up bag. The best thing about our wholesale clear makeup bags is the fact that they are highly flexible – women can add in side pads to increase protection for their cosmetic products.
3- Security for other items: Makeup bags are always carried in expensive and branded shoulder or side bags and hence, wholesale clear makeup bags make sure that your $40 worth of foundation will not spoil your $300 handbag.
Foundations and other liquid cosmetic items can sometimes trickle and hence, if they are kept directly in the handbag, they can potentially damage it. They can also be tricky to wash off and will probably leave stains that will stay for a lifetime. Wholesale clear makeup bags are easy to clean and they will not even let half a drop of that deadly foundation seep into your handbag.
4- Clarity: With a clear makeup bag, you can continuously keep an eye on what is going on with your makeup. In case a liquid cosmetic product trickles, you will be able to spot it quickly, before the whole bottle is wasted. Wholesale clear makeup bags make it easy to manage cosmetics and see which product you are missing before going to college or work.
5- Style statement: The Clear Bag Store clear airport travel carry on bags are one of a kind. The Clear Bag Store wholesale clear makeup bags are available in all styles including the cool airplane print, black trim, white and the very popular pink.
6- Not just makeup: Clear cosmetic bags can also store your face wash, hand sanitizer, or any other important things that you need for personal use while you are traveling or going to your college/office. It is basically the best storage option for any kinds of sticky, colored and heavy liquid substances that you require to carry around on a daily basis.
It is equally important for men to have clear plastic bags to store their toiletries, such as shower gels, shaving creams and face washes. The storage of these liquid items becomes a compulsion while they are traveling via air. That is why we have specifically created our HIS Cosmetic Clear Bag. Males traveling with babies can also carry baby formula in these bags.
With our various collection of high quality, plastic made products; we just want to make sure that there is something present for everyone. We believe in providing the best value for money to our clients and want to ensure that they will not face any problems at security checks at various venues that have made it compulsory for visitors to use clear plastic bags to hold liquids or other important personal items.

We take great pride in the quality of our line of clear security handbags. All come at wholesale pricing including Clear Backpacks, Clear Lunch Bags, Clear Tote Bags and more.

Thank you. Please contact us to discuss all your purchasing options. We appreciate your business.

Weight24.8 lbs
Dimensions1.5 x 8 x 5.5 in